Best Accounting Software for Mac

Accounting software is a computer program that assists accountants and auditors in recording and reporting a company's financial transactions. The functionality of accounting software differs from product to product.

The best Accounting Software for Mac won’t merely be updated PC program. It must be made with Mac users in mind when being designed. If you’re an Apple user, all you want is fantastic software, but you’re typically forced to use a subpar Mac version that was created for PCs instead. Because of the greater number of Windows 11 users, most software developers tend to priorities Windows performance, which is one of the main reasons Mac users have a difficult time finding accounting software that is specifically crafted for Apple computers. Software designed with a specific operating system in mind, in this case Windows, may not operate as effectively on devices running other operating systems, like Apple products.

Because Apple goods are well-made and simple to use, MacBook users love them; your small business accounting system should have the same advantages. Although uncommon, it is possible to get accounting software that is designed only for Macs. Due to the fact that PCs are generally much more popular than Macs, software developers typically have a PC-first mentality. Although there is accounting software designed specifically for Macs, Mac users that are open to online accounting software solutions will have more options. Below we have mentioned some of the best accounting software for Mac.

8 Best Accounting Software for Mac


A cloud-based invoicing platform designed specifically for restaurants is called MarginEdge. The software integrates seamlessly into your current software stack since it offers point-of-sale (POS) and accounting connection with 45 of the most popular software products available today. The software excels in accelerating the daily food cost calculation, ensuring the restaurant’s financial health at all times. Find out if the well-liked restaurant inventory and invoicing system MarginEdge is a good fit for your food service company by reading our in-depth review. This is one of the best accounting software for Mac.

For restaurants, MarginEdge is auxiliary software that helps you better manage expenditures, keep an eye on your inventory, and understand the specifics of your profit and loss (P&L) statement. The software is only for restaurants and related businesses. Your sales, order invoices, vendors, labour, and financial performance may all be seen in a clear-cut manner. To ensure that you always have the supplies you require, it is also simple to input vendor invoices and pay them from a mobile device. MarginEdge doesn’t have any different price tiers.


It comes as no surprise that the leading accounting software is compatible with Mac OS X. Since at least the middle of the 1990s, QuickBooks has even offered a desktop-only alternative for Macs, making the company somewhat of a pioneer for cross-platform capability.

All of QuickBooks’ cloud-based services are now compatible with Apple devices, and Intuit still provides a desktop version for Mac users. Regardless of whether your staff uses Macs, PCs, or cellphones, you can be confident that everyone can use QuickBooks together because it is available on almost every platform. This is the best accounting software for Mac.


Both FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online are our top invoicing program, and both have sophisticated invoicing systems. It allows you to create and alter invoices, select your chosen currency, and send invoices using a smartphones, much like QuickBooks Online. However, because FreshBooks can compare predicted prices versus actual expenditures something QuickBooks Online can’t do we advise it for project-based businesses. Its time-tracking and project management software are integrated, and its invoicing feature enables you to generate invoices directly from time entries. For now, this is one of the best accounting software for Mac.

FreshBooks’ main feature is project accounting, which makes it ideal for freelancers and small enterprises with a focus on projects. You may manage workflows, set project estimates, create timetables, and compare actual and projected expenditures. More features than just limitless invoicing are available with FreshBooks. Invoices can be made more distinctive by including a logo and a customized statement underneath the invoice.’

NetSuite ERP

Accounting software for small and large enterprises, NetSuite ERP is a powerful and highly scalable enterprise resource planning system. Billing, inventory and order management, fixed assets, and financial administration are all effectively automated by the solution. Key performance reports can also be viewed by management as well as personnel on the rank and file. The platform seamlessly connects with other NetSuite applications, such as those for order management, inventory, and e-commerce.

The software’s comprehensive inventory management capability can give you an effective supply chain. Real-time inventory, procurement, and supplier indicators are all included in this. To understand more about the features of NetSuite ERP, make use of the free trial. The program assists you in precisely managing expenses, income, and financial disclosure for your accounting requirements. You may compute and generate financial statements for product and service sales using its revenue recognition management tool. Currently, this is the best accounting software for Mac you can check now.


Patriot is one of the best accounting software for Mac that will completely comprehend your financing requirements because it was developed with input from accountants and business owners just like you. All of your vendors may be quickly added to a single database where you can track their invoices, approve payments, and generate paychecks. Additionally, there won’t be any room for disagreements because it will maintain an automated log of every transaction.

If your business employs independent contractors, you must fill out forms 1099 and 1096 to report information about income sources other salary and tips and to list the payments made to those independent contractors, respectively. Patriot allows you to track as many of these papers as you need to in order to avoid getting into issue with the IRS.


To manage your finances while on the go, there are mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Additionally, Xero makes use of Touch ID from Apple to further enhance data security. Although many Mac users prefer specialised Apple software, Xero concedes that it can be challenging to offer the same functions to both Windows and Mac customers with distinct options. As a result, their web-based solution is cross-platform compatible, primarily to prevent workarounds and to make data sharing for PC users easier. This is the of the best accounting software for Mac.


Accounting, inventory management, order management, tax management, and other software-as-a-service features are among the best accounting software for Mac offered by NetSuite. However, you can always add more Mac-compatible modules as your small business develops and your needs change.

Payroll, HR, performance management, SuiteCommerce, demand forecasting, manufacturing, fixed asset management, and contract renewals are just a few of the numerous modules you can select from. Additionally, there are built-in reporting features that make it simple to update others on your situation and progress. If you like this app you can download it from official App Store.


You might wish to give Sunrise a try if you’re looking for a free solution that provides necessary accounting functionality. Sunrise is our best accounting software for Mac because of its vast variety of free accounting functions, despite the fact that its Free Self Service plan can only accommodate a single user. The only things lacking are automatic transaction classification, payment discounts, and connectors, but it still allows you to make and send invoices and manage income and expenses.

The majority of Sunrise’s accounting and invoicing functions are available without any additional costs or advertisements. For freelancers and solopreneurs who need to submit invoices and keep track of their earnings and costs, this makes it ideal. The billing feature of Sunrise is its strongest. You can use it to create recurring invoices, gather and track sales tax by jurisdiction, and allow customers to make quick payments.


The easiest to best accounting software for Mac that has the features you require at a price you can afford is the ideal option for your company. You can select among high-end accounting packages like QuickBooks Online, Zoho Books, and FreshBooks if money isn’t an issue and you require a full accounting software application. QuickBooks for Mac is a wonderful option if you prefer to use your desktop computer without an internet connection. Sunrise can assist you manage your invoice and income and cost monitoring demands if you’re a sole proprietor or are just starting a business.

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