Best 8K Projectors 2024: for an Immersive Viewing Experience

8K pixel shifting projectors with native 4K imagers will be the first widely available models that can accept 8K signals and display 8K resolution on screen.

Thanks to the best 8K Projectors, the quest for picture-perfect home entertainment has reached a whole new level. When it comes to picture quality, these cutting-edge marvels set new standards. They promise an immersive movie theatre experience in your own home. For many, the phrase best 8K Projectors means the clearest, sharpest, most colourful images ever seen.

These projectors take movie nights and gaming sessions to a whole new level. Amazingly, these projectors have an 8K resolution, which is four times higher than the pixel density of 4K projectors. This makes sure that every frame is a beautiful work of art.

There are many choices on the market, and they are all trying to be the best visual support. Using features like high dynamic range (HDR), advanced colour gamuts, and dynamic contrast ratios, manufacturers are pushing the limits of what is possible. These include both big names in the industry and small companies that are just starting out. Below, we have mentioned the best 8K Projectors.

Importance of 8K Projectors

8k projectors have a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is four times that of 4K and gives images a level of detail that has never been seen before. With this higher resolution, images are very clear and true to life, which makes them useful for home theatres, professional presentations, and virtual reality games. For picky users who want the best visuals, 8K projectors offer a more immersive and cinematic experience. Their importance, on the other hand, depends on the content being shown and the person’s needs and preferences.

Best 8K Projectors Comparison Table

The 8K projector’s 7680×4320 pixel resolution produces sharp, detailed images. Home theatres and professional presentations benefit from its advanced technology’s vibrant colours, high contrast, and deep blacks. Clear and realistic content is displayed in the immersive display.

FeatureBBianLyy ProjectorSainellor Digital FocusOptoma GT5600BenQ TK800ViewSonic LS810
Brightness4500 lumens2500 lumens4500 lumens3200 lumens3500 lumens
Contrast ratio10000:110000:115000:115000:130000:1
Lamp life50000 hours50000 hours30000 hours15000 hours30000 hours
Throw ratio0.4:10.37:10.49:10.37:10.49:1
Screen size40-200 inches40-200 inches40-200 inches40-300 inches40-300 inches

BBianLyy Projector

Best 8K Projectors
Product Dimensions‎8 x 7 x 3 inches
Special FeatureWiFi 5G+2.4G/Bluetooth 5.2 /4K Native/ 8K Support/300″ Large Screen/ 士45°Keystone Correction/35%-100% Zoom Function /Wide Compatibility/
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Item Weight‎3.83 pounds
Check Price

The BBianLyy projector supports 8K, has enhanced colour contrast, and is Bluetooth-enabled. Its diffuse eye protection light sources and high-refraction multi-layer glass lenses maximise eye comfort. An immersive home theatre experience is possible with its 35-300″ projection size and zoom function. Dual-band WiFi (2.4G/5G) keeps the projector connected and compatible with iOS and Android systems for wireless streaming. Still, it is one of the best 8K Projectors that you can consider.


  • Affordable option for basic projector needs.
  • Portable and compact design for easy setup.
  • Suitable for small-scale home entertainment.


  • Limited features and specifications compared to higher-end projectors.
  • May not provide the same level of image quality and brightness.

Sainellor Digital Focus

Best 8K Projectors
Product Dimensions‎8 x 10 x 5 inches
Special FeatureDigital Keystone Correction, HDMI, USB, Audio,
Connectivity TechnologyAndroid 12.0 Bluetooth HDMI IR USB Wi-Fi Audio
Item Weight‎3.49 pounds
Check Price

There are a lot of features on the Sainellor 4K Projector that make it great for movie nights and presentations on the go. With a native 1080p resolution and support for both 4K and 8K decoding, this TV is ready for the future. It also runs on the latest Android 12.0 TV system, which makes streaming and using apps easy. Overall, it is one of the best 8K Projectors that you can consider.


  • Digital focus feature for convenient image adjustment.
  • Compact design for portability and easy installation.
  • Budget-friendly option for basic projection needs.


  • Limited resolution and brightness compared to premium models.
  • May not have advanced features for home theater enthusiasts.

Optoma GT5600

Best 8K Projectors
Product Dimensions15 x 13.5 x 3.8 inches
Special FeaturePC-free USB image viewer and office document reader, Instant large screen entertainment from inches away
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, USB
Item Weight8.7 pounds
Check Price

When Optoma designed and made the Best 8k Projector for you, it not only gave you a clear picture and crisp image, but it also saved you money. These projectors are really cool, and they use cutting edge technology to show images in high definition. Optoma’s Best 8k Projector has two screens, which means it gives you better images than other models in the same price range. This is the best 8K Projectors that you can consider.


  • Short-throw design for large projections in small spaces.
  • Full HD resolution for crisp and detailed images.
  • Suitable for gaming and home theater setups.


  • Higher price point compared to some entry-level projectors.
  • Limited portability due to its specific design.

BenQ TK800

Best 8K Projectors
Product Dimensions10.71 x 13.9 x 5.31 inches
Special FeaturePortable
Connectivity TechnologyHDMI
Item Weight9.24 pounds
Check Price

The BenQ TK 800 may be the most popular home theatre projector on the market right now. The technology is very advanced, and it has a lot of great features that a typical person can’t miss. It comes with a Auto brightness setting that changes the brightness automatically based on the amount of light in the room. Overall, this is one of the best 8K Projectors.


  • 4K UHD resolution for high-quality visuals.
  • Brightness and color accuracy suitable for home entertainment.
  • Low input lag, making it suitable for gaming.


  • Higher price compared to 1080p projectors.
  • Limited lens shift and zoom compared to more expensive models.

ViewSonic LS810

Best 8K Projectors
Product Dimensions15.43 x 20 x 6.5 inches
Special FeatureUltra Short Throw, Short Throw
Connectivity TechnologyUSB, HDMI
Item Weight22 pounds
Check Price

People think that the Viewsonic LS810 is the best projector on the market right now. The well-known company Viewsonic makes this projector. It is of high quality and has lots of cool features that will make watching your favourite videos a lot of fun. It might be a bit more expensive than other products in the same category, but once you see how well it works, you’ll see that the extra money was well spent. Currently, this is one of the best 8K Projectors.


  • Ultra-short throw design for large images in confined spaces.
  • Full HD resolution with good brightness levels.
  • Suitable for business presentations and home theater.


  • Higher price point compared to standard throw projectors.
  • May have a larger footprint due to its design.

Benefits of Upgrading to an 8K Projector

Upgrading to an 8K projector can be helpful in many ways, especially if you want a great visual experience. Here are some possible benefits:

Higher Resolution: The main benefit of an 8K projector is that it has a much higher resolution than models with lower resolution. EightK resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels) has sixteen times as many pixels as Full HD (1920 x 1080) and four times as many pixels as 4K (3840 x 2160). This means that images are very clear and full of details.

More Clear Images: An 8K projector’s higher pixel density makes images more clear, which makes it perfect for bigger screens. This can be especially helpful for home theatres or business settings that need a bigger screen without lowering the quality of the image.

Larger Screen: With an 8K projector, you can have a bigger screen without losing quality. If you have a room set aside just for a home theatre or presentation, an 8K projector can give you a better viewing experience on bigger screens.

Making plans for the future: As technology gets better, more 8K content is being made by content creators. By upgrading to an 8K projector, you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy all future high-resolution content.

Better Detail in Games: An 8K projector can give gamers a more immersive experience with graphics that are more accurate. Still, keep in mind that an 8K gaming system would need to be very strong to handle the rules of the game.

How to choose the best 8K Projectors for your needs

There are many things you need to think about carefully in order to choose the best 8K projector for your needs. Here are some important things to remember:

Resolution: The resolution is the main reason to get an 8K projector. For the clearest and most detailed images, make sure the projector has a true 8K resolution of 76880 x 4320 pixels.

How bright: Take a look at the projector’s brightness, which is shown in lumens. For bigger screens or rooms with lots of natural light, you need a higher brightness. A brightness of about 2,000 to 3,000 lumens might be enough for home theatres.

Contrast Ratio: A higher contrast ratio makes it easier to tell the difference between light and dark parts of an image, which makes the picture look more vivid and real. Find a projector that has a high contrast ratio out of the box.

Accuracy of Colour: Colour accuracy is very important for a good viewing experience. Make sure the projector works with wide colour gamuts, like DCI-P3, so the colours are more accurate and bright.

Support for HDR: There is more contrast and colour range in an image when High Dynamic Range (HDR) is used. Make sure the 8K projector works with HDR formats like HLG, HDR10, or Dolby Vision.


What is 4K vs 8K projector?

8K will follow 4K, and 16K is coming. At 1920 x 1080, 8K UHD has sixteen times more pixels than Full HD and twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4K UHD.

Can a human eye see 8K?

Yes, 4K and 8K resolution are fully visible to humans. Human eyes struggle to compare the two.

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