Best 5G Tablets 2024: for lightning-fast connectivity

5G tablets offer better network connectivity for uninterrupted calls and internet services, allowing users to connect to the internet faster than ever before.

Demand for cutting-edge devices has led to the creation of 5G-enabled tablets, which have completely changed the way users interact with technology. The phrase best 5G Tablets makes the headlines as we enter a world where technology and connectivity meet. Fifth-generation wireless technology is used by these tablets to revolutionise mobile computing.

They promise lightning-fast download speeds and experiences with almost no lag. Numerous choices are available on the market, and our detailed guide helps you choose the best ones. Explore tablets that combine the Best 5G features with other great features, such as stunning displays and powerful processors. Below, we have mentioned the best 5G Tablets.

Understanding 5G Technology in Tablets

Tablets with 5G technology can send and receive data faster, with less delay, and with more reliable connectivity than tablets from earlier generations. Tablets that support 5G can connect to the internet quickly and stream videos, play games, hold video calls, and download and upload large files while they’re on the go. This technology uses advanced wireless networks to improve performance and efficiency. It meets the needs of modern users who depend more and more on their phones for entertainment and work.

Best 5G Tablets Comparison Table

Innovative 5G tablets offer fast connectivity and smooth multimedia experiences. These tablets improve streaming, downloading, and gaming by 100 times over 4G. They transform mobile computing with instant cloud services and immersive augmented reality apps.

FeatureTCL TAB 10 5GSAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S9 FERelndoo Android TabletFEONAL Octa-Core 5GHOTWAV R6 Ultra
Display10.1-inch IPS LCD (1920 x 1200)12.4-inch TFT LCD (2560 x 1600)10.1-inch IPS LCD (1200 x 800)10.1-inch IPS LCD (1920 x 1200)8.0-inch IPS LCD (1280 x 720)
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 700Qualcomm Snapdragon 750GUnisoc SC9863AUnisoc Tiger T618Unisoc SC9863A
Rear camera8MP5MP8MP13MP8MP
Front camera5MP5MP2MP5MP2MP


Best 5G Tablets
Product Dimensions9.51″L x 6.24″W x 0.33″Th
Memory Storage Capacity32 GB
Screen Size10.1 Inches
Cellular Technology5G
Check Price

The TCL TAB 10 5G opens up a world of fun entertainment and easy connectivity. Immerse yourself in a beautiful 10.1-inch screen that is powered by NXTVISION technology. With 5G, you can stream, game, and download videos and music very quickly. The battery lasts a long time, so you can indulge-watch for hours. Currently, this is one of the best 5G Tablets.


  • 5G connectivity
  • Affordable price
  • Decent battery life


  • Average display quality
  • Limited software updates

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Best 5G Tablets
Display Resolution Maximum2560 x 1600
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Screen Size10.9 Inches
Cellular Technology5G
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The Galaxy Tab S9 FE has a big 10.9-inch screen that lets you enjoy every adventure. It is built to last and has an IP68 rating, which means it can handle water and dust. You can have fun for up to 18 hours straight with Super Fast Charging. It has the newest Exynos chipset, which makes multitasking and connecting easy. Overall, this is one of the best 5G Tablets.


  • High-quality display
  • S Pen support
  • Good performance


  • Relatively expensive
  • Battery life could be better

Relndoo Android Tablet

Best 5G Tablets
Product Dimensions10″L x 7″W x 1.5″Th
Memory Storage Capacity64 GB
Screen Size10.1
Item Weight52 Grams
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This powerful Android tablet lets you work and play while you’re on the go. It has a bright 10.1-inch screen that brings your content to life, and a huge battery that lets you use it for hours. The extra storage makes it easy to keep apps, games, and media. With the fast 5G WiFi, you can stay in touch with family and friends and take pictures with the two cameras. This is the best 5G Tablets that you can consider.


  • Large display
  • Expandable storage
  • Affordable price


  • Mediocre build quality
  • Limited software support

FEONAL Octa-Core 5G

Best 5G Tablets
Product Dimensions10.1″L x 6.5″W x 0.2″Th
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Screen Size10.1 Inches
Operating SystemAndroid 12
Check Price

The FEONAL Tablet, which came out in 2024, has a powerful Octa-Core processor and smooth 5G WiFi, which makes it a useful device for both work and play. You can increase its 128GB storage to a huge 1TB to store photos and apps. Enjoy bright images on the big 10-inch touch screen, and use the two 13MP cameras to capture special moments. Overall, it is one of the best 5G Tablets that you can consider.


  • Powerful octa-core processor
  • 5G connectivity
  • Good value for money


  • Average camera quality
  • Limited brand recognition/support


Best 5G Tablets
Product Dimensionsβ€Ž9.94 x 6.63 x 0.61 inches
Operating Systemβ€ŽAndroid 13
Flash Memory Sizeβ€Ž256 GB
Item Weightβ€Ž3.16 pounds
Check Price

The HOTWAV R6 Ultra is the perfect tablet for people who love being outside because it is built to last. It has a big 10.4-inch screen that lets you find your way around trails, look at maps or watch films in stunning 2K resolution while camping. Because it is IP68 waterproof, the design can handle bumps, drops, and even dunks. Still, it is one of the best 5G Tablets that you can consider.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent performance
  • Lightweight design


  • Low-resolution display
  • Limited software updates and support

Tips for Maximizing the 5G Experience on Tablets

To get the most out of 5G on tablets, you need to tweak both the hardware and software settings to get the best performance and connectivity. To get the most out of 5G on your tablet, here are some tips:

Pick a Tablet That Works with 5G: Make sure you have a tablet that can connect to 5G networks. There are some tablets that don’t have 5G capabilities, so check the specs before you buy.

Choose a Reliable Network Provider: Pick a network provider that you can trust and that has good 5G coverage in your area. Your network connection quality is very important to how well you use 5G overall.

Update Firmware and Software: Firmware and software should always be kept up to date on your tablet. Manufacturers often put out updates that make devices work better, and some of these updates include improvements for 5G connectivity.

Turn on 5G Connectivity: Make sure that 5G connectivity is turned on in your tablet’s settings. Devices may automatically connect to 4G or slower networks to save battery life. Selecting 5G by hand can make sure you’re on the fastest network available.

Optimize Signal Strength: Position your tablet in places with strong 5G signals to get the best signal strength. Stay away from places where interference or obstructions are known to cause poor connection quality.

Choosing the Right 5G Tablet for Your Needs

The 5G tablet that is best suited to your needs and preferences will be determined by the requirements and preferences you have. When choosing a tablet with 5G connectivity, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, including the following:

Screen Size and Quality of the Display: Choose the screen size that works best for you. Choose a tablet with a screen size that works for you, whether you want something smaller and easier to carry around or something bigger for watching movies and working. For the best viewing experience, you should also think about things like resolution and display technology.

Performance and Processor: Look for a tablet with a strong processor and enough RAM to do what you want to do with it. Make sure the tablet can handle the tasks you want it to do, whether they are simple like browsing the web and watching videos or more complex like playing games and doing multiple things at once.

Operating System: You can pick a tablet that runs on iOS (iPad), Android, or Windows, depending on what you’re used to and what you like. You should think about which platform fits your needs the most because each one has its own ecosystem, apps, and features.

Storage Space: Think about how much room you need for apps, media files, documents, and other files. A lot of tablets have different storage options, and some may even let you add more space with microSD cards.

Battery Life: If you’re going to be using your tablet a lot during the day and won’t have access to a charger often, look for one with a long battery life. To get an idea of how durable the tablet is, read reviews from other users and look at how long the manufacturer says the battery will last.


Does LTE tablet need a SIM card?

SIM is unnecessary for Wi-Fi only. Wi-Fi + LTE supports mobile voice calls, which require a SIM or virtual SIM.

What SIM card does a tablet use?

Most new phones have nano SIM card slots, but some older tablets use micro SIM cards.

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