Best Appointment Scheduling Software 2024: streamlined booking

The best appointment scheduling software offers customers a convenient platform to book appointments over the internet while providing businesses with tools to efficiently manage and monitor their appointment schedules. This software lets businesses create, organize, and access their appointment calendars, make the forms they need, integrate payment processing options, make schedules fit their needs, and enforce scheduling policies.

Businesses can also let customers pay for their services online, make custom user profiles, and integrate their calendars in a smooth way. Adding scheduling features that are driven by AI is becoming more common in this type of software. This advanced feature looks at typical scheduling patterns and suggests good times for appointments, taking into account things like time zones, the best times to work, and everyone’s consistent availability. Below we have mentioned the best appointment scheduling software.

Key Features of Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software is a tool that helps businesses and professionals organize their appointments more efficiently. It can be used to automate tasks like making appointments, sending reminders, and keeping track of customer data. Appointment scheduling software can also be used to improve customer service by making it easier for customers to book appointments and organize their schedules.

Here are some of the most important features of appointment scheduling software:

???? Online booking: Appointment scheduling software lets customers book appointments online at any time. This can save businesses and professionals a lot of time because they won’t have to answer phone calls or emails to schedule appointments.

???? Real-time availability: Appointment scheduling software shows customers which time slots are free, so they can book appointments at times that work for them. This helps to cut down on no-shows and cancellations.

Automatic reminders: Appointment scheduling software can send automatic reminders to customers about their upcoming appointments. This helps to cut down on no-shows and make sure that customers show up on time for their appointments.

???? Calendar sync: Appointment scheduling software can sync with calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. Businesses and professionals can easily keep track of their appointments and avoid scheduling conflicts.

???? Reporting: Appointment scheduling software can make reports about appointments, such as the number of booked appointments, the number of no-shows, and the average length of appointments. This information can be used to improve the scheduling process and figure out where the business could do better.

Best Appointment Scheduling Software Comparison Table

The best software for making appointments has many different features. Calendly is easy to use and has automation features. Bookly is known for being able to work with WordPress and send text messages. Acuity Scheduling stands out because you can change it to fit your needs. Meanwhile, Doodle makes it easy for groups to make plans, and Setmore is cheap. The best choice depends on your needs, such as automation, customization, or low cost.

Tool Features10to8PloHoneyBookCalendlyAcuity SchedulingAppointlet
Appointment SchedulingYesYesYesYesYes
Calendar IntegrationYesYesYesYesYes
Booking Page CustomizationYesYesYesYesYes
Group BookingsYesYesYesYesYes
Automated RemindersYesYesYesYesYes
Payment ProcessingYes (with paid plan)YesYes (with paid plan)Yes (with paid plan)Yes (with paid plan)
Client DatabaseYesYesNoYesYes
Reporting and AnalyticsYesYesYesYesYes


Best Appointment Scheduling Software


  • Online booking for clients.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Automated reminders.
  • Customizable booking pages.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Client management tools.

10to8 is cloud-based software for scheduling and managing appointments. It saves time and reduces stress by automating the scheduling and management of appointments. Just put your hours and preferences online, and clients will be able to schedule their own appointments. Then, 10to8 helps with confirmations, reminders, keeping track of client information, and making sure that requests for customer reviews are followed up on.

You can put a link to your 10to8 scheduling page on your website, in emails, and on social media. With so many branding options, the scheduler is easy to change so that it fits with your brand. 10to8 works with business apps like Zoom and Salesforce and syncs with your calendars.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Integration with various calendars.
  • Automated reminders and notifications.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Some advanced features may require a higher-tier plan



  • Client management and communication.
  • Online booking and scheduling.
  • Invoice and payment processing.
  • Proposal and contract creation.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Task and project management.

HoneyBook is world-class scheduling software that has a strong handle on bookings, client management, and the sales and operational processes of an administrative back end. When it comes to making appointments, it’s a home run. HoneyBook’s client interface is clean and easy to use. It can be branded to look like your company’s website and syncs with your calendars to make sure scheduling is accurate and efficient.

From there, it collects information about clients, keeps track of past appointments, and stores all communications in one place that is easy to get to. You can even set up very detailed workflows to send automated reminders and instant confirmations to clients, and you can use client events to trigger internal administrative tasks.


  • Comprehensive client management tools.
  • Customizable workflows and templates.
  • Billing and invoicing features.


  • More focused on event management than pure scheduling.
  • Pricing may be on the higher side for smaller businesses.



  • Simple scheduling tool.
  • Integration with multiple calendars.
  • Customizable scheduling links.
  • Automated email confirmations.
  • Time zone detection.
  • Team scheduling options.

Calendly is meeting scheduling software that saves you time and takes care of some of your biggest scheduling problems, like figuring out who is available and when in different time zones. It works with your calendars and a lot of other popular business programs. Your Calendly link is easy to put on your website and in marketing campaigns.

You can choose from different types of meetings, set meeting preferences, send email and SMS reminders, and work with your team. Calendly lets you send automated text messages or emails when meetings are scheduled. You can also send email reminders, thank-you emails, requests for follow-up meetings, feedback surveys, and more.


  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Integrates well with various apps and platforms.
  • Free plan available.


  • Limited features in the free plan.
  • May not be suitable for complex scheduling needs.

Acuity Scheduling


  • Online appointment booking.
  • Calendar sync.
  • Customizable intake forms.
  • Payment processing.
  • Automated reminders and notifications.
  • Reporting and analytics.

Acuity is software for scheduling appointments that works well for small and medium-sized service businesses. It keeps you from having to talk back and forth about availability and time zones, which takes time and can be frustrating. Acuity syncs with other calendars and works with popular business apps like accounting, analytics, email marketing, customer relationship management, video conferencing, and more.

Other features include the ability to customize and brand your Acuity scheduler, set scheduling preferences and limits, accept payments online, get access to advanced reporting, customize different automated email reminders and follow-ups, and more. Your Acuity scheduler can be added to your website, social media accounts, and marketing emails. Acuity makes sense not only to you but also to your clients.


  • Flexible appointment types and availability settings.
  • Integrations with popular calendars.
  • Robust client management tools.


  • Pricing may be considered high for some businesses.
  • Learning curve for advanced features.



  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Calendar integration.
  • Customizable booking widgets.
  • Automated email notifications.
  • Integration with CRM tools.
  • Embeddable on websites.

Appointlet is a cloud-based scheduling system that works with other apps to make business operations run more smoothly and make it easy for customers to book appointments. People who work in human resources, run offices, or own businesses can all benefit from its easy-to-use features.

Customize intake questions to get the information you need, automate workflows by connecting to existing systems, let customers book themselves, reduce missed appointments with automated reminders, and much more. Appointlet’s prices are very reasonable. There are two levels: free and premium, which costs less than $10 per month. With both plans, you have access to a lot of helpful features that make Appointlet an important part of your day-to-day work.


  • Simple and straightforward scheduling process.
  • Integration options with popular apps.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • May lack advanced features compared to other options.
  • Limited customization.

How to Choose the Right Appointment Scheduling Software

To choose the right software for scheduling appointments for your business, you need to think about a number of things, such as:

???? Your finances: Software for making appointments can be free or cost hundreds of dollars per month. Choose software that fits your budget and has the features you need.

???? What your business: What features do you care about? Do you have to book online? Integration of the calendar? Notifications and reminders? Make payments? CRM? What are analytics and reports? Make a list of the features that are must-haves and the ones that would be nice to have. Use this list to narrow down your choices.

???? Your group’s size: If you have a small team, you may be able to get by with a simpler software. But if you have a big team that works in different places, you’ll need software that can handle the extra complexity.

???? Your clientele: How do your customers like to schedule appointments with you? Do they prefer to book online, on the phone, or in person? Choose software that makes it easy for your customers to schedule appointments in the way they prefer.

????️ Easy to use: Both you and your team should find it easy to use the software. Make sure to choose software that is easy to use and has a simple interface.


What Microsoft program is best for scheduling?

Microsoft Bookings is flexible and can be changed so that it can meet the needs of different departments, people, and types of appointments. Make and keep track of multiple Bookings calendars, each with its own setup.

Can I use Calendly for booking appointments?

Calendly is one of the online schedulers that is the easiest to use. Just make the rules for your calendar and give clients the link to your scheduling page, and they can start making appointments. They will only see when you’re free and how long and what kind of meeting you want.

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