Best AlienTube Alternatives 2024: for enhanced online discussions

Discover alternative extensions for a seamless Reddit experience with these AlienTube alternatives that effortlessly improve comment visibility and engagement.

People are looking for platforms other than AlienTube that offer unique features and functions to improve online discussions and get more people involved in their communities. The best AlienTube Alternatives offer a wide range of choices to meet the needs and preferences of different people.

These alternatives focus on making it easy to connect to popular platforms for sharing content while also providing better user experiences. Discuss, Disqus, and Commento are some of the most well-known platforms that could be used instead of AlienTube. Discuss makes conversations more dynamic by adding discussion threads directly to websites, which encourages people to interact with each other.

Why Seek Alternatives to AlienTube?

It might be necessary to look for alternatives to AlienTube if it stops working or if its features change. AlienTube was an add-on for your browser that changed the comments on YouTube to Reddit discussions about the videos.

But if the extension isn’t supported anymore or if users want different features or integrations, they can look into other ways to watch or talk about videos, like browser extensions, stand-alone apps, or platforms that offer similar features and ways to interact with the content.

Best AlienTube Alternatives Comparison Table

When looking at alternatives to AlienTube, it’s important to think about things like the user interface, how well it works with other platforms, and how active the community is. Some popular choices, like Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES), Suite for YouTube, and Alien Companion, take different approaches to meet the needs of all kinds of users and make the whole experience of watching online content better.

FeatureNewPipeSponsorBlockFreetubeDark ReaderGhostery
PlatformAndroidBrowser ExtensionDesktopBrowser ExtensionBrowser Extension
Open SourceYesYesYesYesPartial (Some aspects)
Ad BlockingLimited (YouTube)NoNoNoYes
Video PlaybackYesYesYesNoNo
Content BlockingNoYesNoNoYes


Best AlienTube Alternatives


  • Open-source YouTube client for Android.
  • Allows users to watch YouTube videos without ads.
  • Provides background playback and popup player features.
  • Supports downloading videos and audio files.

NewPipe is a flexible alternative to AlienTube that lets users browse and stream YouTube videos without any problems. Because NewPipe is open source and doesn’t have any ads on its interface, it gives users more privacy and customization options. This means that users can watch videos without annoying ads or being tracked, which makes the environment more user-centered. Still, it is one of the best AlienTube Alternatives that you can consider.

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  • Open-source YouTube client with ad-blocking features.
  • Allows for background playback and downloading videos.
  • Lightweight and privacy-focused alternative to the official YouTube app.


  • Some advanced features may require technical knowledge to use.
  • Not available on official app stores, requiring manual installation.


Best AlienTube Alternatives


  • Community-driven browser extension and service.
  • Skips sponsored segments in YouTube videos.
  • Users can contribute by submitting and verifying sponsor segments.
  • Available for various web browsers including Chrome and Firefox.

SponsorBlock is a nice change from AlienTube because it lets users skip over sponsored parts of YouTube videos. With its community-driven approach, users work together to add timestamps that let them skip ads, sponsorships, and content that is repeated. This new tool improves viewing experiences by making it easier to find interesting and relevant video content. Overall, it is one of the best AlienTube Alternatives that you can consider.


  • Community-driven extension for skipping sponsored segments in YouTube videos.
  • Allows users to contribute and moderate sponsored content.
  • Helps improve viewing experience by skipping repetitive or irrelevant ads.


  • Relies on user contributions, which may lead to occasional inaccuracies.
  • Limited availability on platforms outside of browser extensions.


Best AlienTube Alternatives


  • Open-source YouTube alternative.
  • Allows users to watch YouTube videos without ads and tracking.
  • Supports subscriptions and playlist management.
  • Provides a privacy-focused experience.

Freetube is a lively alternative to AlienTube that lets people watch and interact with online videos without being centralized. With a focus on freedom and privacy, Freetube frees users from being tracked and annoying ads. It supports open-source ideas and creates a community-driven space where different kinds of content can grow without any interference from big businesses. This is the best AlienTube Alternatives that you can consider.


  • Open-source YouTube alternative focused on privacy and freedom.
  • Blocks ads and trackers to enhance user privacy.
  • Allows for viewing YouTube content without a Google account.


  • Limited features compared to the official YouTube app or website.
  • Video playback may not be as smooth as on the official platform.

Dark Reader

Best AlienTube Alternatives


  • Browser extension for enabling dark mode on websites.
  • Inverts website colors for reduced eye strain in low-light environments.
  • Customizable settings for adjusting brightness, contrast, and more.
  • Supports various web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Dark Reader is a flexible browser add-on that lets you browse in a different way, like AlienTube. It turns web pages into dark themes that are easier on the eyes and faster to read. With settings that can be changed, it improves browsing by giving users on all platforms a visually pleasing experience, making the online journey more immersive. Overall, this is one of the best AlienTube Alternatives.


  • Browser extension that enables dark mode for websites.
  • Reduces eye strain and saves battery life on OLED screens.
  • Customizable settings for adjusting contrast and brightness.


  • Some websites may not display correctly in dark mode.
  • May cause occasional compatibility issues with certain web elements.


Best AlienTube Alternatives


  • Browser extension for privacy and ad blocking.
  • Blocks ads, trackers, and other online tracking technologies.
  • Provides detailed insights into tracking activity on websites.
  • Offers customizable settings for enhanced privacy protection.

Ghostery is an alternative to AlienTube that lets users browse the web safely and privately. It gives people the power to control and block trackers, which makes browsing more anonymous. It’s a great alternative to AlienTube because Ghostery has strong features that protect users’ online activities and keep them safe from invasive tracking systems. Currently, this is one of the best AlienTube Alternatives.


  • Browser extension for blocking ads, trackers, and web analytics scripts.
  • Helps improve browsing speed and privacy by blocking unwanted content.
  • Offers detailed insights into the trackers and scripts running on visited websites.


  • Some websites may experience functionality issues when trackers are blocked.
  • Advanced features may require a premium subscription.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of AlienTube Alternatives

AlienTube gave people a new way to interact with content by combining Reddit comments with YouTube videos. There is no longer an AlienTube, but there are other services that can improve your experience with Reddit comments and YouTube videos. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of AlienTube alternatives:

Choose an Appropriate Alternative: Look into alternatives such as Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES), which adds Reddit comments directly to the YouTube interface. As alternatives, you could use browser add-ons like Magic Actions for YouTube or third-party apps that do the same thing.

Install Browser Add-Ons: Browser add-ons are a great way to get many alternatives to AlienTube. You can easily combine Reddit comments with YouTube videos by adding the extension that works with your browser.

Change Settings: Once the extension is installed, you can change its settings to make it work best for you. Depending on what you want, you may be able to change the display settings, the filtering settings, or the integration settings.

Check Out Other Features: Some alternatives may have more features than just integrating Reddit comments. Take a look at these features to get more out of watching YouTube. This could include a dark mode, controls for the speed of playback, or ways to download videos.

Stay Up-to-Date: Make sure that the alternative you choose is always up-to-date so that it works with the latest changes to YouTube and Reddit. The extension may also get new features or improvements through regular updates.

How to Choose the Best AlienTube Alternative for Your Needs

AlienTube was an add-on for the Chrome browser that combined Reddit comments with YouTube videos, making it easy to see conversations about videos. When looking for an alternative to AlienTube, think about the following things to find the best fit for your needs:

Compatibility: Make sure that the alternative works with the web browser you like best, like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Pick an extension or add-on that works with the browser you use because most of them are browser-specific.

Features: Look for features that are like the ones AlienTube had. This includes seeing Reddit comments on YouTube videos, liking or disliking comments, sorting comments by date or relevance, and joining discussions on subreddits.

Screen Interface: Pick an alternative that has a screen interface that is easy to use and works well with YouTube. It should be simple to use and navigate the extension, and it should be easy to see what Reddit discussions are going on about each video.

Customization Options: Think about whether the alternative gives you the chance to change how you see Reddit comments to suit your tastes. This could include ways to filter certain kinds of comments, change how the extension looks, or change the settings for how it displays comments.

Safety and Privacy: Pay close attention to how the other extension handles privacy and security. Make sure it doesn’t collect information about users that isn’t needed and that it follows the best ways to keep users’ privacy safe while they browse.


Are There Any Open-Source Alternatives?

Open-source alternatives like Enhancer for YouTube allow community contributions and offer customizable features and Reddit integration.

Why Consider Alternatives?

Open-source alternatives like Enhancer for YouTube allow community contributions and offer customizable features and Reddit integration.

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