Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: which tablet is best for you?

Uncover the differences in Snapdragon chips, RAM, and more to make an informed smartphone decision.

It is a foldable device that is both thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the Magic V2, and it comes with a number of impressive features, such as 66W fast charging and a camera setup that has a high resolution. The Google Pixel Fold, on the other hand, stands out from the competition by putting a distinctive emphasis on artificial intelligence capabilities and providing a fundamentally different approach to its internal display.

Despite the fact that a comprehensive review of the Honor Magic V2 is still in the works, the enticing features of the device have been revealed through hands-on experience. We highlight key differences between these foldables in order to assist you in making a decision, providing insights into which of these foldables might better suit your preferences and particular requirements.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Pricing

The Honor Magic V2 was released on July 12, 2023, and was shown to the world at IFA 2023. It costs 8,999 yuan, which is about $1,250, £980, or AU$1,920. The international prices haven’t been confirmed yet, which could change the converted numbers.

The Google Pixel Fold, on the other hand, will start shipping on June 27 and costs a lot $1,799 for 256GB and $1,919 for 512GB. There are some great deals on the Pixel Fold right now, like AT&T’s $900 offer with a 3-year contract or Verizon’s $900 discount with a qualifying trade-in. These deals make it more affordable. Our Pixel Fold deals page always has the newest sales.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold Comparison Table

The Pixel Fold is a great first foldable phone from Google. It has a comfortable front screen for multitasking, smart software for switching between tasks, different modes of use, and good cameras.

FeatureHonor Magic V2Google Pixel Fold
System chipGoogle Tensor G2 (5 nm)Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SM8550 (4 nm)
Processor1x 3.0GHz Cortex-X2 + 3x 2.5 GHz Cortex-A710 + 4x 1.80GHz Cortex-A510Octa-core
GPUAdreno 730Yes
Internal storage256GB, not expandable256GB (UFS 3.1), not expandable
Battery5000 mAh4821 mAh
ChargingFast charging, Reverse chargingFast charging, Qi wireless charging
Main camera54 MP (PDAF)48 MP (OIS, PDAF)
Check PriceCheck Price

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Design

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold

Both the Honor Magic V2 and the Google Pixel Fold exhibit distinct design strengths in the foldable phone landscape, which is currently dominated by competitors. The Magic V2 from Honor is a smartphone that features impressive engineering, including a hinge made of titanium and 3D-printed material, and a thickness of only 4.7 millimetres when it is open.

With a weight of 231 grammes, it is lighter than its competitors. On the other hand, the Google Pixel Fold presents a challenge to Samsung by having a front display that is 5.8 inches in size and a thickness of 0.2 inches when it is unfolded. The fluid-friction hinge of the Pixel Fold improves usability, despite the fact that it has bezels and a slight crease. Both of these mobile devices feature distinctive design elements that will appeal to a wide range of user preferences.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Display

In terms of the display, the Honor Magic V2 keeps a constant OLED panel measuring 7.9 inches, while the outer display measures 6.43 inches and has been slightly modified, respectively. Both of the displays have a 3,840Hz PWM dimming capability, which is consistent with the eye-strain reduction claims made by Honor. On the other hand, the Pixel Fold is equipped with dual OLED displays, which provide vivid colours and a smooth refresh rate of 120Hz.

Indoors, the main screen measures 7.6 inches, and while it is impressive, it is difficult to use when exposed to direct sunlight. The Pixel Fold’s inner display reaches 1,000 nits, which is significantly higher than the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 905 nits. Additionally, the 5.8-inch external display outperforms the Z Fold 4’s display with 1,172 nits, demonstrating the Pixel Fold’s superior brightness.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Processor

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold

In addition to having 16 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM), the Nothing Phone V2 also has storage options of 256 gigabytes, 512 gigabytes, or one terabyte (TB). The Magic V2 from Honor makes use of a chip that is comparable to that of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, but it has a greater amount of RAM.

On the other hand, the Tensor G2 chip that is found in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro is utilised by the Pixel Fold. In spite of the fact that it is responsive and snappy when used in everyday situations, the Pixel Fold is slightly behind in benchmark scores when compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy S23, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, particularly in terms of graphics performance and video transcoding.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Cameras

As for the camera, the Honor Magic V2 has a new 50MP main camera and a 20MP telephoto camera with 2.5x optical zoom, which makes it better at taking pictures. But Honor’s software processing is seen as a possible weakness when compared to competitors.

Also, the Pixel Fold keeps the Pixel brand’s dedication to high-quality photos by having a 48MP main sensor, a 10.8MP ultrawide lens, and a 10.8MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom. Time Lapse and a selfie mode on the back camera of the Pixel Fold make it stand out. Both phones show off their best features, which makes it possible to compare their cameras in more depth.

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: Battery

When it comes to the battery, the Honor Magic V2 boasts a powerful combined capacity of 5,000 mAh and 66W charging, which promises extended usage and rapid recharging. An increase in energy density can be achieved by utilising a silicon-carbon battery, which provides a greater number of milliamp-hours in a smaller space. The Google Pixel Fold, on the other hand, is equipped with a battery that has a capacity of 4,821 mAh and delivers commendable performance.

After being used in a variety of ways throughout the day, it maintained 28% of its capacity. It is a promise of convenience that the Pixel Fold supports both wired charging at 30W and wireless charging via Qi. There is a significant technological advantage brought about by the silicon-carbon battery that is found in the Honor Magic V2, despite the fact that both phones have impressive battery features.

Honor Magic V2: Pros

  • Reworked design that’s lighter than rival foldables
  • Big battery and fast charging
  • Improved camera sensors

Honor Magic V2: Cons

  • Uncertain availability
  • Foldable body not used to full potential

Google Pixel Fold: Pros

  • Wide front display
  • Intuitive multitasking
  • Strong cameras
  • Good battery life
  • Lots of optimized apps

Google Pixel Fold: Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Large bezels

Honor Magic V2 vs Google Pixel Fold: which one should you buy?

You can choose between the Honor Magic V2 and the Google Pixel Fold based on how you like the design and how you like using the software. The Honor Magic V2 foldable is thinner and lighter, but the Google Pixel Fold has a wider screen that is better for watching videos. The Pixel Fold also does a great job with software updates and features that are powered by AI. The Honor Magic V2 is the better choice if you want something that is easy to carry and feels high-end. The Google Pixel Fold is the best choice if you want a bigger screen, AI built in, and long-term software support.


Can you use the honor magic V2 in the US?

The Honor Magic V2 will go on sale in markets in Europe and elsewhere — but not in the United States — no later than the first quarter of 2024, the company said.

How long does the battery last on the Honor V2?

The 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery3 can last a whole day of usage4, ultra-slim while long-lasting.


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