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How to clean your phone’s speaker

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No matter how meticulous you maintain your smartphone cleaning routine, over time your iPhone speakers get clogged with dust, dirt, and other nasty debris. This can cause your iPhone speakers to sound distorted and muffled, either during media playback or during phone calls. It doesn’t take long for dust, dirt, and debris to find its way into all the nooks and crannies of your phone, whether it’s an Android flagship or an iPhone. If your phone’s speaker sounds a little dull or the grille looks a little fuzzy around the edges, it’s probably time to clean it. Here’s how to clean your phone’s speaker.

How to clean your phone speaker

use a toothbrush

  • Wash your hands
    • Before you clean your phone’s speaker, you should wash your hands. Yes, you read it right. This will prevent dirt particles from your hand from transferring to your phone. Once you’ve washed your hands, dry them with a clean towel.
  • To turn off
    • Before you start cleaning, turn off your phone. This is an important step. Never clean your phone when it is turned on.
  • use a toothbrush
    • Once the phone is powered off, you can start cleaning. You will need a toothbrush that has soft bristles. It could even be an old toothbrush that has already been used, however make sure it is clean first! If you have your child’s spare toothbrush, you can use that too, as children’s toothbrushes are softer.
  • Brush the speaker port
    • Check your phone to locate the speaker port. Using the toothbrush, rub it gently. When you clean the phone speakers, remember not to rub hard because if the bristles get inside, they can damage your phone. Simply brush lightly to remove any dirt particles.
  • shake gently
    • After you have cleaned the dirt particles, gently shake the phone to loosen any leftover dirt.
  • clean your phone
    • Finally, clean your phone to make sure there is no loose dust left on the surface. Take a damp cloth to do this. You can even add a drop of dishwashing liquid to some water, dip the cloth in this mixture, and then clean your phone. Do not clean your phone with a wet cloth; Make sure you squeeze the cloth properly before touching it to the surface of your phone.
  • Clean with dry cloth.
    • Once the cleaning is done, let the surface dry. Then wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth to remove all moisture.
  • Clean the headphone jack
    • If you find dirt in your headphone jack and want to clean it, we’ll give you an easy tip. Simply take a thin cotton swab and lightly push it into the hole. Now rotate it to remove the dirt from all sides of the hole. Take out the cotton swab. This will remove most of the dirt. If any dirt remains, repeat the step one more time. Remember not to jam the cotton swab hard into the hole.

using tape

  • Put your hands on a ribbon
    • Take a small piece of ribbon and roll it up to form the shape of a cylinder. Make sure the sticky side is facing out.
  • Place the tape over your phone’s speaker
    • Press the tape into your phone’s speaker. The sticky side of the tape attracts most of the accumulated dirt in and around the speakers.
  • Repeat
    • Remember to change the piece of tape as it gets dirty. Repeat the step until you see no dirt on the tape. This indicates that most of the dirt has been removed.

Final words: How to clean your phone’s speaker

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