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"Navigating Web Accessibility: Top Testing Solutions"

Making sure that websites and web apps work for everyone, no matter what problems they might have, is very important. Web accessibility testing tools make this possible. These tools help us find problems with our sites that might make it hard for people to use them.

We can then fix those problems. By doing this, we can show that we care about making things available for everyone, meet standards like WCAG, and make sure that everyone can enjoy using our websites.

Comparison Table

It’s important to think about what features a web accessibility testing tool has, how easy it is to use, whether it works with other tools, and whether it can make reports. Check out this table to see how some of the best tools for testing web accessibility compare to each other:

FeatureTenon.ioWAVESiteimprove Accessibility CheckerDeque AxeAChecker
Automatic TestingYesYesYesYesYes
Manual TestingYesYesYesYesYes
Reporting and FeedbackDetailed reports, actionable insightsDetailed reports, annotations, diagnosticsDetailed reports, prioritized issues listDetailed reports, issue categorizationDetailed reports, issue explanations
IntegrationAPI integration, browser extensionBrowser extension, API integrationAPI integration, browser extensionAPI integration, browser extensionAPI integration, browser extension
User InterfaceUser-friendly, customizableIntuitive, easy to useIntuitive, user-friendlyUser-friendly, interactiveClear interface, easy navigation

Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools

Sites should be open to everyone because it is the rule and the right thing to do. Sites need to have accessibility checkers so that issues that make them hard for disabled people to use can be found and fixed.

Design and writing teams can use these top tools to test web accessibility and make sure that everyone can use the internet.

Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools
Automated TestingProvides automated scanning and testing for accessibility issues.
API IntegrationOffers APIs for integration with existing development and testing workflows.
WCAG ComplianceHelps ensure compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
Detailed ReportsGenerates detailed reports highlighting accessibility issues and suggested fixes.
Customizable SettingsAllows customization of testing parameters and rules based on project requirements.
Developer-Friendly ToolsProvides tools and resources tailored for developers to fix accessibility issues.
Visit website is a great tool for testing web accessibility that I’ve found to be very useful. It comes with powerful scanning and reporting tools that let me fully check how accessible my projects are.

It’s great that it meets WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 standards, which are very important for both public and private projects. This means that everyone can use the websites I work on. One thing I like a lot about is that it does a lot of the tests for me.


  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere
  • Automated testing with detailed reports
  • API integration for seamless workflow


  • Limited free features


Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools
Browser ExtensionOffers a browser extension for on-the-fly accessibility testing of web pages.
Color Contrast CheckerIncludes a color contrast checker to ensure readability for users with visual impairments.
Semantic Structure AnalysisAnalyzes the semantic structure of web content for better accessibility understanding.
Keyboard Navigation TestingTests and reports on keyboard navigation accessibility for users with mobility issues.
ALT Text DetectionDetects missing or poorly written ALT text for images, improving accessibility for screen readers.

As a web creator and owner, WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) has made a huge difference in my work. It was made by WebAIM and is free to use as an add-on or online tool. It has made it much easier for me to check accessibility right in my web browser.

WAVE stands out because it’s so simple to use. It’s great for the quick checks I need to make while I’m working on something. The best thing about WAVE is that it has visual input. It shows possible accessibility issues right on the page, like when images don’t have alternative text, headings aren’t used properly, or text and background colours don’t contrast well.


  • Online and browser extension versions available
  • Provides detailed reports with errors


  • May generate false positives or miss some issues

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker

Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools
Real-Time TestingOffers real-time testing and feedback during website development.
Document AccessibilityAnalyzes PDF and Word documents for accessibility compliance.
Content AccessibilityChecks content such as text, images, and multimedia for accessibility issues.
Code Snippet IntegrationProvides code snippet integration for seamless testing during development.
Automated CrawlingAutomatically crawls websites for accessibility issues across multiple pages.
Training and ResourcesOffers training and resources to help developers and content creators improve accessibility.

I use the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker to make sure that everyone can use my website. People should be able to use it without any problems, and I can quickly find and fix any that do. I really like that it follows the WCAG standards by using both automated scans and checking by real people.

To put it another way, it helps with a lot of different movement needs, from easy checks to more difficult ones. Great things happen when you use Siteimprove Accessibility Checker. It’s easy for me to start with the most important problems because they are very detailed and list problems in order of how important they are.


  • Automated testing with detailed reports
  • Integrates with other Siteimprove tools


  • Requires a learning curve for new users

Deque Axe

Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools
Browser ExtensionProvides a browser extension for accessibility testing directly in the browser.
Standards ComplianceEnsures compliance with WCAG and other accessibility standards.
Advanced Testing FeaturesOffers advanced testing features for complex web applications and dynamic content.
Automated ScansPerforms automated scans to detect and report accessibility issues.
Accessibility InsightsProvides insights and recommendations for fixing accessibility problems.
Collaboration ToolsAllows teams to collaborate on accessibility testing and issue resolution.

It’s great that Deque Axe can be used for accessibility testing. It works well with common browsers and development tools, which makes testing easy. The part I love most about it is the automated testing that makes sure our websites meet accessibility guidelines.

It gives us thorough reports that help us fix any problems. Plus, it works perfectly with our CI/CD processes, which means that accessibility testing is always a part of the way we build things. It’s been very helpful for making web apps that work for everyone.


  • Comprehensive accessibility testing with prioritized issues
  • Integrates well with development workflows


  • Pricing may be a barrier


Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools
Web-Based TestingOffers a web-based platform for accessibility testing without installation.
Multiple Standards SupportSupports multiple accessibility standards such as WCAG and Section 508.
Manual and Automated TestsAllows both manual and automated testing for comprehensive accessibility assessment.
Accessibility MetricsProvides detailed metrics and scoring for accessibility compliance.
Issue PrioritizationHelps prioritize accessibility issues based on severity and impact.
Customization OptionsProvides customization options for testing parameters and reporting preferences.

I’ve used AChecker a lot to make sure websites are accessible. It’s a great tool. It’s on the web and very easy to use. It helps me make sure that my web pages meet WCAG and other accessibility guidelines.

I like that it gives me a full review by combining automated testing with manual checks. It gives me thorough reports and great advice on how to fix any accessibility problems on my website so that everyone, even people with disabilities, can use it without any problems.


  • Open-source and free to use
  • Supports WCAG standards for accessibility testing
  • User-friendly interface with basic automated testing features


  • Limited advanced features

Key Features to Look for in Accessibility Testing Tools

It is important to take into consideration the following crucial elements when selecting an accessibility testing tool:

  • Ensure that the tool complies with the necessary accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508.
  • The automated testing process involves searching for technologies that provide the capability to perform automated scanning in order to quickly find common accessibility concerns.
  • Detailed Reports, Select tools that offer detailed reports that include actionable insights and issue lists that are prioritised.
  • In order to achieve smooth workflow integration, it is important to take into consideration technologies that integrate with many common development frameworks, browsers, and project management applications.

Questions and Answers

Why is testing for accessibility on the web important?

Web accessibility testing makes sure that websites can be used by people with disabilities. This makes them more accessible and makes sure that they follow accessibility guidelines.

Can accessibility testing tools catch all accessibility issues?

Many common problems can be found with accessibility testing tools, but human testing and user testing are also necessary for full accessibility evaluations.

How often should testing for accessibility be done?

Regular accessibility testing should be done during the development process and after major updates to make sure that the site stays compliant and keeps getting better.

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