How to Get Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Discover the secrets to unlocking the Robot Fish and complete your collection.

There are many different ingredients, animals, and things for you to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fishing is one of the most popular things to do in the game. You will catch different sea creatures that you can then use in recipes as you fish. In the water, you will also find some strange things, Get Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find this strange animal in the A Rift in Time DLC.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time added a lot of new things to the game, like a lot of new fish that you can find in the water. In this game, too, you will need to get your Royal Tools and get to work if you want to get everything. In Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time, this guide will show you how to get Robot Fish.

Where to Find Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bot fish can be found in the orange fishing spots on Eternity Isle, which are in the Docks and Overlook areas. Find an orange fishing spot in the Ancient’s Landing starting area before you cast your line and get the robot fish. This is the fastest way to get one early on. There probably won’t be any other species around when you do this because robot fish spawn in orange fishing circles.

The hardest part is finding this colored spot, which isn’t as common as the white and blue ones. To stop this, you should look in all the water sources in the Docks and Overlook. If an orange circle doesn’t appear, fish every other spawn until one does. A bright orange one might appear if you’re lucky.

How to Get Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  1. Robot Fish location in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires a fishing rod.
  2. Players comfortable with fishing can find the Robot Fish near Dazzle Beach at The Overlook.
  3. Use a fishing companion to gain friendship points and extra fish for sale.
  4. Patience is key; the Robot Fish isn’t common, so persist in your efforts.
  5. Cook meals using the fish; the Savory Fish meal uses any fish you find.
  6. Check recipe ingredients to identify meals requiring the Robot Fish specifically.
  7. Sell Robot Fish at a stall for 625 Star Coins if not used for cooking.

Importance and Benefits of Robot Fish

  • Pollution detection: Robot fish can be fitted with sensors that check the quality of the water, find pollutants, and figure out where they came from. This information is very important for efforts to protect and fix the environment.
How to Get Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Monitoring habitats: It is important to study and keep an eye on aquatic ecosystems and the animals that live in them in order to protect them and figure out how climate change is affecting them. Robot fish can watch marine life without getting in the way of their natural behavior. This gives researchers and conservationists useful information.
  • Resource exploration: Robot fish can explore and map underwater environments, which can help scientists find new species, make maps of resources like oil and minerals, and make it easier to find artifacts buried underwater.
  • Controlling predators: Robot fish that are equipped with devices that scare off predators can help keep fish populations safe, which is good for long-term fisheries management.
  • Aquaculture automation: Robot fish can do many tasks automatically in fish farms, like feeding, cleaning, and sorting, which makes the farms more efficient and saves money on labor.


How do you get the Fugu fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There is only one place to catch the Fugu fish, and that is when fishing orange ripples when it’s raining. When a Fugu fish is caught, it can be sold for 900 Star Coins, eaten for 1700 Energy, or used in recipes that call for fish, like Fugu Sushi and Steamed Fugu.

How do you get the king fish in Dreamlight Valley?

In the Dazzle Beach biome, you can catch kingfish, but only at night. Look for blue puddles in the water at night to catch a Kingfish. These are the best places to catch this hard-to-catch fish. But you can’t always be sure that you’ll catch a Kingfish on your first cast, even if you fish late at night.

What is the unique fish in Dreamlight Valley?

Some collectibles and fish are harder to find or need certain conditions to be met in order to be found. One of the Biomes in the village is home to the Fugu Fish, which is a one-of-a-kind fish. In contrast to other common fish, the Fugu Fish can only be found at certain times, making it hard for players to get it at other times.


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