Best Arcade Games for 2024 January: thrills and chills

digital versions of traditional arcade games that can be played over the internet

A big part of my life has been playing the best arcade games, which have given me a sense of community, fueled my competitive spirit, and given me a lot of thrills. I’d like to talk about my personal favourite games from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. These games have a special place in the history of video games. It’s easier than ever to play these old games these days, thanks to home arcade cabinets from companies like Arcade1Up and iiRcade and console ports on devices like the PC and Switch.

During their childhood, many people liked going to the local arcade to play the coolest, newest arcade games for a couple of hours. Fans of arcade games keep coming back to play because of the fun atmosphere, exciting graphics, and nostalgic feel. The newest and best arcade games are still coming out, and some of them are even being made for consoles and PC.

Absolutely we can not add the arcade into a category of the game, but it is a combination of the dissimilar category such as Sports, Action, Adventure, and many others. fundamentally, it is a mixture of all groups to search shooting to boating games to playing with multiplayer choices. Many creative and stunning games on the market have their own hype and trend among players. Below we have mentioned some of the best Arcade Games.

Best Arcade Games

Forza Street

Best Arcade Games

Forza Street features many elements, such as news anchors (not the jarring ones), secret patrons ready to help, and even some cryptocurrencies. So far so good. But some problems emerge in the gameplay. The controls are very basic and the “skill” in the game itself is minimal. Driving, braking, pressing on the gas pedal are very amateurish and have nothing to do with Forza.

Races last less than a minute, and you learn to control the car fairly quickly. Those who have never played car games may find it interesting because it is easy on the eyes and easy to play. However, avid fans of racing games are bound to get bored quickly with Forza Street. It is necessary to experience the thrill of shifting gears and maneuvering cars in difficult situations. But, unfortunately, all this is missing in Forza Street.

Asphalt 9

Best Arcade Games

First of all, if you were expecting a story as heavy as the recent Need for Speed games, think again. With Asphalt 9: Legends, the focus is on racing. The goal is to win each season of racing. Fortunately, you won’t just have to fight for pole position in each event. From the task of evading the police to beating the clock for the best time or completing stunts galore, there’s enough variety to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Add to that a constant number of unlocks, such as acquiring upgrades that allow you to improve your car’s handling and speed, blueprints to get new rides, and new events available at regular intervals, and Asphalt 9 does a fantastic job of giving you the feeling of making tangible progress with each play session. It never gets old, even after 10 hours of play between the soft-launch version and the final version.

Brawl Stars

Best Arcade Games

New brawlers are unlockable through the in-game shop, the trophy road, and brawl boxes. Players are granted rewards from the trophy road (new brawlers, coins, tokens, brawl boxes, etc.) as they gain more trophies by winning matches. Brawl boxes are the in-game loot chests that are available in the shop, or by brawl tokens, which are also obtainable by playing matches.

Each brawler also has two star powers, which are special abilities that enhance a particular aspect of a brawler in a match. Star powers are also available in the store or in the brawler boxes once a brawler has reached his or her maximum level. The store is an excellent aspect of the game because it gives players the opportunity to spend their gems on various items, such as skins, coins, token doublers, and new brawlers.


Best Arcade Games

Pac-Man isn’t a complex game, and its graphics and audio are ancient by today’s standards. Nevertheless, it continues to captivate new generations of players with its simple design and ever-increasing difficulty. You have to try and eat all of the pellets in a maze without getting caught by the four ghosts pursuing your yellow puck-shaped character.

Pieces of fruit also appear in the middle of the maze at regular intervals, which you can eat for bonus points. There’s only one maze in the whole game, but the ghosts move faster and the effects of the power pellets wear off sooner with each successive round.

Angry Birds

Best Arcade Games

To play, simply load a chicken into the slingshot, pull back as you set the angle, and let go to begin the destruction. The gameplay of Angry Birds is incredibly easy to understand, and the visual rendering of the explosion is always impressive. Blue chickens split in midair for a spreading effect; heavy bomb chickens explode and send structures flying; and egg-laying chickens allow you to deliver a load of yolk straight down.

You always receive the chickens in a particular order, which diminishes some of the strategy. Even though some chickens can be used to set up chain reactions, like using a burrowing hen to soften up a building’s stone exterior and then following up with a ticking explosive chicken to blast out the walls–you don’t get to do this if you don’t get the chickens in this order.

PUBG Mobile

Best Arcade Games

PUBG Mobile’s success very much comes down to playability on mobile devices. The fact that you can login on your phone or tablet and play across whichever device, largely irrelevant of its specification, is why this free-to-play game has been able to thrive.

PUBG Mobile now sees updates pretty much every month, bringing additions and improvements. We’ve been playing since it launched on Android and we’ve not managed to get bored yet, which is a rare and great result. Importantly, we’re not tempted to switch to a bigger platform: PUBG Mobile feels and plays like a native mobile game with every bit the AAA feel, and we can’t ask for more than that.


Best Arcade Games

There’s a three-by-three grid presenting nine different travel nodes. You control a geometric avatar who’s sole purpose is to move between these nodes to collect gems before finding an exit. All the while, increasingly complex and abstract machinery moves through space trying to disrupt your plans as a thumping electronic soundtrack propels the action forward.

Jumpgrid moves at a break-neck pace, but it’s surprisingly easy to manage on a small screen. The controls are simple, levels are easy to read at a glance, and most importantly the game automatically restarts levels for you when you inevitably fail at them. Failure is inevitable in Jumpgrid because its an extremely unforgiving game.


Best Arcade Games

You’re a small triangular ship in the middle of the screen able to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and fire a thin focused bullet. A swarm of asteroids of varying size float around the screen, and shooting one splits it into two smaller rocks. Every once in a while a saucer flies in from the sides taking potshots at the player ship, but the real threat is from the swarms of tiny rocks that can grow if you’re not careful about choosing your targets.

In the original game the asteroids came in three sizes, from large to medium to small, so each large asteroid could spawn four small ones. That doesn’t sound like much, but multiply that by however many large asteroids the starting wave is and the danger level can shoot off the chart.

Grand Mountain Adventure

The core gameplay of Grand Mountain Adventure Wonderlands is generally what you’d expect from a downhill snow-filled adventure as you tilt the stick left and right to steer and gain speed and you can brake and hop by the tap of a couple face buttons. The various runs that you’ll come across task you with different goals such as reach the finish line in a certain amount of time, perform tricks to maximize your score, and weave through gates without missing a single one.

The better you perform on these runs, the more ski passes you’ll earn which unlock additional runs and lifts but most importantly, you’ll acquire access to completely new mountains when you reach a particular threshold at the previous mountain with 12 mountains to play on in total which is an impressive amount.


Best Arcade Games

Frogger is easy to pick up and play. It brings a simple theme to the fray, and it’s still got that quarter-munching-a-hole-in-your-pocket gameplay. Luckily, It brings a small variety of two-player versus and co-op games to the table. You can play against another person in two-player offline, in which two gamers take turns to achieve the highest score.

There is also a private match, so you can reserve a spot for a friend instead of a random Xbox Live person. Connections are quick, and depending on the other player’s connection, the lag ranges from OK to good in speed and consistency. All of my online games displayed slowdown, which is pretty sad considering only two people are playing, but it rarely got in the way of the game.

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