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How to Insert Website to Chromebook Shelf

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Check How to Insert Website to Chromebook Shelf

This article is about how you can embed a website on the Chromebook Shelf. You can put your website on the Chromebook Shelf and customize it just for you. Numerous subsystems offer millions of native Chromebook apps, making it easy to access them without having to go through the start menu. We have taken first level steps below.

Although Chrome OS is a fantastic operating system, there are certain restrictions on customization. For example, it is not yet possible to add desktop icons. This can make it difficult to quickly access websites that are scheduled and that you use frequently. Of course, adding apps to your Chromebook shelf will make it easy for you to quickly access them. The shelf is the horizontal bar that sits by default at the bottom of your Chromebook’s desktop. If you have used other operating systems like Microsoft Windows, you may be familiar with this as the taskbar.

How to embed a website on the Chromebook shelf

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The Chromebook shelf is at the bottom of the screen by default. Like the Windows taskbar and the Mac dock, it houses an app launcher and shortcuts to the apps you use most often.

  • To add website shortcuts to your Chromebook shelf, follow these steps:
  • Open the Chrome browser, navigate to the web page, then select the Menu icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select More tools > Create shortcut.
  • Edit the shortcut description to your liking and select Create in the popup window.
  • The new shortcut is immediately visible on the Chromebook shelf.
  • To remove the shortcut, right-click on it and select Unpin.

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This is the end of our article How to Embed a Website on the Chromebook Shelf. This is important information you need to know. The Chromebook desktop doesn’t support adding apps like it does on Windows. To access them faster, you can pin them to the Shelf. You should note that you can install any Android app on your Chromebook and add the appropriate shortcuts, so you can build whatever shortcuts you want to scheduled or liked apps.

Final words: How to Insert Website to Chromebook Shelf

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