Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: which one is better?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE has powerful functions, while the Google Pixel 8 focuses on innovative photography and AI.

Bringing near-flagship specifications at a more wallet-friendly price, the Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S23 FE have been officially introduced. Both of these devices have been eagerly anticipated for a long time. These Android smartphones, which have been the subject of rumours and leaks for months, have different approaches to achieving affordability, which requires them to make sacrifices in terms of their performance and camera capabilities.

At the same time that they are getting ready to be sold in stores, the question of which high-end device that is affordable and also deserves your investment arises. The purpose of this comparison between the Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S23 FE is to analyse the differences between the two devices, giving consumers who are looking for the best possible value without sacrificing essential smartphone capabilities the ability to make an informed decision.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Pricing

The Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S23 FE both start at $699, which makes them strong competitors. But the Pixel 8 can store up to 512GB of data, which makes it appealing to tech hoarders. For people who like to live life quickly, the S23 FE comes back with lightning-fast 45W charging. So, would you rather pay an extra $100 for storage that will last forever or get lightning-fast charging for the same price? It’s your turn, pixel-powered friend!

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8 Comparison Table

The information doesn’t go into specifics about the cameras on the Google Pixel 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. You might be able to find more information about the camera’s features and functions in the official product specs or reviews.

FeatureSamsung Galaxy S23 FEGoogle Pixel 8
Display6.4-inch Super AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 1080 x 2340 resolution, 409 PPI6.3-inch AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 1080 x 2400 resolution, 411 PPI
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1Google Tensor 2 (4nm)
Rear camera50MP main sensor, 12MP ultrawide sensor, 8MP telephoto sensor (3x optical zoom)50MP main sensor, 12MP ultrawide sensor, 48MP telephoto sensor (4x optical zoom)
Front camera12MP12MP
Battery4500mAh, 45W fast charging5000mAh, 30W fast charging
Check PriceCheck Price

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Design

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8

Although the Google Pixel 8 is well-known for its artificial intelligence capabilities and imaging capabilities, it is lacking in a telephoto lens, which is a significant limitation. The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, on the other hand, is equipped with a three-times telephoto camera that allows for optical zoom, and it also upgraded its primary camera to a fifty-megapixel sensor, which is likely on par with the flagship Galaxy S23 series.

In addition to a redesigned ultrawide camera that includes macro autofocus, the Pixel 8 comes with a brand new sensor that has a resolution of 50 megapixels and is 21% more sensitive to light. The camera experience is improved by Google with the help of artificial intelligence-assisted features such as Magic Editor and Best Take. One of the most important factors that differentiates them is the way in which they process software. Full reviews will contain an in-depth analysis and comparison of the photographic capabilities of both of these devices.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Display

Even though it’s smaller, the Google Pixel 8 has a slightly bigger battery than the Galaxy S23 FE, which has a 4,500mAh battery that has to power a bigger screen. The older chip in the S23 FE may slightly use more power, but both phones use USB Power Delivery PPS wall adapters. The Pixel 8 claims to have a slight edge over the S23 FE because it can charge at 27W instead of 25W.

Still, it takes both phones just over an hour to fully charge from empty to full. Even though both models are inexpensive, they both have Qi wireless charging with speeds that are about the same. The Pixel Stand has a slightly faster 18W wireless power output, which is a small difference from the S23 FE’s 15W maximum.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Processor

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8

Power struggle in the processor? With its Google Tensor 2 chip, the Pixel 8 throws down the gauntlet. It was made using a more advanced 4nm process than the S23 FE’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (5nm). This could make AI work better, apps load faster, and multitasking go more smoothly on the Pixel, especially since it could have 12GB of RAM instead of the S23 FE’s 6GB or 8GB.

But the S23 FE isn’t bad! Not a slouch, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 can handle everyday tasks and even tough games with ease. Additionally, its bigger screen (6.4″ vs. 6.3″) might be better for users who value screen space. In the end, your needs determine which processor is the best. Pixel 8 for cutting-edge performance and possible future-proofing, and S23 FE for a tried-and-true performer and a bigger screen. Pixel warrior, pick out your weapon!

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Cameras

The Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S23 FE are both great cameras. The 50MP main sensors and 12MP ultrawide sensors in both cameras make sure that photos are clear and full of detail in most lighting conditions. The Pixel has a better telephoto lens than the S23 FE. It has a whopping 48MP sensor with 4x optical zoom, while the S23 FE only has 8MP with 3x zoom. That means Pixels can capture images of faraway objects with stunning clarity, making them perfect for people who love to travel and zoom a lot.

But don’t forget about the S23 FE! In some ways, its camera system is very good. Samsung’s image processing algorithms make colours and dynamic range look great, especially when the sun is out. Plus, both phones have a 12MP camera on the front, so you can be sure to get great selfies. In the end, what makes a camera champion is what you need. Pixel for its powerful zoom and software-powered magic, and S23 FE for its bright colours and slightly faster charging speed. Choose what you like, pixel fan!

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: Battery

War of batteries? The Pixel 8 has a 5000mAh battery, while the S23 FE only has a 4500mAh battery. This could mean that the Pixel 8 lasts longer. But don’t forget about the S23 FE’s 45W fast charging! It charges much faster than the Pixel 8’s 30W charging, taking you from 0% to 100%. So, do you want quick top-ups or endurance all day?

The real battle depends on how you use it. Pixel 8 users may get a full day’s power, even if they use their phones a lot, thanks to the Tensor 2 chip and software that makes the most of it. People who use the S23 FE, especially gamers or streamers, might like that it charges faster for those inevitable power outages. In the end, the best battery depends on how you live. Pixel 8 for long sessions, S23 FE for quick restarts. Pixel-powered warrior, make a smart choice!

Xiaomi 14: Pros

  • Lightning-fast performance
  • Display dazzler
  • Camera chameleon
  • Long-lasting battery life

Xiaomi 14: Cons

  • Software skin
  • No expandable storage

OnePlus 11: Pros

  • Super-smooth display
  • Capable camera
  • Waterproofing
  • Competitive price

OnePlus 11: Cons

  • Limited storage options
  • No expandable storage

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE vs Google Pixel 8: which one should you buy?

The Galaxy S23 FE or the Pixel 8? A photo enthusiast who is future-proof? Google’s Pixel 8 is calling out to you. Camera king with a restricted budget? The S23 FE shines with its colour vibrancy and its lightning-fast charging. Do you adore pure Android and the possibility of gaining more power? The Pixel 8 makes you the victor. Favour Samsung’s One User Interface and its larger screen? S23 FE is waiting for you. At the end of the day, the pixel battlefield is ruled by your requirements and preferences. Do not make rash decisions, pixel warrior!


Can I expand the storage on both the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE and Google Pixel 8?

A: The Pixel 8 lets users add an extra $60 to double the storage from 128GB to 256GB. But the information we have so far doesn’t go into specifics about how to increase the S23 FE’s storage space.

Are there any pre-order bonuses with these smartphones?

Yes, Google is giving away Pixel Buds Pro with the Pixel 8 in some places, like the US, when you pre-order it. The information given does not say anything about Samsung’s pre-order bonuses for the S23 FE.


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