How to Get the Shotgun in Lethal Company

Conquer your foes with the Lethal Company Shotgun: Discover its location and master its use.

In the most recent update for Lethal Company, Version 45, shotguns were added, but they’re not very easy to get. In this is how to Get the Shotgun in Lethal Company. The first content release for Lethal Company caught many people off guard. It was shadowdropped, and the update was added as soon as developer Zeekerss put up the video.

More than that, the patch notes were very vague and didn’t explain everything that was added in the update. It’s not always clear what changes were made, like how fall harm works after the update. For example, the Mask isn’t what it seems to be. Additionally, players have found that Shotguns that work have been added to the game, but they can’t be obtained normally. Players can get the gun and fight back against the monsters in this guide.

How to Get the Shotgun in Lethal Company

  1. The Update 45 for Lethal Company introduced a new item: a Shotgun.
  2. The Shotgun isn’t available as scrap or for purchase at the Terminal unlike other weapons.
  3. You must find the Nutcracker if you want to use the Shotgun outside the mod.
  4. The Nutcracker wanders within the Facility interiors and is commonly seen in high-threat maps like Dine, Rend, and Titan.
  5. While the Nutcracker may appear on other Moons, the odds are extremely low.
  6. To increase your chances, gather enough money to access the more expensive Moons like Rend, Dine, and Titan.
  7. There’s only one Nutcracker spawn at any given time.
  8. You’ll have to defeat or steal the Shotgun from the Nutcracker.
  9. Use a Shovel, Yield-Sign, or Sign-Post with four to five hits to defeat the Nutcracker.
  10. Remember to take these tools with you.

Features of Shotgun in Lethal Company

  • Spread Shot: Some shotguns have a pattern called “spread,” which means that the pellets or projectiles are spread out over a large area instead of focusing on a single place. Because of this, they can be deadly up close but less dangerous at a distance.
How to Get the Shotgun in Lethal Company
  • Fewer Bullets in the Magazine: Compared to other guns, shotguns usually have fewer bullets in the magazine. In Lethal Company video game, it’s possible that each shell takes up its own inventory slot, which limits how many shells a player can carry at once.
  • Reload Time: Because of how they are built and how each shell loads, they tend to take longer to reload than other guns. Players must be careful and smart in battle to avoid being caught reloading when they need to be doing something else.
  • Impact on the Environment: Depending on how the game is played, shotguns may have effects on the environment, such as knocking things back or destroying things in the environment.


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What does 8 shot mean in shotgun shells?

Shot is classified using an inverse naming scheme, in which shots of smaller sizes carry a higher number than shots of greater sizes of shot. Despite the fact that there are lesser shot sizes available on the market, the #8 shot is the smallest shot that hunters often use. Dove and quail hunters make excellent use of this tool, which has a diameter of only.080 inches and is employed to great effect.

What shotgun shells did John Wick use?

In the fourth installment of the John Wick film series directed by Chad Stahelski, one of the most memorable scenes depicts Wick traversing a Parisian flat while armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and ‘Dragon’s Breath’ cannon ammunition. There is also a ‘top-down’ view of the gunfight that comes into play.


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