Best Accounting Software in February 2024: financial management

Accounting software is a computer program that enables the electronic and often automated recording, tracking and reporting of an organization's financial transactions and accounts.

The best accounting software is made to help businesses keep track of their money by keeping track of transactions, expenses, income, and cash flows. Account payables and receivables, journal entries, ledgers, and financial statements are all automated by these services. They are used by different organisations for accounting and finance, HR, payroll processing, annuities, investments, and budget forecasting.

Accounting software keeps track of a business’s finances and helps it make investment decisions by analysing those finances. This software works with ERP systems, financial services software, billing software, and software for making budgets. It also has features that are specific to certain industries, such as project accounting, AP automation for professional service firms, and cost and fund accounting for non-profits.

Accounting software helps keep track of current finances and look at how cash is handled and how income is distributed. Accounting software lets you keep track of invoices, bills, account payables, retained earnings, taxes and making sure they are paid, cash flows, paying off debt, amortisation, and depreciation. Along with that, it can share information with software used for processing payments or in core banks. Below, we have mentioned the best Accounting software.

Importance of Choosing the Right Accounting Software

Businesses of all sizes need to make sure they have the right accounting software. Accounting software that works well can speed up and improve accuracy, save time, and give a company valuable information about its financial health. Here are a few important reasons why it’s important to choose the right accounting software:

Accuracy and fewer mistakes: Reliable accounting software cuts down on the mistakes that can happen when finances are managed by hand. This helps keep accurate records of transactions, balances, and financial statements, which is important for meeting regulations and making decisions.

Automation of repetitive tasks like data entry, putting transactions into groups, and making reports saves business owners and finance professionals a lot of time. This lets them focus on activities that are more strategic and add more value.

Financial Reporting: Good accounting software can make a variety of financial reports, such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and tax reports. Having access to these reports helps you understand how the business is doing financially and makes it easier to make smart decisions.

Scalability: As a business grows, its finances get more complicated. When needed, the right accounting software can handle more transactions, more users, and the addition of more advanced features.

Best Accounting Software Comparison Table

The table below shows the best accounting software’s most important features and how well they work. It shows how easy they are to use, how well they can be automated, how scalable they are, how good their customer service is, and how much they cost. This helps users choose the best solution for their business’s financial management needs.

FeatureFreshBooksQuickBooksXeroZoho BooksWave
Expense TrackingYesYesYesYesYes
Bank ReconciliationYesYesYesYesYes
Time TrackingYesYesYesYesNo
Integration with AppsLimitedExtensiveExtensiveLimitedLimited
Mobile AppYesYesYesYesYes


Best Accounting Software


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Invoicing and payment processing.
  • Expense tracking and management.
  • Time tracking for billing purposes.
  • Project management capabilities.
  • Reporting and financial statements.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access.

The best invoicing software is FreshBooks. The program enables you to create professional-looking invoices that are consistent with your brand and track the progress of invoices so that you are aware of when consumers got their bills and when their outstanding balances are due. Additionally, it makes it possible for customers to pay you directly from their invoices online. The FreshBooks dashboard is easy to use and comes with options for creating proposals that you can email to potential clients, time and expense monitoring, and project management features. This is the most popular Accounting Software.

You are organized and ready for tax season thanks to the double-entry accounting system. You can give other users access to certain features and grant permission to specific persons if you want accountants to have access to your dashboard, reports, invoices, and expenses. If you have workers, you can offer them access to your projects and let them keep track of their time and extra costs. FreshBooks has over 100 partners, so you can connect with other business applications and add a tone of functionality.

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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Strong invoicing and time tracking features.
  • Good for small businesses and freelancers.


  • Limited features for larger businesses.
  • Pricing can be higher compared to other options.
  • Limited inventory management capabilities.


Best Accounting Software


  • Comprehensive financial management.
  • Invoicing and expense tracking.
  • Payroll processing and tax management.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Integration with third-party apps.
  • Customizable reports and charts.
  • Multiple user access levels.

One of the most popular accounting program used by small businesses and their bookkeeping and tax specialists is Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. The cloud-based software can be accessed through a web browser or a mobile app. Simple Start is $25 per month, Essentials $50 per month, Plus $80 per month, and Advanced $180 per month. These four membership tiers are available after the 30-day free trial.

For the first several months, a sizable reduction is typically provided, and some accountants are also able to provide small businesses with wholesale prices. This is the best Accounting Software you can suggest you friends.

The software’s monthly subscription can be increased as a company expands, and the mobile app’s numerous customization possibilities can be used to accept payments, check reports, scan receipts, and track business mileage. QuickBooks Payroll fully connects with QuickBooks Online for companies searching for a payroll solution.


  • Industry leader with a wide range of features.
  • Scalable for various business sizes.
  • Integrates with many third-party apps and services.


  • Steeper learning curve for some users.
  • Pricing tiers can get expensive for advanced features.
  • Customer support might not always meet expectations.


Best Accounting Software


  • Cloud-based accounting.
  • Real-time financial data.
  • Invoicing and payment processing.
  • Expense tracking and management.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Third-party app integrations.

Founded in New Zealand in 2006, Xero today has more than 3 million subscribers globally. In Australia, the UK, and New Zealand, this accounting programme is well-liked. Over 4,000 people work for Xero, and the company is expanding quickly here as well. Overall, this is one of the best Accounting Software.

Three monthly membership plans from Xero are available, together with a full-service payroll add-on: At first, it cost $12 per month, then it grew to $34 and finally, it cost $65 per month. Gusto provides the full-service payroll option, which costs an additional $39 per month + $6 for each employee. The business provides a 30-day risk-free trial.

Only 20 invoices or quotes and five bills may be entered monthly under the Early plan, which has use restrictions. This restricted plan can be appropriate for a small service provider or consulting firm that performs a select number of high-ticket monthly transactions. Unlimited invoices and bills are available for both the Growing and Established programmes. The Established plan contains extra capabilities including multi-currency, spending management, and project costing, which is the only distinction between the two.


  • Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.
  • Strong accounting and reporting features.
  • Good integration options with third-party apps.


  • Some users find the interface less intuitive.
  • Limited customer support for lower-tier plans.
  • May not be as suitable for very small businesses.

Zoho Books

Best Accounting Software


  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Invoicing and expense tracking.
  • Bank reconciliation and transaction categorization.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Project and time tracking.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Collaboration tools for accountants and clients.

The greatest accounting programme for users of microbusinesses is Zoho Books. Some accounting software applications are not suitable for freelancers, independent contractors, sole proprietors, consultants, home-based business owners, those running e-commerce websites, or firms with fewer than 10 employees. The program could be too difficult, overly powerful, and unduly expensive. With Zoho Books, not so. For now, this is one of the best Accounting Software.

It functions well for companies with simple accounting and invoicing requirements, and the inexpensive cost appeals to business owners on a tight budget. Zoho Books can be scaled, too. Use the features that let you upgrade and interface with other business program when your small business grows into a larger operation. It also comes with a mobile app so you can stay on top of accounting responsibilities while you’re out and about.


  • Part of the larger Zoho suite of business tools.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • User-friendly interface with good invoicing features.


  • Advanced features may be lacking for complex businesses.
  • Integration options are not as extensive as some competitors.
  • Reporting capabilities could be more robust.



  • Free accounting software.
  • Invoicing and payment processing.
  • Expense tracking and management.
  • Personal and business finance tracking.
  • Receipt scanning with mobile app.
  • Third-party app integrations.
  • Payroll services (additional cost).

Unless you require payroll and payments, which you do need and must pay for, Wave is one of only two small business accounting services that you may use for free. Wave is particularly adept at invoicing and transaction management and adheres to accepted accounting principles. It’s one of the most streamlined, comprehensible business services out there. It includes a thoughtful selection of features for extremely small enterprises and supports different currencies.

However, it lacks a specialized time-tracking tool, extensive mobile access, and inventory management. Wave is for freelancers and sole proprietors who require an online accounting service and may wish some flexibility to expand. It may be a good choice for small enterprises with a few employees because it supports double-entry bookkeeping and integrated payroll. This is one of the best Accounting Software.


  • Completely free accounting software.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Suitable for freelancers and very small businesses.


  • Lacks some advanced features found in paid software.
  • Limited customer support options.
  • Might not scale well for growing businesses.


Best Accounting Software


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Invoicing and expense management.
  • Bank feeds and reconciliation.
  • Financial reports.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Integrations with popular business tools.

Sunrise is free to use, similar to Wave, unless you want to add payroll (managed by Gusto) and payments. Additionally, it supports multiple currencies. It allows the import of transactions from financial institutions as well as contact records, product records, invoices, recurring invoices, quotes, estimations, and expenses. Sunrise has a fantastic layout and is simple to use. It has some rather advanced capabilities, such as transaction histories, multi-entity sales tax, and a cash flow page, but its features are not as well developed as those of the finest websites in this area.

Sunrise may be a fantastic option for independent contractors and business owners that need to keep track of their earnings and spending as well as create and manage their invoices. Small firms that require double-entry accounting and who might collaborate with an accountant on projects like reporting and taxes may find it appealing as well. However, prospective users would be forced to forgo resources like time and project tracking, comprehensive contact and product records, inventory management, rich reports, and complete mobile access. Currently, this is one of the best Accounting Software.


  • User-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Strong invoicing and expense tracking features.
  • Good for freelancers and small businesses.


  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • Not as comprehensive for larger or more complex businesses.
  • Lack of more advanced accounting features.


Best Accounting Software


  • Project accounting and management.
  • Time and expense tracking.
  • Invoicing and billing.
  • Financial reporting and analytics.
  • Resource management.
  • Integration with other BQE software.

BQE CORE is an all-in-one practise management solution that enables businesses to control every aspect of their operations, including project management, project accounting, time & expense management, time tracking, billing & invoicing, project-based ERP, professional services automation, and much more. It was designed for and built by Architects, Engineers, and Professional Service Practices. Running your business is made simpler and more successful with BQE CORE.

It streamlines tedious chores, organizes data, and frees up time for your company to focus more on serving clients rather than running internal operations. To satisfy the unique requirements of professional services firms, it was constructed by architects, engineers, and certified public accountants. By accelerating the billing process and enhancing project management and performance analysis, it aids businesses in boosting their cash flow.

BQE CORE uses cutting-edge technology to give actionable business intelligence and award-winning artificial intelligence, including speech recognition and natural language processing. Accounting, architectural businesses, engineering, legal services, and many other industries are supported by BQE CORE. All features of BQE CORE are accessible from any browser or mobile device. iPhone and Android phones and tablets support the native mobile app. Overall, this is one of the best Accounting Software.


  • Focus on project-based businesses with time and expense tracking.
  • Robust reporting and analytics.
  • Good for firms in architecture, engineering, and similar industries.


  • Higher pricing compared to some other options.
  • Features might be overwhelming for very small businesses.
  • Learning curve for those not in project-based industries.


Best Accounting Software


  • Self-employed and small business accounting.
  • Invoicing and expense tracking.
  • Project and time tracking.
  • Tax calculation and estimates.
  • Bank feeds and reconciliation.
  • Financial reports and statements.
  • Personal and business finance management.

FreeAgent is an online accounting programme that has won numerous awards and was created especially to fulfil the needs of small businesses, independent contractors, and their accountants. It assists businesses with handling their daily administrative tasks, including expenditure management, fully RTI-compliant payroll, and the creation and distribution of attractive estimates and invoices. Additionally, it enables businesses to monitor their cash flow and profitability by displaying who and how much money is owed to them.

FreeAgent also provides the capability to quickly file VAT, RTI PAYE, and – for sole proprietors and limited company directors – Self Assessment tax returns directly to HMRC. It also has a customized “Tax Timeline” showing approaching deadlines and amounts due. To handle their business finances simply, without complicated accounting jargon, and with a team of helpful support accountants on hand to assist them remain on track, almost 100,000 customers currently use FreeAgent. For now, this is one of the best Accounting Software you can consider.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Good for freelancers, consultants, and small businesses.
  • Strong tax features and automation.


  • Limited scalability for larger businesses.
  • Some features may be UK-centric.
  • Integrations not as extensive as other options.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Best Accounting Software


  • Financial management for small businesses.
  • Invoicing and payment processing.
  • Expense tracking and bank reconciliation.
  • Inventory management.
  • Tax calculation and reporting.
  • Multi-user collaboration.
  • Integration with other Sage products.

Micro-businesses can consider Sage Business Cloud Accounting since it provides a wide range of features and integrations while yet being reasonably priced. The software’s fundamental capabilities, like as invoice preparation, automatic bank reconciliation, and the ability to keep track of what is owed, are included with the $10 per month Sage Accounting Start plan. Its Sage Accounting plan ordinarily costs $25 per month, but the first six months are discounted by 70%, bringing the cost down to $7.50.

This offers free use for the first three months, unlimited users, quotes, estimations, cash flow projections, management of purchase invoices, and automatic receipt posting. Microbusinesses and startups who require accounting software with minimal functionality at a reasonable price can choose Sage Business Cloud Accounting. This is one of the best Accounting Software.


  • Offers various packages to cater to different business sizes.
  • Strong reporting and compliance features.
  • Good for businesses with complex accounting needs.


  • User interface might feel outdated to some.
  • Can be pricier compared to other options.
  • Customer support might not always meet expectations.

Tips for Successful Implementation and Onboarding

Choosing the right accounting software for your business is important if you want to keep track of your finances in a good way. Here are some of the most important things to think about when picking out accounting software:

Needs of the business and size: Think about the needs of your business. Are you a small business, a medium-sized business, or a big business? The features and level of complexity of the software should fit the size and needs of your business.

What it looks like and how it works: Make a list of the most important features you need, such as billing, tracking expenses, financial reporting, processing payroll, and managing taxes. Make sure that the software has these features and any others you may need.

Ability to grow: Choose software that your business can grow with. You don’t want to switch accounting systems often as your business grows. Make sure the software can handle more users and more data.

How easy it is to use: The software should have an interface that is easy to understand and use. Your employees should be able to learn how to use it quickly and without a lot of training.

Connecting to other systems: If you use other software for things like customer relationship management (CRM) or inventory management, make sure that your accounting software can work with these tools. This makes things run more smoothly and reduces the amount of manual data entry.


What accounting software do Fortune 500 companies use?

The table below shows the best accounting software’s most important features and how well they work. It shows how easy they are to use, how well they can be automated, how scalable they are, how good their customer service is, and how much they cost. This helps users choose the best solution for their business’s financial management needs.

What software does accounting firm use?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is accounting software for small businesses. It gives users real-time access to information about customers, employees, and vendors. The software has tools for managing inventory, shipping, sales orders, pricing, tasks, invoicing, reporting, and more.

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