Best Business Credit Cards in India 2024: unlock financial success

Unlock financial flexibility and rewards with the best business credit cards in India for entrepreneurs and companies.

Having the right credit card can make a big difference when it comes to keeping track of business costs and making the most of finances. There are so many choices on the Indian market that it can be hard to pick out the best business credit cards. Businesses can find cards that meet all of their needs, though, if they carefully think about things like rewards, interest rates, and other perks. Finding the “Best Business Credit Cards in India” is what this study is all about.

These cards usually come with special perks like cashback on certain business purchases, travel rewards, tools for keeping track of expenses, and different ways to pay. Also, a lot of them have features like detailed transaction reports and the ability to connect to accounting software that are meant to make managing expenses easier and more clear. Below, we have mentioned the best business credit cards.

Importance of Choosing the Right Business Credit Card

Picking the right business credit card is an important part of managing money well. A good card can have perks like rewards programmes, the ability to track expenses, and low interest rates. Getting a business credit card that fits its spending habits and needs can help it save money, build credit, and get the most out of its rewards. The right business credit card can also offer useful benefits and safety measures. If you do your research, you can be sure that the card will help the business reach its financial goals and contribute to its overall stability and success.

Best Business Credit Cards in India Comparison Table

Indian entrepreneurs can use business credit cards to fund operational, travel, and employee expenses. These cards offer customised rewards, expense tracking, and higher credit limits. They help manage cash flow, provide tax benefits, and build credit.

Credit CardAnnual FeeRewards ProgramTravel BenefitsCashbackOther Features
Axis My Business Credit CardVariesAxis eDGE RewardsYesYesFuel surcharge waiver, Lounge access
HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit CardVariesMoneyBack RewardsNoYesTravel insurance, Fuel surcharge waiver
Citi Corporate Credit CardVariesCiti Business RewardsYesNoExpense management tools, Corporate liability waiver
Kotak Corporate Gold Credit CardVariesCorporate RewardsNoYesAdd-on cards, Online account access
Amex Platinum Travel Credit CardVariesMembership RewardsYesNoLounge access, Travel vouchers, Concierge service

Axis My Business Credit Card

Best Business Credit Cards in India


  • Cashback on business expenses.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver.
  • Business-focused rewards.
  • Contactless payments.

The My Business Credit Card from Axis Bank is a special kind of loan for Indian businesses. It makes keeping track of expenses easy and gives you special benefits. With flexible credit limits, detailed expense tracking, and an easy-to-use interface, it helps businesses streamline their finances and get the most out of their cash flow so they can keep growing. Currently, this is one of the best business credit cards.

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  • Tailored for business expenses with customizable spending limits.
  • Earns rewards on various business-related categories.
  • Offers features like expense management and credit shield.


  • Limited acceptance compared to international cards.
  • Rewards program may not be as competitive as other business cards.

HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card

Best Business Credit Cards in India


  • MoneyBack rewards program.
  • Business expense tracking.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver.
  • Worldwide acceptance.

The HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card is designed for Indian business owners and offers great rewards and financial freedom. Get cash back on business-related expenses, faster rewards in some categories, and special benefits. It’s great for keeping track of business finances because it’s easy to use and has strong security features. Overall, this is one of the best business credit cards.


  • Cashback rewards on business-related expenses.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver at select fuel stations.
  • No specific income requirement for eligibility.


  • Limited travel benefits compared to other business cards.
  • Cashback redemption options may have restrictions.

Citi Corporate Credit Card

Best Business Credit Cards in India


  • Corporate expense management.
  • Customizable spending limits.
  • Travel and entertainment benefits.
  • Comprehensive reporting.

Businesses in India can get custom financial solutions from Citi Corporate Credit Card. It makes managing expenses easier by letting you set your own spending limits, keeping detailed records of your expenses, and offering rewards programmes. You can get benefits like travel insurance, access to airport lounges, and discounts on business-related services. This is the best business credit cards that you can consider.


  • Customizable credit limits for different employees.
  • Expense management tools and reporting for businesses.
  • Access to Citi World Privileges for various discounts.


  • Annual fees and other charges may be relatively higher.
  • Rewards program may not be as competitive as other business cards.

Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card

Best Business Credit Cards in India


  • Corporate expense control.
  • Gold rewards program.
  • Travel and fuel benefits.
  • Easy reconciliation with GST.

In India, the Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card is a well-known business credit card that comes with special benefits for business costs. With tools for managing expenses, rewards for business spending, and flexible credit limits, it helps businesses streamline their finances and get benefits that are specific to their needs. Overall, it is one of the best business credit cards that you can consider.


  • Acceptance at a wide range of establishments.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver at participating fuel stations.
  • Add-on cards for employees with individual spending limits.


  • Limited rewards program compared to other business cards.
  • May not offer as many premium benefits as higher-tier cards.

Amex platinum travel credit card

Best Business Credit Cards in India


  • Premium travel benefits.
  • Membership Rewards points.
  • Airport lounge access.
  • Travel and lifestyle perks.

The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is the best travel credit card for business trips and other trips. This card gives entrepreneurs who like to travel great deals on flights. Plus, it has different partnerships with hotels and other places to stay for premium members. Still, it is one of the best business credit cards that you can consider.


  • High-value travel rewards and benefits.
  • Airport lounge access and premium travel insurance.
  • Complimentary elite status in hotel loyalty programs.


  • High annual fee compared to other travel cards.
  • May not be suitable for businesses with limited travel expenses.

Benefits of Using Business Credit Cards for Expenses

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using business credit cards for expenses in a number of ways. Here are some good things:

Keep your personal and business expenses separate: business credit cards help you keep your personal and business expenses separate. For accurate bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax purposes, this separation is a must.

Tracking and reporting expenses: Business credit cards give you detailed monthly statements that list and categorise all of your transactions. This makes it easier for businesses to keep an eye on spending patterns and stick to their budgets by making it easier to track and report expenses.

Streamlined Record-Keeping: Keeping records is easier when you have a credit card just for your business. All of your business-related transactions are kept in one place. This makes keeping records easier, which speeds up accounting, auditing, and financial analysis.

Better Cash Flow: Business credit cards have a revolving credit line that lets them buy things even when they don’t have enough cash on hand. This can be especially helpful for paying for immediate costs while you wait for clients to pay you.

Make a Good Credit History for Your Business: Using a business credit card responsibly helps your company make a good credit history. In the future, having a good credit history can make it easier to get loans with better terms and more financing options.

How to choose the Best Business Credit Card for Your Needs

There are a lot of things you need to think about when picking the best business credit card for your needs. Make sure it fits with your financial goals and your business’s needs. Here are some steps that will help you make a smart choice:

Check Your Business Spending Patterns: Look at your business costs and see which areas you spend the most on. This can cover things like travel, office supplies, ads, and other specific areas. Pick a business credit card that gives you rewards or cashback in the areas that are most important to your company.

Think About Rewards and Benefits: Look at the rewards and benefits that each business credit card has to offer. Some credit cards offer extras like cash back, travel rewards, airline miles, and more. Pick out a rewards card that fits the needs and wants of your business.

Charges and Interest: Check out the fees and interest rates that come with each business credit card. Take a look at the annual fees, late payment fees, and foreign transaction fees. To cut costs, look for credit cards with good rates and low fees.

Credit Limit: Look at how much credit each card gives you. Make sure the credit limit is big enough for your company. Some cards may let you ask for a higher credit limit based on how well your business is doing.

Offers to Get You Started: Look for any offers to get you started or sign-up bonuses. A lot of business credit cards give new cardholders rewards like bonus points or cash back at first. When you make your choice, think about these deals.


Is Axis Bank Ace credit card good or bad?

With benefits that far outweigh its annual fee, Axis Ace is India’s top entry-level credit card. Three things made this card worth keeping in my wallet: High cashback on utility bills, the most practical category.

Is Icici better than Axis?

beats Axis Bank Ltd. on 27 of 40 metrics.

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