Best Water Filter Pitchers 2024: for clean and refreshing hydration

Think of a water filter jug as a kitchen jug that filters your water.

When it comes to achieving optimal hydration and protecting against impurities, the best Water Filter Pitchers on the market have emerged as indispensable companions for households. An approachable solution to improve the quality of your water is provided by these cutting-edge pitchers, which combine the ease of use with cutting-edge filtration technologies through a seamless integration.

These pitchers are well-known for their capacity to effectively eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, and sediment, and they guarantee that each and every sip will be an experience that is both refreshing and unadulterated.

The use of water filter pitchers is not the most effective method for cleaning your tap water; however, they are able to remove both unpleasant flavours and unpleasant odours. When compared to other water filter options, which may require the installation and maintenance carried out by a plumber, these water filters are a practical and cost-effective option for those who are interested in improving the taste of their water. Below, we have mentioned the best Water Filter Pitchers.

What are Water Filter Pitcher?

A water filter pitcher is a home appliance that removes impurities from drinking water to make it better. It usually comes in the form of a pitcher with a water filter cartridge built right in. When you pour water into the pitcher, it goes through the filter, which could have activated carbon or some other kind of filtration media in it. These filters can get rid of chlorine, sediment, and some heavy metals, making the water cleaner and better tasting.

Benefits of Using a Water Filter Pitcher

Using a water filter pitcher can be helpful in many ways, especially when it comes to making your drinking water taste and look better. Here are a few of the most important pros:

🚰 Better quality water: Water filter pitchers are made to reduce or get rid of contaminants and impurities in tap water. Activated carbon is a common way to filter water that can remove chlorine, sediment, and some organic compounds, making the water cleaner and better tasting.

👅 Better Smell and Taste: Getting rid of impurities like chlorine and some minerals can make tap water taste and smell much better. This may be especially clear in places where the water tastes or smells different.

💰 Value for money: When compared to other water filtration systems, water filter pitchers are a good choice. The initial cost is usually less, and replacement filters are usually less expensive than those for more complicated systems.

🌐 Easy access: Pitcher water filters are simple to use and don’t need much setup. You can just put tap water into the pitcher, and the built-in filter will make the water better. For individuals or families who want an easy-to-use water filtration option, this is a good choice.

👜 Being portable: Because water filter pitchers are portable, they can be used in homes, offices, or by people who want to access filtered water without having to set up a permanent system. It’s easy to move the pitcher from the kitchen to the dining room or take it on trips.

Best Water Filter Pitchers Comparison Table

Filter pitchers for water are an easy and inexpensive way to make tap water better. Because they have filters built in, they effectively get rid of contaminants like chlorine and lead, making the water safer and better tasting. Because they are small and easy to carry, these pitchers make it possible to enjoy clean, filtered water at home without having to install anything.

FeatureZeroWater PitcherPUR ClassicHydros SlimBrita EliteSoma 10-Cup
Filter Technology5-StageBasicActivated CarbonActivated CarbonCoconut Shell Carbon
Filter Life (gallons)Varies40404040
Removes Total Dissolved SolidsYesNoNoNoNo
Capacity (cups)1078610
Electronic TDS MeterYesNoNoNoNo
Dishwasher SafePitcher onlyYesYesYesYes
Lid DesignFlip-TopFlip-TopHingedHingedWooden Handle

ZeroWater Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Product Dimensions11.5″L x 5.75″W x 10.25″H
Special FeatureChange Filter Indicator, NSF Certified Water Filter Pitcher, Compatible With Zero Water Replacement Filters, Ergonomic Handle, Included TDS Meter
Package InformationPlastic
Item Weight2.2 Pounds
Check Price

ZeroWater is sure of itself, though, and comes with its own TDS tester in every pitcher to show it. Even though we used our own test metre, the results were always the same: there was no TDS left and no chlorine left in the water. This powerful water purifier pitcher is also reasonably priced and well-built. It comes in a few different sizes, but they all use the same five-stage filter very well. Currently, this is one of the best Water Filter Pitchers.


  • Exceptional water filtration, removing virtually all dissolved solids.
  • Comes with a digital TDS meter for water quality monitoring.
  • Large capacity for filtering substantial amounts of water.


  • Filters may need frequent replacement, impacting long-term cost.
  • Slower filtration process compared to some other pitchers.

PUR Classic Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Product Dimensions4.5″L x 10.1″W x 9.6″H
Special FeatureManual
Package InformationPitcher
Item Weight1.6 Pounds
Check Price

The PUR is the cheapest model on this list, but it still gets rid of the same harmful chemicals and contaminants as the other pitchers. In fact, it has an NSF certification that says it can even get rid of microplastics in water. The pitcher’s Locksafe fit filtering lid sits securely in the top third of the pitcher and keeps the unfiltered and filtered water separate, without leaks, even as you pour. Overall, this is one of the best Water Filter Pitchers.


  • Effective removal of common contaminants, including lead.
  • Slim design fits well in most refrigerator doors.
  • Affordable replacement filters.


  • Some users report a slower filtration rate.
  • The filter replacement indicator might be less accurate.

Hydros Water Filter Slim Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Product Dimensions4.2″L x 4.2″W x 10.6″H
Special FeatureNSF certified, Chlorine Reduction
Package InformationBottle
Item Weight12.63 Ounces
Check Price

The Hydros 40oz Water Filter Slim Pitcher doesn’t use the usual two-reservoir filtering system. Instead, it goes for speed. A carbon filter made of coconut shells is attached to this small but powerful pitcher. It gets rid of 90% of chlorine and 99% of sediment. It doesn’t go after other possible contaminants. This is our top pick for a slim pitcher. This is the best Water Filter Pitchers that you can consider.


  • Sleek and space-saving design.
  • Quick filtration process.
  • Made with sustainable materials.


  • Filter replacements can be relatively expensive.
  • Smaller capacity compared to some other pitchers.

Brita Elite Filter

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Product Dimensions4.66″D x 2.34″W x 5.34″H
Product BenefitsReduces Cadmium
Item Weight3.84 Ounces
Check Price

The Brita Elite Filter is the best Brita filter. It is ANSI/NSF-certified for more contaminants than any other gravity-fed filter we tested. These contaminants include lead, mercury, cadmium, PFOA, PFAS, and many industrial compounds and “emerging contaminants” that are showing up in tap water more and more. Overall, it is one of the best Water Filter Pitchers that you can buy.


  • Affordable and widely available.
  • Slim design for easy storage.
  • Easy-to-use flip-top lid.


  • May not remove as many contaminants as some premium filters.
  • Some users report a shorter lifespan for the pitcher.

Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Best Water Filter Pitchers
Product Dimensions6 x 10.5 x 9 inches
Special FeatureChlorine Reduction
Package InformationJug
Item Weight5.1 ounces
Check Price

The outside of some water filter pitchers is ugly and hard to use, but this sleek pitcher with a wooden handle is nice to look at and simple to use. Nicole Papantaniou is the director of GH’s Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab. She loves the wooden handle because it’s easy to hold and pour from. Still, it is one of the best Water Filter Pitchersthat you can consider.


  • Stylish and eco-friendly design with a plant-based filter.
  • Easy-to-fill lid.
  • Provides good-tasting water.


  • Filters may clog or slow down with frequent use.
  • Higher initial cost compared to some basic pitchers.

How to Choose the Right Water Filter Pitcher for Your Needs

When picking the right water filter pitcher, you should think about things like the quality of the water where you live, the contaminants you want to get rid of, and how you like to live your life. Here are some important things to think about:

🚰 Quantity of Water: Find out how clean the water is where you live. If your water has certain contaminants in it, like chlorine, lead, or heavy metals, pick a water filter pitcher that is made to deal with those issues. There are different kinds of filters for different kinds of contaminants that come with different pitchers.

💧 Type of Filter: Activated carbon, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis are some of the different technologies used to filter water. Activated carbon is often found in pitcher filters; it removes impurities and makes the taste better. To get good water, pick a filter type that fits your needs.

🌐 Elimination of Pollutants: Make sure the water filter pitcher meets the requirements to make sure it gets rid of the contaminants in your water properly. Some pitchers are made to get rid of certain impurities, so pick one that fits your needs.

Life of the filter and replacement: Think about how long the filter will last and how easy it is to replace. The filters in some pitchers should last longer than others, and it should be easy to replace them. Look for models that have lights that let you know when the filter needs to be changed.

🥤 Ability to: Pick a pitcher that’s the right size for how much water you drink every day. If you live with a lot of people, you may need a bigger pitcher or one that flows faster.


Which is better RO or UV?

RO water purifiers like hard or high-TDS water. UV purifiers for municipal or low-TDS tap water. UV cannot remove heavy metals and pollutants, but RO can.

Can I boil filtered water?

When your community has a boil water advisory, boil water even with a filter. Unknown boiled bacteria make it safe and long-lasting. Filtered water kills bacteria better than boiling.


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