Best 100Hz Monitors 2024: for Immersive Gaming and Productivity

The 100 Hz refresh rate ensures a seamless transition between high-contrast colors, reducing flicker and eye fatigue compared to 60 Hz monitors.

The best 100Hz Monitors on the market let you play games and watch films and TV shows without any lag. These monitors completely change the way you watch TV by making frame transitions smooth and images clearer. Buying a top-of-the-line 100Hz monitor will give you the best performance and visual satisfaction, whether you’re a gamer, a creative professional, or a multimedia fanatic. People who need smooth and fluid visuals, like gamers and professionals, often choose 100Hz monitors.

The screen on these monitors can be refreshed up to 100 times per second, making the experience more immersive and responsive. With a high refresh rate, images that move quickly are shown without any motion blur. This makes it easier to keep track of objects and act quickly in games or busy workplaces. A lot of 100 Hz monitors also have adaptive sync technology, which syncs the refresh rate of the monitor with the output of the graphics card to make the images even smoother. Below, we have mentioned the best 100Hz monitors.

Importance of 100Hz Monitors

100Hz monitors have a higher refresh rate than standard 60Hz monitors. This means that motion is smoother and there is less motion blur, especially when playing games or watching videos that move quickly. The higher refresh rate makes the viewing experience more responsive and immersive, which improves the smoothness of gameplay and the overall clarity of the image. This is very important for competitive gamers and people who need high-performance screens for gaming, editing multimedia, and other tasks that need the screen to move and respond quickly.

Best 100Hz Monitors Comparison Table

The high refresh rate of 100Hz monitors makes gaming smooth and immersive. The double 60Hz refresh rate reduces motion blur and screen tearing, improving visual clarity during fast-paced gaming. These monitors satisfy demanding gamers and multimedia fans with responsive gameplay and fluid motion.

FeatureSANSUI 24 inchAcer KC242Y HbiAOC 24B2H2KOORUI 21.5″PHILIPS 24″
ResolutionFull HD (1920×1080)Full HD (1920×1080)Full HD (1920×1080)Full HD (1920×1080)Full HD (1920×1080)
Refresh Rate60Hz100Hz75Hz144Hz75Hz
Response Time5ms1ms (VRB)4ms1ms (MPRT)4ms
FreeSync/G-SyncNoAMD FreeSyncNoAMD FreeSync & G-Sync CompatibleNo

SANSUI 24 inch Monitor

Best 100Hz Monitors
Product Dimensions21.26 x 15.75 x 6.69 inches
Screen Size24 Inches
Special FeatureBuilt-In Speakers
Item Weight8.33 pounds
Check Price

The sleek SANSUI 24-inch monitor will make your workspace look better and let you do more at once. The clear IPS display lets you see bright images clearly. It’s great for work documents, creative projects, or just plain fun. A 100Hz refresh rate gives you smooth images that are great for everyday use and even light gaming. Currently, this is one of the best 100Hz monitors.


  • Affordable price point for a basic monitor.
  • Decent screen size for everyday use.
  • Simple and straightforward design.


  • Limited resolution and features compared to higher-end monitors.
  • Potentially lower build quality and reliability.

Acer KC242Y Hbi 23.8″ Full HD Monitor

Best 100Hz Monitors
Product Dimensions‎7.6 x 21.3 x 16.3 inches
Screen Size23.8 Inches
Special FeatureTilt Adjustment, Frameless
Item Weight‎6.8 pounds
Check Price

The Acer KC242Y Hbi 23.8″ Full HD Monitor is a powerful screen that can be used at home, in the office, or for gaming. With AMD FreeSync Technology, the monitor matches the refresh rate of your graphics card to make gaming smooth, so there is no screen tearing or stuttering. It has a 100Hz refresh rate and a 1ms VRB response time, so images are very clear and there isn’t much motion blur. Overall, this is one of the best 100Hz monitors.


  • Full HD resolution for clear visuals.
  • IPS panel for good color accuracy and viewing angles.
  • Sleek design with thin bezels.


  • May lack advanced features found in more expensive monitors.
  • Limited adjustability in terms of stand and ergonomic options.

AOC 24B2H2 24 Frameless IPS

Best 100Hz Monitors
Product Dimensions‎7.96 x 21.25 x 16.38 inches
Screen Size23.8 Inches
Special FeatureLightweight, Tilt Adjustment, Frameless, Flicker-Free
Item Weight‎8.98 pounds
Check Price

The AOC 24B2H2 could be the perfect monitor for you if you want one that looks good and works well for home or office use. This 24-inch screen has a sleek, frameless design that makes the experience better and clears up your workspace. Thanks to the IPS panel and 106% sRGB colour gamut coverage, you can enjoy clear Full HD images with bright colours. This is the best 100Hz monitors that you can consider.


  • Frameless design for immersive viewing experience.
  • IPS panel for vibrant colors and wide viewing angles.
  • Energy-efficient features for reduced power consumption.


  • Basic feature set compared to higher-end models.
  • Limited ergonomic adjustments may not suit all users’ preferences.

KOORUI Monitor 21.5 Inch Gaming Monitor

Best 100Hz Monitors
Product Dimensions7.12 x 19.48 x 15.51 inches
Screen Size21.5 Inches
Special FeatureTilt Adjustment, Frameless, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers, Eye Care
Item Weight7.68 pounds
Check Price

The KOORUI 21.5″ Gaming Monitor lets you enjoy smooth, bright games. With a refresh rate of 100Hz and a response time of less than 1 second, this sleek display gets rid of choppy images and blurry action. The VA panel has better contrast, so you can see rich, cinematic colours. Adaptive sync technology stops screen tearing so the picture stays smooth. Overall, it is one of the best 100Hz monitors that you can consider.


  • Designed specifically for gaming with faster response times.
  • Compact size ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Potentially affordable price point for entry-level gaming.


  • Smaller screen size may not be suitable for all gaming preferences.
  • Limited connectivity and features compared to more expensive gaming monitors.

PHILIPS 24″ Full HD Monitor

Best 100Hz Monitors
Product Dimensions‎7.96 x 21.25 x 16.38 inches
Screen Size23.8 Inches
Special FeatureLightweight, Blue Light Filter, Frameless, Flicker-Free, Eye Care
Item Weight‎9.13 pounds
Check Price

The PHILIPS 24″ Full HD Monitor gives you clear Full HD images. The VA panel technology makes sure that the contrast is amazing, giving you images that look more like real life with brighter whites and deeper blacks. With an extra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, you can see the colours the same way from any angle. The almost bezel-free design lets you set up multiple monitors without any problems, which improves your workflow and productivity. Still, it is one of the best 100Hz monitors that you can consider.


  • Full HD resolution for sharp image quality.
  • Brand reliability and reputation.
  • Various connectivity options for versatile usage.


  • May lack advanced features found in more premium monitors.
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors with similar specifications.

Tips for Setting Up and Optimizing a 100Hz Monitor

There are a few steps you need to take to make sure you get the best performance and visual experience from your 100Hz monitor. Here are some ideas:

Connection: When you connect your monitor to your computer or other devices, make sure you use the right cables. Use DisplayPort or HDMI 2.0 cables for the best performance with a 100Hz refresh rate. These cables can handle higher refresh rates than older cables.

Installing Drivers: Make sure that the most up-to-date drivers for your graphics card are installed. When drivers are updated, they often come with fixes and optimisations that make them work better with monitors that have a higher refresh rate.

Operating System Settings: Make sure that your operating system knows what the monitor can do by checking its settings. By right-clicking on the desktop in Windows and choosing “Display settings,” you can change the display settings. To set the refresh rate to 100Hz, go to the advanced display settings.

Setting up the monitor: Check that the refresh rate is set to 100Hz in the on-screen display (OSD) menu of the monitor. Depending on your tastes, most monitors let you change settings like brightness, contrast, colour temperature, and gamma to get the best picture quality.

Overclocking: Some monitors may let you overclock, which means you can change the refresh rate from what it is set to by default. Overclocking, on the other hand, might shorten the life of your monitor and might not always work right. If you decide to overclock, be careful and know that you can go back to the factory settings if something goes wrong.

How to Choose the Right 100Hz Monitor for Your Needs

There are a few things you should think about when picking the right 100Hz monitor to make sure it fits your needs and preferences for gaming, work, or multimedia use. Some important things to think about are:

Refresh Rate: A 100Hz monitor has a higher refresh rate than a standard 60Hz monitor. This means that motion is smoother and there is less motion blur, especially when gaming quickly. Think about whether a refresh rate of 100Hz is enough for your gaming or media needs, or if you need an even higher rate for competitive gaming.

Resolution: Pick a monitor whose resolution fits your needs and the hardware you have access to. Full HD (1920×1080), Quad HD (2560×1440), and Ultra HD or 4K (3840×2160) are all common resolutions. Higher resolutions give you clearer images and more space on the screen to do more than one thing at once, but you might need more powerful hardware to get higher frame rates.

Panel Type: Different panel types have different response times, viewing angles, and colour accuracy. Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and Vertical Alignment (VA) are the most common types of panels. Most of the time, TN panels have faster response times that are good for gaming, while IPS panels tend to have better colour reproduction and viewing angles. VA panels are in the middle of the two.

Response Time: One millisecond is equal to one response time, which is the speed at which pixels can change from one colour to another. Motion blur and ghosting are less noticeable when response times are low, which is important for games and fast-paced content. For the best performance, look for monitors with response times of 5ms or less.

Adaptive Sync Technology: Check to see if the monitor works with AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-SYNC and other adaptive sync technologies. These technologies sync the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of the graphics card. This stops screen tearing and stuttering, making gaming smoother.


Is A 100 Hz monitor good?

Yes, most gamers, especially those upgrading from 60Hz, notice a smoother, more responsive 100Hz monitor.

Is 100Hz fine?

General gaming is great at 100Hz. A good panel is needed for low pixel response and little overshoot, not just high Hz.

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