ArticleListsBest DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: boost productivity

Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: boost productivity

Top keyboard shortcuts for efficient video editing.


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There are the best DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts that can help in your work. Hotkeys are invaluable for streamlining your editing process and maximizing efficiency. By adding these shortcuts to your editing process, you can cut the time you spend on jobs by a lot. We made a handy guide sheet of keyboard shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve to help you learn how to use them. But it’s important to remember that tools really save time when they become habits and are used instead of the mouse.

It can be hard to get out of or learn new writing habits. Start by thinking about the things you do most often. This will help you learn techniques more quickly. It may take some time and patience, but if you start with just one or two shortcuts, you can eventually add more. After that, you can add more shortcut keys to your editing process. Below we have mentioned the best DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts.

Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

General Shortcuts:

Ctrl + NCreate a new project
Ctrl + OOpen an existing project
Ctrl + SSave the current project
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Ctrl + CCopy the selected item(s)
Ctrl + VPaste the copied item(s)
Ctrl + XCut the selected item(s)
Ctrl + Shift + XDuplicate the selected item(s)
Ctrl + DDelete the selected item(s)
Ctrl + ASelect all items in the current window
Ctrl + Shift + ADeselect all items in the current window
Ctrl + PPreferences
Ctrl + QQuit DaVinci Resolve

Timeline and Editing Shortcuts:

IMark an In point
OMark an Out point
SpacePlay/Pause the timeline
JPlay reverse at multiple speeds
KStop playback
LPlay forward at multiple speeds
Shift + LPlay forward at normal speed
Shift + JPlay reverse at normal speed
Shift + SpacePlay/Pause and hold
BackspaceDelete the selected item(s)
Ctrl + UpNudge the selected item(s) up one track
Ctrl + DownNudge the selected item(s) down one track
Ctrl + LeftNudge the selected item(s) left by one frame
Ctrl + RightNudge the selected item(s) right by one frame

Color Grading Shortcuts:

Ctrl+Alt+DDaVinci Resolve Color page
Alt+1Navigate to the primary color wheels
Alt+2Navigate to the log wheels
Alt+3Navigate to the color wheels
Alt+4Navigate to the curves editor
Alt+5Navigate to the qualifier
Alt+6Navigate to the HSL curves
Alt+7Navigate to the LUTs
Alt+8Navigate to the stills gallery
Alt+9Navigate to the OpenFX panel
Ctrl+Alt+CCreate a new color grade node
Ctrl+Alt+FCreate a new serial node
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+FCreate a new parallel node

Audio Editing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Alt + ADaVinci Resolve Fairlight page
BToggle the clip gain
NToggle automation editing
Ctrl + Alt + PToggle the playhead snap
Ctrl + Shift + MToggle the mute for the selected item(s)
Ctrl + Shift + UToggle the solo for the selected item(s)
Ctrl + Shift + BAdd a new audio track
Ctrl + Shift + DDelete the selected audio track
Ctrl + Shift + LSplit the audio at the

DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts for Different Platforms


Ctrl + NNew Project
Ctrl + OOpen Project
Ctrl + SSave Project
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + DDuplicate
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo Multiple
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste Attributes
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As
Ctrl + Shift + XPaste Special
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy Timeline
Ctrl + Shift + AAppend to Timeline
Ctrl + Shift + DApply Default Color
Ctrl + Shift + MMatch Frame
Ctrl + Shift + RReplace
Ctrl + Shift + PRender All Fusion Clips
Ctrl + Shift + TCreate Optimized Media
Ctrl + Shift + WToggle Full Screen
Ctrl + /Toggle Viewer Overlay
Ctrl + ,Preferences
Ctrl + .User Preferences
Ctrl + =Zoom In
Ctrl + –Zoom Out
Ctrl + ;Play
Ctrl + ‘Loop Play
Ctrl + KStop
Ctrl + LNext Frame
Ctrl + JPrevious Frame
Ctrl + HHome
Ctrl + EEnd
Ctrl + Page UpPrevious Edit Point
Ctrl + Page DownNext Edit Point
Ctrl + Shift + Page UpPrevious Cut
Ctrl + Shift + Page DownNext Cut
Ctrl + Alt + GShow/Hide Audio Meters
Ctrl + Alt + FShow/Hide Scopes


Command + NNew Project
Command + OOpen Project
Command + SSave Project
Command + ZUndo
Command + YRedo
Command + DDuplicate
Command + XCut
Command + CCopy
Command + VPaste
Command + ASelect All
Command + Shift + ZRedo Multiple
Command + Shift + VPaste Attributes
Command + Shift + SSave As
Command + Shift + XPaste Special
Command + Shift + CCopy Timeline
Command + Shift + AAppend to Timeline
Command + Shift + DApply Default Color
Command + Shift + MMatch Frame
Command + Shift + RReplace
Command + Shift + PRender All Fusion Clips
Command + Shift + TCreate Optimized Media
Command + Shift + WToggle Full Screen
Command + /Toggle Viewer Overlay
Command + ,Preferences
Command + .User Preferences
Command + =Zoom In


What are keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve?

Keyboard shortcuts are groups of keys that let you do certain things or get to certain parts of DaVinci Resolve without using the mouse. They help you work faster and better and get around in the software.

How can I learn the keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve?

In its original documentation, DaVinci Resolve has a full list of keyboard shortcuts. You can find the keyboard shortcuts guide in DaVinci Resolve by going to the “Help” page and choosing “Keyboard Shortcuts.” The guide has a list of all the options for the software’s different functions and features.

Are there customizable keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, you can change the keyboard keys in DaVinci Resolve to suit your needs. You can change the options that are already there or make your own. To change the keyboard shortcuts, go to the DaVinci Resolve menu on macOS or the Edit menu on Windows/Linux and click “Keyboard Customization.” From there, you can add new keyboard options or change the ones you already have.

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The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is an excellent, high-quality smartwatch. Therefore, we need to look for drawbacks. The limited options for notification support are observed negatively in our tests.Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: boost productivity