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How To Charge Android Battery Faster 

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Check How To Charge Android Battery Faster 

We all know this situation: you have to leave home or the office soon and your mobile is almost empty. How can you make the most of a short charging time to make sure your phone stays on all the time? If slow charging is an issue you often face with your smartphone, read on to learn more about faster charging and how it can improve your phone’s charging experience.

If you are interested in fast charging, here are some tips. First, make sure the strongest possible current is flowing to the phone during the charging process. Also, minimize the phone’s power consumption while charging. Also, make sure your phone is not too hot or too cold. Once you’ve done that, here are some helpful tips on how to charge your Android phone faster:

How to charge Android battery faster

Turn off your phone

Simple, obvious, but often overlooked. If your phone is turned off while charging, it will charge much faster. Nothing will consume the battery while you fill it.

Of course, turning off your phone while it’s charging has its drawbacks: you won’t be able to receive urgent calls or messages. But if you’re looking to give your phone a quick 15-minute boost before you leave the house, turning it off is definitely the way to go.

Make sure charging mode is enabled

Your Android device allows you to specify what type of connection you make when you connect a USB cable. If you are charging via your laptop or other device, you should make sure the charging feature is turned on and not accidentally turned off.

Go to Settings > Connected Devices > USB Preferences. In the list of options, make sure Charge connected device is enabled.

Use a wall socket

Using a USB port on your computer or in your car leads to a much more inefficient charging experience.

Non-wall plug USB ports typically only offer 0.5A output power. Wall plug charging will typically give you 1A (depending on your device). There’s nothing wrong with getting a lower amperage, it won’t hurt your device, but you’ll definitely be playing with your thumbs for a lot longer.

As a general rule, only use your car or laptop for recharging, not for a full charge.

buy a power bank

If you need to recharge your phone while you’re on the go, for example if you’re often on the go all day, a power bank can be a lifesaver.

Many power banks offer the same amperage output as a wall outlet, and in some cases even more. But a word of warning, while your phone may charge faster with a two-amp output, you need to make sure your USB cable can handle the extra power.

Avoid wireless charging

Wireless charging can be great; it’s very convenient and requires fewer cables, which is something I’m sure we can all agree on.

However, if loading speed is your number one priority, you should avoid them. They offer a considerably slower charging experience than their wired counterparts. In fact, tests suggest they could be up to 50 percent slower.

Final remarks: How To Charge Android Battery Faster 

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