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How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

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Check How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative whiteboard application that allows Microsoft users to quickly share ideas with others. It allows you and your team to draw or write as if you were using a physical whiteboard, but with many more features. Microsoft Whiteboard is a cloud-based digital whiteboarding app that takes collaborative brainstorming to a whole new level. All whiteboard users can share the same virtual canvas at the same time, whether they’re in the same room, on their smartphone, or even on a laptop on the other side of the world. The whiteboard supports pen, touch, or touch screen keyboard input. It’s as simple as drawing whatever you want and making it appear on the screen as if it were a sheet of paper.

You can add “ink” simply by drawing, inserting images from Bing, adding sticky notes, or even stacking things like images to flip through on the canvas. Microsoft Whiteboard is an app that does more or less what its name suggests: it offers a digital version of a whiteboard for drawing, writing, and creating. You can access it through a separate app. However, many teams primarily use the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams during meetings. This is a great way to replicate the creativity, communication, brainstorming, and presentation potential of a physical whiteboard, even when meeting over the web.

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard?

Start whiteboarding in Microsoft Teams

The first step to using the whiteboard is to simply open it. It’s available during Teams meetings. So you need to open the Teams app and navigate to the “Calendar” tab. Create a new meeting by clicking the New Meeting button at the top right or select an existing meeting that is in progress or about to start.

On the Teams meeting screen, you can select the Share tray icon. Then a window will appear with the “Microsoft Whiteboard” button. Select this button to start the whiteboard session.

All participants in the meeting can see the whiteboard. The person who starts the whiteboard can choose between presenting (the only person who can edit it) or collaborating (anyone can edit it). It works almost exactly like a whiteboard in a meeting room, except everything is online.

Draw on the board

Drawing on the board is relatively easy. You have a selection of writing utensils available on the toolbar. You can choose from different drawing implements, such as a pen, pencil, highlighter, and eraser. For each utensil, you can also set a line weight and color.

To draw, simply click and move in the whiteboard space with your cursor. If you have a touchscreen device, you can draw with your finger or a stylus. The whiteboard allows almost unlimited drawing creativity, so you can sketch whatever you want.

Also, you can add other items such as sticky notes and text. There are undo and redo buttons for each user. This makes it even easier to get rid of something that didn’t quite work out than a regular whiteboard.

Share the whiteboard in meetings

Because the whiteboard in Microsoft Teams is built into the meeting functionality, it’s automatically shared with all participants. To access the whiteboard, team members just need to be in the meeting. If you select to collaborate, meeting participants will also be able to edit the live whiteboard while they are in the meeting.

Access whiteboard later

Of course, the whiteboard is not only there during the meeting. You may want to come back to review the ideas outlined later. This process is very simple. Just click the Whiteboard tab or go to the Whiteboard Gallery view in your Microsoft Whiteboard app. From there, you can view the whiteboard, continue editing it, or export the final results.

Change whiteboard settings and export

While working on a whiteboard, you can adjust the settings to suit your needs by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner. This menu gives you the ability to change your sharing settings (whether or not they can be edited by others), get help, send feedback, and learn more about Microsoft Whiteboard.

You also have the option to export an image from the whiteboard. This is a great way to capture a copy of the whiteboard, either before you delete it or if you want to view it more easily outside of the meeting. Select the “Export Image (PNG)” option to start the download process.

Final remarks: How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

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