Best Zelda Games

The Legend of Zelda games are essentially about exploration, development and discovery. In each game you'll be able to explore a bright, intimidating and exciting universe.

Over the past 35 years, the best Zelda Games have led us on a number of unforgettable journeys. The well-known explorer with the small green hat has embarked on numerous adventures filled with diverse difficulties, and each book in the series features a distinctive brand of magic. There’s a reason gamers from all over the world keep returning to Link again and time again: there are puzzles, gadgets, monsters, and stories to tell.

The best Zelda games have evolved since the series’ original release on the NES all those years ago, but their sense of fantasy-infused adventure and wonderful game design have remained constant throughout. The Legend of Zelda franchise is a massive endeavour. Except for a few, every entry is essentially a classic, and even the “lesser” ones are actually quite wonderful.

Assembling them in order is a difficult process because many of them continue to rank among the finest games for the consoles they were originally released on. The Zelda game series is hugely well-liked all around the world, and many people consider it to be among the best video game franchises ever created. Below we have mentioned Best Zelda Games.

8 Best Zelda Games

Wind Waker

This game, like Link’s Awakening, modifies the traditional Zelda concept by transporting us to the broad seas on a talking ship called the King of Red Lions. We get to witness Tetra, a reincarnation of Zelda, even if this game deviates from the series’ standard formula in which Zelda plays the role of a princess in need.

The animations, character designs, and soundtrack of this game are distinctive. The thrill of overcoming the winds and navigating the vast seas is an adrenaline-filled feeling that many other games fail to replicate. Its ocean traversal is entertaining. Overall, this is one of the Best Zelda Games you can suggest your friends.

Ocarina of Time

It’s possible to make a strong argument for several titles in The Legend of Zelda series to claim the top slot, but in the end, we had to grant Ocarina of Time the honour. Even Breath of the Wild’s great series shake-up was distinguished by how it riffed on the formula while still being identifiable to longtime fans. The first 3D Zelda set the framework for the way the series would follow for years. But its impact extended beyond the confines of the Zelda franchise.

As a pioneer in video game design, Nintendo contributed to the invention and innovation of numerous 3D video game mechanics that would be used for years to come. Even now, you are paying homage to Ocarina of Time every time you lock onto an adversary during combat. Ocarina also established some of the most important and central elements of the legendary lore for Zelda fans, such as the beginnings of Ganon, the background of the three Golden Goddesses, the first appearance of races like the Goron and Deku, and a greatly expanded cast of nearby individuals and cultures

Additionally, it introduced a key element of the Zelda mythos: Link, Zelda, and Ganon are the main characters and each represents a different aspect of the Triforce, which is why their fates are intertwined throughout time. Currently, this is one of the Best Zelda Games.

Hyrule Warriors

Warriors-style video games (known as Musou) emphasise hack-and-slash action in which you must eliminate numerous waves of adversaries. Warrior games also include an excellent cast of original characters. Numerous spin-offs, including two Hyrule Warriors games, were made as a result of the original Dynasty Warriors titles. Overall, this is one of the Best Zelda Games.

In a more action-packed atmosphere, these games transport us to Hyrule and reintroduce us to well-known characters. The first Hyrule Warriors game had a tonne of material, and the sequel, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, takes place right before Breath of the Wild begins. Although the game takes place in a different timeline, we get to see what exactly happened before Link was imprisoned for a century and put to sleep. Despite not being a part of the main series, Hyrule Warriors are unique and a tonne of fun to play.

Majora’s Mask

Many Zelda series fans have long hailed this radical departure from Ocarina of Time as one of their favourites. Ocarina of Time took the tried-and-true concept of the Zelda series and put it in 3D. The series’ most ominous title, Majora’s Mask, is a direct sequel to Link’s first 3D adventure. For now, this is the Best Zelda Games.

Working on a terrifying three-day time constraint where the player must stop a huge, terrifying moon with a face on it—a face with wide eyes and clenched teeth—from crushing a twisted, bizarre world. The game has terrifying carnival music, masks, and amazing transformations. It’s without a doubt one of the Zelda series’ most entertaining, extravagant, and delicious games to date.

When A Link Between Worlds debuted in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS, it was a welcome surprise. Fans were shocked and thrilled by its non-linear growth and high-quality dungeon design after it was once derided as a poor imitation of A Link to the Past. A Link Between Worlds proved to be much more than a simple copy, and it ended up being one of the most engaging Zelda games in recent memory. A Link Between Worlds is frequently forgotten about because it is a portable title, which is unfortunate.

With many of the beats from the original, it pays homage to A Link to the Past in some respects, but it also works quite well on its own. Dungeons can be completed in any order, which foreshadows the route Breath of the Wild would take a few years later. The game’s story is unexpectedly emotional and has a beautiful reveal that will excite fans. This is the Best Zelda games that you can consider.

The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap is still one of the series’ best-looking games despite being a little-known, forgotten, and difficult to find title these days. Many gamers believe that the Zelda series is at its best when the colours are vibrant and the animation is childish. Some fans like the more muted colours and sombre tones of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

This kind of design ensures that the game is played by a larger audience and that its aesthetic will endure for much longer. The Zelda game most deserving of the epithet “charming” is this endearing little title, which borrows heavily from A Link to the Past and features a companion far less obnoxious than Navi or Midna. It’s beautiful to look at and fun to play. Overall, this is one of the Best Zelda games you can install now.

Only the third Zelda game had ever been released, but third times a charm. This was universally regarded as an immediate classic and continues to be the best 2D Zelda game available today. The overworld was teeming with surprises to discover and explore, the dungeons and bosses were nearly flawless, and the new Dark World feature allowed you to choose between two very different representations of the same environment.

Link to the Past focused on the people of the worlds, such as the Flute Boy, who had their own stories conveyed with minimalistic grace in both the light world and the dark world. Link to the Past is among the best games ever made, a remarkable accomplishment for its day and one that still holds up today without a doubt. Currently, this is one of the Best Zelda games.

Twilight Princess

Zelda enthusiasts give Twilight Princess an unfairly terrible rap. It frequently receives unflattering comparisons to Wind Waker, which has probably stood up better in contrast, as the darker and edgier Zelda. The Snowpeak Ruins are a standout dungeon, and there is a genuine Zelda adventure buried beneath all the clutter.

There is a big area to explore as well. However, Midna, a sardonic imp that travels on Wolf Link’s back and essentially teases him throughout the entire game, is by far the game’s strongest component.

She’s a lot more endearing than the bothersome Navi, and the plot of her novel is closely related to the universe and mythology of The Twilight Princess. She provides Twilight Princess a distinct look that is deserving of more appreciation than it has received over time. Overall, this is one of the Best Zelda games you can suggest your friends.


The Legend of Zelda games are fundamentally about exploration, development, and discovery. You are free to explore a bright, intimidating, and thrilling universe in each game. There, you are urged to rule this planet by mastering its dungeons, dispatching its animals, and driving out its evil.


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