Best Base Locations 2024: to optimal base sites

Explore different locations, each offering unique features, benefits and strategic opportunities for your business.

Choosing the right base location is often the key to starting a great business, as it has a big impact on operations, security, and overall success. Finding the best Base Locations is a very important job that needs to be done with great care, taking into account many things such as geography, transportation, and available resources.

The right base can be the foundation for success, ensuring efficiency and a strategic edge across a wide range of businesses. It is very important to look at the terrain, climate, and how close it is to important supplies when looking for the best Base Locations. Bases can be made more useful and resilient by putting them in places with lots of natural resources, good weather, and smart geographical placement.

Accessibility is another important factor; a location that is well-connected makes it easier to move things and people, which helps operations run smoothly. It is also important to think about the local political and economic situation when building a base that fits with long-term goals and reduces risks. Below, we have mentioned the best Base Locations.

What is Based Location?

The phrase “based location” is not a common or well-known one. But “based” can also be used figuratively to mean a place or situation that is seen as good or in line with one’s values. For instance, someone might say they are “based” in a place if they feel at ease, supported, or like it fits with their way of life. What the word means may depend on the situation in which it is used.

Best Base Locations

Military strategy relies on bases for operations, supplies, and defence. Strategic location puts vital resources, transit networks, and potential conflict zones nearby. Base locations affect military efficiency due to terrain, security, and geopolitics.

Twilight Dunes

Best Base Locations

Even though Twilight Dunes isn’t very big, it has a lot of supplies and not many fast travel points, which makes it a great place to build a base. There is a lot of coal to farm here, which is the main draw. However, you’re in the middle of Dumud and Digitoise areas, which are the best and easiest places to get good Pal oil. This is a good place to set up your next base if making guns is high on your list of things to do. Lots of the smooth stuff is needed. Currently, this is one of the best Base Locations.

Sealed Realm of the Guardian

Best Base Locations

There is a quiet area east of the Sealed Realm of the Guardian dungeon that is full of coal and rock nodes. For late-game buildings and gear, you’ll need a lot of coal. If you don’t like the Twilight Dunes, this is a good option. As for Beegarde sites, they are not far away. If you have room for a ranch, you could also start a honey farm here. Overall, this is one of the best Base Locations.

Water Lily Bay

Best Base Locations

The pretty Water Lily Bay is close to both the sea and water that can be drunk. The bay is a pretty safe place; the only thing that could go wrong is a Therizinosaur getting too close. There are many flat areas around the water or that look out over it. The area doesn’t have easy access to Metal or other important material nodes, but it is close to the Swamp and Redwood biomes, which makes it easier to get Chitin, Keratin, and Cementing Paste. This is the best Base Locations that you can consider.

Ice Cave

Best Base Locations

Ice Cave is hidden in an icy canyon in the Snow biome, with walls of ice that can’t be broken through. The Ice Cave is very easy to defend because of the natural defences in the area. This is especially true against the dangerous wild dinosaurs that live in the snowy biome. There is a pretty flat area of land inside the icy cave where you can build a big base. Overall, it is one of the best Base Locations that you can consider.

Redwood Pond

Best Base Locations

Some of the best places to stay on The Island are near the Redwood Pond. It has many pros and only a few cons. If a player builds here, they will have access to clean water and a lot of room to make big bases. There are Rich Metal, Metal, Crystal, and Obsidian nodes close, which makes it very easy to gather. Also, there is a lot of wood and thatch because it is in a forest. Still, it is one of the best Base Locations that you can consider.

Tips for Businesses in Optimal Base Location Planning

Businesses need to plan their bases in the best way possible because it has a direct effect on their general success, operational efficiency, and customer reach. When businesses think about base location planning, here are some things they should keep in mind:

Market Analysis: Do a lot of study on the market to find out who your target audience is, who your competitors are, and where people want your products or services. Look at economic indicators, customer behaviour, and demographic data to find places where businesses can grow quickly.

Accessibility and Infrastructure: Pick a place that is easy to get to by car, bus, ferry, or plane, and that is close to roads, ports, airports, and public transit hubs. Think about the services that are available, the phone lines that are set up, and how easy it is to get to places like banks, post offices, and suppliers.

Costs to Think About: Look at how much land, taxes, utilities, labour, and other costs of running the business are in possible base sites. A prime position might give you more exposure and make things easier, but it might also cost you more in the long run. Compare the pros and cons of the place with the costs that come with it.

Competitive Advantage: Think about how the position of your base can give you an edge over your competitors. This could include things like being close to important partners or sources, having easy access to skilled workers, or being able to fill a certain market niche.

Scalability and Flexibility: Think about how your chosen location can grow with your business or adapt to changes in your strategy in the future. Look for room that can be easily changed or added to to meet new needs without causing too much trouble for business.

How to Evaluate the Infrastructure of a Base Location

When looking at a possible base location’s infrastructure, you need to look at a number of things to make sure it meets your needs. Here are some steps you can take to look at a base’s infrastructure:

Easy access: Think about how close the area is to transportation hubs like airports, seaports, roads, and train stations. These forms of transportation can make logistics and supply chain management easier if they are easy to get to.

Help with utilities: Check to see if basic utility services like power, water, gas and phone lines are always available and reliable. Make sure that the infrastructure can handle your operating needs without any problems.

Connectivity to the Internet: Check to see how good and reliable the internet is in the area. For communicating, transferring data, and getting to online tools, you need fast internet access.

Resilience of infrastructure: Think about how well the system can handle emergencies and natural disasters. Think about things like the chance of flooding, the frequency of earthquakes, and the availability of backup power sources.

Network for transportation: Check out the network of roads that circle the base. For quick transportation of people and goods, check to see if there are traffic jams, bad road conditions, and easy access to important highways.


What is the best base location in Ark Mobile?

The Redwood Pond is one of The Island’s better base places, with few drawbacks.

What is the best base location in state of decay 2?

Prescott Fire Station on Providence Ridge’s southwest corner is a nice basis for beginner players.

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