How to Complete Extraction Mission Mw3 Zombies

Master the Mw3 Zombies "Extraction" mission with this comprehensive guide, encompassing critical steps, survival strategies, and rewards.

The MW3 Zombies Complete Extraction Mission is an exciting survival task in which you will eliminate a wide variety of enemies, ranging from wandering zombies to mercenaries that choose to act erratically. It is going to be your responsibility to rescue Dr. Jansen and bring her in for questioning. You should consider upgrading your weapons and improving your loadouts if you want to be successful in completing this objective, as it will be difficult.

The execution and successful arrival of Dr. Jansen can be achieved by following this step-by-step guide. You will receive an exfil icon on the map with a star next to it in MW3 zombies when the game begins in zombies mode with the Extraction mission active. This will occur when you are playing the game. All you need to do to locate Dr. Jansen is come to this location.

When you leave the area where you are currently located, she will not be anywhere on the map, and the game will take you there once you have left. Move your cursor to this icon, and the game will take you to these coordinates without any more action on your part.

What is the Extraction Mission?

It’s easy for you: just find Dr. Jensen and escape with her. As soon as you start the game, you need to wait for a few minutes. Kill the zombies, clean out the nests, and don’t forget to finish some tasks to get money. After a short time in the game, a special extraction zone will show up on your map.

This escape zone will take you to a different place where the team knows Dr. Jensen is. But before you can start the Extraction MWZ task in MW3 Zombies, you need to make sure you have strong weapons and enough armour plates. You’ll need at least one pack of punched weapons because the enemies in the target area are level 2 undead zombies and freelancers.

How to Complete Extraction Mission Mw3 Zombies

Bring an LMG, because you’ll need the ammo

  1. Zombies block path to Dr. Jansen.
  2. 30-round assault rifle insufficient.
  3. Pack-a-Punched LMG recommended: 100+ heavy rounds ensure safety.
  4. Any LMG suitable, but DG-58 or Holger 26 preferred for quicker reloads.
  5. Begin with Pack-a-Punch upgrade; prepare Raw Aetherium Crystal for immediate LMG upgrade.

Every Perk under the sun

  1. By the time you reach the Act One story mission, you’ll probably have unlocked numerous Perk-A-Colas you can craft before dropping in.
  2. If I had to pick one or two, I’d get Jugger-Nog and Speed Cola for a little survivability and reload speed enhancements.
  3. Ideally, bring as many different Cans as you can and fully equip your character to the max.

Brain Rot Ammo Mod is your friend—literally

  1. Riding solo doesn’t mean no friends.
  2. Use Brain Rot Ammo Mod on your LMG.
  3. Brain Rot makes zombies attack each other briefly.
  4. The affected zombie kills others and gives you space to reposition or reload.
  5. Combine with decoy grenades to distract the horde.
  6. Use the distraction to reposition or aim for consecutive headshots.

Take advantage of your setup time

  1. Spoken about specific gear heaps of time to fully kit out before starting mission accessed from round MWZ itself.
  2. Drop into Urzikstan and work through completing a regular session of Zombies.
  3. Only when timer begins to run low should you head for mission chopper and start; that way, you’ll have killstreaks, a pet dog, a solid secondary weapon, and maybe even Pack-a-Punch Two before starting Extraction.

Navigating the Map: Key Locations and Routes


  • Central Dome: The central dome is the main hub area, accessible from many buildings and interesting spots.
  • Bunker: The bunker is a safe place to be located under the centre dome. It has a Pack-a-Punch machine and an upgradeable Wunderwaffe DG-2.
How to Complete Extraction Mission Mw3 Zombies
  • Catwalk: The catwalk connects different buildings around the edge and gives you a good view for moving and sniping.
  • The viewing deck is on top of the dome and gives you a view of the map in all directions. It also gives you access to the Wonder Weapon, the Ray Gun Mark II.
  • Tunnel System: The network of tunnels connects the centre dome to different buildings and provides a safe way to move around the map.

Black Ops

  • Control Room: The control room is the map’s command centre. It has the mystery box and gives you entry to different areas.
  • Cafeteria: The cafeteria is in the middle of the map and is a large space for fighting and collecting resources.
  • comms Room: The comms room is on the top floor and gives you a view of the Wonder Weapon, the MPL with Flamethrower attachment.
  • Generator Room: The Pack-a-Punch machine is in the generator room, which is in the basement and needs to be activated in order to be used.
  • War Room: The war room is connected to the control room and can be used as an extra area for defence and using resources.


Where do I spawn in the mission?

You will spawn in a new location, a piece of the Urzikestan map with chaos and activity. Mercenaries will be fighting the undead, and Dr. Jansen will be hiding in a marked bunker within the orange area on your map.

How do I bring Dr. Jansen in for questioning?

Once you find Dr. Jansen, you will need to escort him to the extraction point. He will move slowly, so be prepared to defend him from attacking zombies. You can revive him if he goes down, but be cautious of your own health.

What are some tips for escorting Dr. Jansen to the extraction point?

Use your remaining grenades and explosives to clear large groups of enemies and create safe paths for Dr. Jansen to walk. Revive him immediately if he goes down, and don’t stop moving towards the extraction point.


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