ListsBest Linux Distros

Best Linux Distros

A Linux distribution, often abbreviated as a "Linux distribution," is a version of the open source Linux operating system packaged with other components such as an installer, management tools, and additional software such as the KVM hypervisor.

Although there are many different types and flavors of the best Linux Distros available to suit various demands, the finest ones provide stability and security in a Linux environment. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, we’ll help you locate the right one here. There are several widely used Linux distributions that can be customized to meet the needs of certain users, but there are also many specialized distributions that are created with a specific objective in mind. Moving away from Windows.

A distribution exists that will make the change easier. Your boot loader was damaged by a Windows update? There is a distro that will assist you in quickly fixing it. Do you want to revive a dated computer? You must connect disks to a NAS. Want to protect your entire network with a firewall? Do you intend to establish a tiny home office? Whatever your needs, there is an open source distribution (distro) out there for you. Below we have mentioned some of the best Linux Distros

Here is the list of Best Linux Distros


Unquestionably, one of the most well-liked Linux distributions is Ubuntu. Even many of the current laptops come with it pre-installed. The user interface is simple to get used to. If you experiment, you may quickly alter the appearance to suit your needs. You can choose to install a theme in any scenario. To get started, find out more about installing themes in Ubuntu. Overall, this is one of the best Linux Distros that you can download.

Along with what it offers, Ubuntu has a sizable online user community. So, if you run into a problem, go to one of the forums (or a subreddit) and seek for assistance. You should review our coverage of Ubuntu if you need immediate, simple solutions (where we have numerous tutorials and recommendations for Ubuntu).

Linux Mint

Linux Mint might be the right choice for you if you recently made the transition from Windows and are seeking for a beginner-friendly distribution. It is a Linux distribution that is quite light and has a visual style that is similar to Windows. It also includes many feature-rich apps, such as timeshift and multimedia support. There are three main flavors available:

On Ubuntu, Linux Mint is based. Warpinator, a program based on Giver that enables it simple to share files with other users across a local network, is one of the distinctive applications that Linux Mint offers. The Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE), a variation of Linux Mint that is based on Debian, is something else to keep an eye out for. This is the best Linux Distros.

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is made specifically for desktop/laptop users and has one of the coolest looks of any Linux distribution out there. One of the greatest kernels for desktops and laptops is the Zen kernel, which is included in the box. Additionally, it supports automatic snapshots out of the box using Timeshift and uses BTRFS as the default file system. For now, this is one of the best Linux Distros you can consider.

It features a ton of GUI support despite being built on Arch Linux. For instance, unlike most other distros that use the CLI for the same tasks, you may install software, modify kernels, manage drivers, edit GRUB settings, etc. using GUI options. The fact that Garuda Linux is also geared for gaming is another crucial element. The Garuda Gamer GUI allows you to download a huge selection of games and emulators, which makes the installation process really simple.


This Linux distribution is perfect for your laptop if you’re a power user, IT expert, sysadmin, or coder. It includes a large number of specialist tools like OBS (Open Build Service), openQA, and Kiwi and only needs minimal post-installation configuration.

Despite being primarily intended for tech professionals, the distribution may be set up for use as a daily desktop driver as well. YaST, a very thorough system setup and installation tool, makes the distro a little more approachable for users who don’t like working with the terminal. Currently, this is the best Linux Distros you can check now.

MX Linux

A very well-liked Debian-based Linux distribution is MX Linux. It is renowned for its efficiency, performance, and fantastic out-of-the-box usability with its built-in MX tools. MX Linux uses Xfce as its desktop environment, in contrast to Ubuntu. Overall, this is the best Linux Distros you can consider.

In addition to its flawless reliability, it comes loaded with a ton of GUI tools (MX Tools), making it simpler for any user accustomed to using Windows or Macs. The package manager is moreover excellently suited to enable one-click installations. You can quickly find and install Flatpak packages by searching for them.

Zorin OS

In 2008, the Zorin OS project was launched with the primary purpose of making Linux more approachable. Its creators wanted Linux to be used by everyone, therefore they made it so by making the user interface recognizable. The distribution makes a pitch to novice Linux users who are accustomed to the workings of well-known proprietary operating systems, such as Windows and macOS.

This is made possible by its unique Zorin Appearance software, which modifies Zorin’s Gnome desktop environment to match Windows in both appearance and functionality. There are several different editions of Zorin. Free downloads are available for Core, Lite, and Education, three of them. The Core edition of Zorin, which is based on Ubuntu, is the default version and comes with all the programs you’ll require for a typical desktop. This is one of the best Linux Distros you can download.


Anyone who values their privacy and requires a secure, non-forensic, and anonymous distribution should use Kodachi. The most recent version of the distribution is built on Ubuntu and makes use of a specialized Xfce desktop. Kodachi comes with a ton of standard apps, as well as a ton of security- and privacy-focused ones, so you can use the distribution as your everyday driver. Still, it is one of the best Linux Distros you can consider.

Its bespoke desktop is made to offer you access to all the apps while still being user-friendly and not overwhelm new users. The distribution passes all Internet connections through a VPN(opens in new tab) before sending them to the Tor network to maintain privacy.


Linux Kernel is the foundation of Solus. It was once known as Evolve OS. It is made available for personal use on personal PCs. It makes no particular claims about software support for server and corporate environments. Version 1.0 of Solus was initially released in December 2015. It appears to offer a large variety of the most recent software available in its own repositories and is stable and very simple to use. It offers the desktop environments Budgie, GNOME, KDE Plasma, and MATE. For 64-bit systems only, Solus is accessible.

Rocky Linux

One of the greatest Linux distributions for a VPS is Rocky Linux, which is regarded as CentOS’s replacement. It is completely compatible with many Red Hat programs because it is designed to be the downstream of RHEL. In addition, Rocky Linux is renowned for its ten-year support, stable stability with frequent updates, and enterprise-ready system.

Furthermore, it runs on both x86 64 and ARM64 architectures and is open-source software. This Linux distribution enables users to offer their thoughts and recommendations regarding the software development process because it is a community-supported distribution. For now, this is the best Linux Distros.

Drauger OS

The standard Linux kernel is used by Drauger. The kernel was built by the developers to ensure low latency, and the scheduling frequency was increased from 250Hz to 1000Hz. These changes give gamers better performance, more modest screen tearing, and greater frame rates.

The desktop environment is a customized version of Xfce, and the distribution starts with a recently installed Steam Client. In addition to various PlayStation controllers, Drauger is compatible with the majority of Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers.

Final Words

There are countless distributions of the potent and completely adaptable operating system Linux, and each one is very different from the others. It’s typical to select a distribution, or “distro,” when selecting a Linux system because it combines all the desired open-source features into a single installation package.

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