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"Top Picks for Budgeting Apps"

It was hard for me to keep track of my money before because I have many plans for how much I want to spend and save. So, using budget apps has made things a lot easier for me. These apps make it easy to manage money with a lot of useful features.

These apps can help you keep track of the daily money you spend and figure out how to save it. Having the right app for planning can really help you keep track of your money these days.

The apps that have helped me get a better handle on my money are talked about in this story. That’s possible with an app. Use it to keep track of your money or save up for something. You can keep your money safe and plan for the future if you know what to look for in a good app.

Comparison Table

I can make budgets with apps that help me manage my money well. They help me make smart decisions about my money, plan how I spend it, and set goals. It can be hard for me to pick the right app because there are so many of them.

CostFreeFree basic version; paidFreeFreeFree basic version; paid
PlatformiOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, Android
Budgeting FeaturesExpense tracking,Zero-based budgeting,Expense tracking,Expense tracking,Envelope budgeting,
Sync AccountsYesYesYesYesYes
Bill TrackingNoYesYesYesYes
Shared AccountsNoNoYesYesYes
Investment TrackingNoNoNoYesNo
Extra FeaturesReceipt scanning,Debt payoff tracking,Messaging for sharedSubscription management,Financial counseling,

Best Budget Apps

Financial well-being depends primarily on prudent money management. Budgeting apps helping consumers track spending, save, and meet financial responsibilities have revolutionised how they manage their money. This guide compares the best cheap applications’ features, platforms, costs, and special features. No matter your budgeting experience, the appropriate app can help you meet your goals.


Best Budget Apps
Expense TrackingTracks daily expenses and categorizes them automatically
Budgeting ToolsHelps create and manage budgets for different categories
Bill RemindersSends reminders for upcoming bills and payments
Goal SettingAllows users to set savings goals and track progress
Sync Across DevicesSyncs data across multiple devices for easy access
Financial InsightsProvides insights into spending patterns and trends
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I think Wally is a great app for planning your money. One of the best budgeting apps. It is simple to use and really helps me keep track of my money. One of the best budgeting apps. I can easily save money, keep track of what I spend, and check on my overall money situation.

The best things about Wally are that it keeps track of everything I spend, lets me change where my money goes, and tells me a lot about how I spend it. The tools I have got help me handle my money better and generally make more money.


  • Free to use.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Receipt scanning for easy expense tracking.


  • No bill tracking feature.
  • Limited investment tracking capabilities.


Best Budget Apps
Zero-Based BudgetingFocuses on assigning every dollar to a specific budget category
Expense TrackingTracks expenses and categorizes them for budget management
Customizable BudgetsAllows users to create custom budgets based on their needs
Debt Payoff TrackerHelps track progress on paying off debts
Goal TrackingEnables setting and tracking financial goals
Reporting ToolsProvides reports and insights into spending and saving habits

EveryDollar is a creative budgeting app made by the famous financial expert Dave Ramsey. Its idea is based on zero-based budgeting. Everything is tracked in this way, so each dollar goes to the right place in one of several sets of rules.

EveryDollar lets users carefully keep track of their income, expenses, and savings goals. This makes it a great tool for people who want to spend in a methodical and organised way.


  • Zero-based budgeting approach.
  • Expense tracking alerts.
  • Available on multiple platforms.


  • Some features are only available in the paid version.
  • No investment tracking feature.


Best Budget Apps
Joint BudgetingDesigned for couples to manage finances together
Bill SplittingEasily split bills and expenses with your partner
Expense TrackingTracks individual and shared expenses
Reminders & AlertsSends reminders for upcoming bills and payment deadlines
Chat FeatureAllows communication between partners within the app
Financial GoalsHelps set and track shared financial goals

The app Honeydue helps my partner and I keep track of our money. To meet our money goals, we can list the things we buy, choose how much we want to spend, and work together. To help us understand where our money goes, it not only records what we spend but also prompts us to pay our bills on time.

Our tasks are changed all the time, so we always know how much money we have. Now it’s easier for us to talk about money, and our shared money goals are easier to keep.


  • Bill reminders and notifications.
  • Messaging feature for collaboration.


  • Not ideal for individual budgeting needs.


Best Budget Apps
Bill NegotiationAutomatically negotiates bills to save money
Subscription TrackingIdentifies and manages recurring subscriptions
Expense TrackingTracks spending and categorizes transactions
Budget MonitoringMonitors spending against set budgets
Credit Score MonitoringTracks changes in credit score and provides insights
Savings OpportunitiesIdentifies potential savings opportunities for users

Truebill is a budget app that helps me keep track of what I spend and handle my accounts. It’s like having a friend who does all of that for me as well. It tells me how to spend less money and keeps track of how much I spend.

It looks at the things I buy to see where I spend money most of the time. It might also help me get better deals on my costs, which is great.


  • Free to use with optional premium features.
  • Subscription management and bill negotiation services.
  • Investment tracking and analysis.


  • Can be overwhelming for basic budgeting needs.


Best Budget Apps
Envelope BudgetingFollows the envelope budgeting method for expense management
Real-Time SyncSyncs transactions and budget data in real time
Goal TrackingHelps set and track financial goals and savings targets
Bill PayAllows users to pay bills directly from the app
Financial ReportingProvides reports and insights into spending and saving habits
Account AggregationAggregates financial accounts for a comprehensive view

Making a budget with Mvelopes has really changed how I handle my money. Instead of working with real envelopes, I make digital ones for things like entertainment or groceries. I can see where my money is going with this.

Mvelopes is great because it changes all the time, so I always know how much money is left in each envelope. You can count on me to do this and stick to my limit. It’s also easy to keep track of my progress towards goals like saving for a trip or paying off debt. It has completely changed how I plan my money.


  • Envelope budgeting system for effective expense allocation.
  • Goal tracking and progress monitoring.
  • Financial counseling services available.


  • Free version has limited features.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Budget Apps

The following characteristics should be taken into consideration while selecting a budgeting app:

  • User layout and Experience: To make it easy to find your way around and use an app, look for one with an intuitive layout and user-friendly design.
  • Features and Functions: Look at the features it provides, like tools for tracking expenses, setting goals, remembering bills, customising your budget, and making reports.
  • Security and Privacy: Make sure the app have strong security features to keep your banking information safe and privacy settings.
  • Cost and Value: Look at how much the app costs, including any monthly fees or in app purchases, and think about how much it can help you reach your financial goals.

Questions and Answers

How do planning apps help you keep track of your money?

Apps that help you make budgets and keep track of your spending make it easier to manage your money. These apps also teach you more about how you spend your money.

What if I want to make a budget but also use cards and bank accounts?

Yes, many planning apps can connect to your bank account and credit cards. This way, you can see right away how your spending has changed and stay on top of it.

Are planning apps better for single people or couples/families?

There are budgeting apps for single people, couples, and families. They have features that make it easy to manage personal funds or costs that everyone pays for together.

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