Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: for video editing

Master DaVinci Resolve with the most important keyboard shortcuts for efficient editing, grading and precise post-production.

DaVinci Resolve is known for being able to edit videos very well. It also has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that are meant to make your work easier and faster. By learning these shortcuts, you can speed up the editing process and use this professional-grade software to its fullest. The best DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts can be used for a wide range of editing tasks, from simple navigation to complex colour grading and effects manipulation.

By learning these shortcuts, you’ll be able to move around the editing interface more easily, carry out commands more quickly, and make precise changes with no trouble. By using these shortcuts when editing, you can get more done in less time and spend more time on the creative parts of your projects. Using keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve can greatly speed up your editing and overall output, no matter how experienced you are as a professional or how new to the hobby you are.

Why Keyboard Shortcuts Matter in DaVinci Resolve

In DaVinci Resolve, keyboard shortcuts are very important for speeding up the video editing process and making you more productive. They let users do many things quickly and accurately, like cutting, trimming, adding effects, and moving around in timelines.

Editors can work faster, spend less time editing, and stay focused on the creative parts of their projects if they learn and use keyboard shortcuts correctly. In the end, DaVinci Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts make workflow easier and the whole video editing experience better.

Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

Mastering DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts streamlines video editing workflows, boosting efficiency and productivity. Essential shortcuts include “A” for selection, “B” for blade tool, and “Ctrl + S” for saving projects. “Shift + D” duplicates clips, while “Ctrl + Z” undoes actions. Memorizing these shortcuts accelerates editing tasks and unlocks the full potential of DaVinci Resolve.

General Shortcuts

Ctrl + NNew project
Ctrl + OOpen project
Ctrl + SSave project
Ctrl + Shift + SSave project as
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + DDeselect all
Ctrl + FFind
Ctrl + GGo to
Ctrl + Shift + GGo to previous
Ctrl + Shift + FGo to next
Ctrl + Shift + RReverse selection
Ctrl + Shift + EAdd edit
Ctrl + Shift + XRemove edit

Editing Shortcuts

ISet in point
OSet out point
JPlay reverse
KStop playback
LPlay forward
Up ArrowMove selection up
Down ArrowMove selection down
Left ArrowMove selection left
Right ArrowMove selection right
Ctrl + Left ArrowNudge left
Ctrl + Right ArrowNudge right

Timeline Shortcuts

Ctrl + ASelect all clips
Ctrl + DDeselect all clips
Ctrl + Shift + ASelect all clips in track
Ctrl + Shift + DDeselect all clips in track
Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowMove selected clips up
Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowMove selected clips down
Ctrl + Shift + Left ArrowMove selected clips left
Ctrl + Shift + Right ArrowMove selected clips right
Alt + ScrollZoom in/out horizontally

Color Grading Shortcuts

Alt + SAdd serial node
Alt + PAdd parallel node
Alt + DAdd layer node
Alt + LAdd layer mixer node
Alt + GAdd corrector node
Ctrl + DAdd serial node with default corrections
Ctrl + Alt + DAdd serial node with default keyframes
Ctrl + Shift + DAdd serial node with default sizing
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + DAdd serial node with default 3D
Ctrl + Shift + TAdd corrector node with power windows
Ctrl + Shift + NAdd corrector node with qualifier

Fusion Shortcuts

Ctrl + SpaceShow/hide tool window
Ctrl + Alt + SpaceShow/hide viewer window
Ctrl + Shift + FFull screen viewer
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen/close tools
Ctrl + Shift + XOpen/close effects
Ctrl + Shift + COpen/close controls

Best DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms

Keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve make editing videos faster and easier on all platforms. To undo something in Windows, press Ctrl + Z, and to save something, press Ctrl + S. Both Command + Z and Command + S do the same thing on a Mac. On both platforms, pressing Shift + Spacebar plays and pauses, and pressing Option + Up/Down changes the volume of a clip, making editing faster and easier.

Windows/Linux Shortcuts

Go to In PointI
Go to Out PointO
Mark InI
Mark OutO
Ripple DeleteDelete
Toggle Clip SelectionAlt + Left Click
Zoom In Timeline= (Equals)
Zoom Out Timeline– (Minus)
Add EditCtrl + \
Add Edit (All Tracks)Ctrl + Shift + \
Toggle Full Screen PlaybackCtrl + F
Toggle SnapN
Toggle Loop PlaybackShift + L
Fit Timeline to WindowCtrl + `
Save ProjectCtrl + S
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Select AllCtrl + A
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
DuplicateCtrl + Shift + D
ExportCtrl + Shift + E

macOS Shortcuts

Go to In PointI
Go to Out PointO
Mark InI
Mark OutO
Ripple DeleteDelete
Toggle Clip SelectionCmd + Left Click
Zoom In TimelineCmd + = (Equals)
Zoom Out TimelineCmd + – (Minus)
Add EditCmd + \
Add Edit (All Tracks)Cmd + Shift + \
Toggle Full Screen PlaybackCmd + F
Toggle SnapN
Toggle Loop PlaybackShift + L
Fit Timeline to WindowCmd + `
Save ProjectCmd + S
UndoCmd + Z
RedoCmd + Shift + Z
Select AllCmd + A
CutCmd + X
CopyCmd + C
PasteCmd + V
DuplicateCmd + Shift + D
ExportCmd + Shift + E

Tips for Memorizing and Mastering DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

When editing videos and doing other post-production work, learning and using the keyboard shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve can make you much more productive and speed up your work. To help you remember and get good at using DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts, here are some tips:

Start with the A to Z: To get started, learn the most useful DaVinci Resolve shortcuts that will speed up the way you edit videos. Pay attention to the shortcuts for things like moving around in the timeline, trimming clips, and basic editing tasks like copying, pasting, and cutting.

Figure Out Which Shortcuts You Use Most Often: Figure out which keyboard shortcuts you use most often when editing videos. These could include quick-access buttons for tools you use a lot, commands for moving around the timeline, and editing features like adding effects or transitions. Learn these shortcuts as soon as possible.

Regular Practice: Use DaVinci to practice regularly Resolve shortcuts often to make your memory stronger and your speed faster. Make shortcuts a regular part of your editing process and try to use them instead of just clicking the mouse or using menu commands.

Shortcuts for Groups by Function: Group DaVinci Find shortcuts by what they do or what tasks they are related to. Like, put shortcuts for editing the timeline together with shortcuts for colour grading, and so on. Putting shortcuts in order by what they do can help you remember them.

Use mnemonics: To help you remember complicated DaVinci Resolve shortcuts, make new mnemonics or memory aids. Mnemonics are short phrases, acronyms, or pictures that help you remember the shortcut and the action that goes with it.

Tips for Efficiently Using DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

You can speed up your editing, colour grading, and post-production work in DaVinci Resolve by using keyboard shortcuts well. Here are some tips on how to use keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve effectively:

Learn the Basics: Get to know the most important keyboard shortcuts for everyday tasks like playing music, cutting, trimming, copying, pasting, and undoing. Knowing these simple keyboard shortcuts will make it easier to move around in the interface.

Customisable Shortcuts: You can change the keyboard shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve to fit your needs and work flow. Use this feature to your advantage by giving shortcuts to commands and tools you use often. Press “File” and then “Project Settings” and then “Keyboard Mapping” to change how shortcuts work.

Learn Editing Shortcuts: You should learn editing shortcuts like how to ripple edit, overwrite edit, and insert edit. Learn the shortcuts you can use to move clips, trim the in and out points, and make clip durations longer or shorter. You can save a lot of time while editing if you know how to use shortcuts well.

Use Shortcuts for Timeline Navigation: To quickly move through the timeline, use shortcuts. Find quick ways to move the playhead, jump to certain timecodes, zoom in and out of the timeline, and make tracks bigger or smaller.

Use Selection Shortcuts: Learn how to use selection shortcuts to pick out clips, ranges, and specific points in the timeline. To edit only certain parts of your timeline, learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to make precise selections.


What is the shortcut for redo?

Press Ctrl+Y or F4 to do something again after undoing it.

What is the shortcut key for cut in DaVinci Resolve?

Press Ctrl or Command + X to cut. Press Ctrl or Cmd + C to copy. Press Ctrl or Command + Z to undo. Use Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + Z to undo.

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