Best UPI Apps for Cashback 2024: for lucrative cashback offers

Discover the best UPI apps that offer lucrative cashback rewards on transactions - your gateway to smart and frugal spending!

There are the best UPI Apps for Cashback that you can consider now. UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has become a popular way to pay for everyday things in this digital age because it is quick and easy. There are still many ways to earn cashback when making everyday payments, even though popular apps like GPay, Paytm, and Mobikwik no longer offer cashback for UPI payments.

UPI apps have transformed digital money transfers. They make financial transactions easier and more rewarding with cashback rewards. To maximise cashback savings, choose the best UPI apps for Cashback. Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm, with their user-friendly interfaces and rewarding cashback programmes, lead the pack. With its intuitive design and seamless bank account integration, Google Pay offers attractive cashback incentives on bill payments and online purchases.

What is UPI?

Apps that use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) are a type of digital payment system that are particularly popular in India. Through the use of their mobile devices, users are able to instantly transfer money between their various bank accounts.

After linking their bank accounts to the UPI app, users are able to carry out transactions such as making payments, requesting funds, and paying bills directly from their bank accounts. Transactions can be made more secure and convenient with the help of UPI Apps, which eliminate the need for conventional payment methods such as cash or cards and instead make use of mobile technology.

Best UPI Apps for Cashback Comparison Table

Indian UPI apps offer cashback incentives to encourage digital transactions. These apps offer cashback on bill payments, shopping, and transfers through seamless banking integration. This innovation boosts financial inclusion and digital payment adoption nationwide.

FeaturePaytmBHIM UPIGoogle PayPayZappMobiKwik
Payment MethodsWallet, UPI, Cards, NetbankingUPI, Bank TransferUPI, Cards, Bank TransferCards, Netbanking, UPIWallet, UPI, Cards, Netbanking
Cashback and RewardsYesLimitedYesYesYes
Integration with BanksYesIntegrated with UPI-enabled banksYes, Linked to Bank AccountsYesYes
SecuritySSL Encryption, PINUPI PINUPI PINMulti-layer securitySSL Encryption, OTP
International PaymentsLimitedNoLimitedNoNo
User InterfaceUser-friendlySimpleUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendly


Best UPI Apps for Cashback


  • Mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Cashback and discounts on transactions.
  • Online shopping with offers and deals.
  • Money transfers to bank accounts and contacts.

The mobile payment platform Paytm is currently one of the most popular options available in India for making payments. Quite a few features and services are included in its offering. Transactions have become less complicated and more reliable for users as a result of the rapid and simple acceptance of online payments. Currently, this is one of the best UPI apps for Cashback.



  • Diverse range of services (payments, shopping, bookings)
  • Cashback and discounts
  • Wide acceptance across merchants


  • High transaction fees for certain services
  • Customer service responsiveness can vary


Best UPI Apps for Cashback


  • Instant payments using UPI ID or QR code.
  • Link multiple bank accounts for transactions.
  • Check account balance and transaction history.
  • Request money from contacts securely.

Bharat Interface for Money, or BHIM for short. NPCI’s UPI serves as the foundation for the UPI mobile payment app. Additionally, prior to making any payments, the user is required to fill out their financial information within the application. It enables you to make payments using UPI in a simple and speedy manner. Overall, this is one of the best UPI apps for Cashback.



  • Government-backed UPI platform
  • Secure and fast transactions
  • Interoperability with various banks


  • Limited additional features compared to other apps
  • Interface might be less user-friendly for some users

Google Pay

Best UPI Apps for Cashback


  • UPI payments for quick transfers.
  • Cashback and rewards for transactions.
  • Bill payments and recharges.
  • Integration with Google services for seamless transactions.

Google Pay is a UPI app that has many reward and cashback programmes. Almost anything can earn you cash back, including bill payment, internet purchases, and movie tickets. Through a programme called Google Pay Rewards, you can also accrue points for each Google Pay transaction you make. These points can be exchanged for discounts, cashback, and other benefits. This is the best UPI apps for Cashback that you can consider.



  • Seamless integration with Google services
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Cashback and rewards


  • Limited customer support options
  • Occasional transaction delays


Best UPI Apps for Cashback


  • One-click payments for various services.
  • Discounts and offers on transactions.
  • Bill payments and recharges.
  • Secure transactions with multi-layer security.

PayZapp is a payment app from HDFC bank that works like Paytm and other apps. You can get cashback when you use this app to recharge your phone, pay your bills, or send money. If you look at its offers page, you’ll see that it gives you a flat ₹2 cashback every time you scan and pay a UPI transaction worth ₹50 or more on three payments every month. In other words, it means 4% cashback. Overall, it is one of the best UPI apps for Cashbackc that you can consider.



  • Offers and discounts on transactions
  • Utility bill payments and recharges
  • HDFC Bank integration for seamless banking


  • Limited merchant partnerships
  • Interface can be overwhelming for some users


Best UPI Apps for Cashback


  • Mobile recharges and bill payments.
  • Cashback and discounts on transactions.
  • Money transfers to bank accounts and contacts.
  • Offers on shopping, travel, and entertainment.

MobiKwik is an Indian digital wallet and financial technology company. It’s the biggest Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) company. Its main goal is to meet the unmet credit needs of the rapidly growing number of digitally paying users by combining the ease of everyday mobile payments with the benefits of BNPL. You can also use UPI to pay on this platform. Still, it is one of the best UPI apps for Cashback that you can consider.



  • Mobile recharges and bill payments
  • Cashback offers and discounts
  • Prepaid card services


  • Limited acceptance at merchants
  • Technical glitches and service interruptions may occur

How to Maximize Cashback Benefits

To get the most out of cashback, you need to plan ahead and use the right tools and methods. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of cashback offers:

Do Your Research: Look into and compare different cashback programmes to find the one that gives you the most rewards for the way you spend your money. Find programmes that offer good cashback rates and work with a lot of different stores.

Stack Cashback Offers: When you can, combine cashback offers from different sources to take advantage of stacking opportunities. You can use a cashback credit card to buy things at a store that also gives cashback through an app or shopping portal.

Use Credit Cards With Cash Back: If you buy things every day, you might want to use a credit card with cash back. Look for credit cards that give you more cash back on things like gas, groceries, restaurants, travel, and so on.

Shop through cashback portals: Before you buy something online, check out cashback portals or browser add-ons that give you cashback for shopping at partner stores. A lot of the time, these portals offer better cashback rates than buying something directly.

Use sign-up bonuses: A lot of cashback programmes give new users bonuses when they sign up. Use these bonuses to your advantage by joining more than one programme and meeting any spending requirements to get the bonuses.

Tips for Choosing the Right UPI App for Cashback

When picking a UPI app for cashback offers, you need to think about a few things to make sure you get the most out of your rewards and have a smooth payment experience. How to Pick the Best UPI App for Cashback:

Partnerships and cashback offers: Look for UPI apps that work with a lot of different stores and service providers. Look into the different cashback deals that are out there for things like paying bills and utilities, shopping online, eating out, and more. Pick an app that lets you earn cashback on things you buy often.

Comparison of Cashback Rates and Deals: Check out how much cashback and deals are available on different UPI apps. Some apps may offer better cashback rates or special deals just for certain stores or transactions. You can earn more cashback by taking advantage of seasonal deals, holiday offers, and referral bonuses.

Minimum Transaction Requirements: See if there are any minimum transactions you need to make in order to get cashback rewards. For some UPI apps to offer cashback, you may have to spend a certain amount or make a certain type of transaction. Make sure the requirements match how you like to spend your money and what you want.

Redemption Options: Look at the different ways you can cash in your cashback rewards. You should pick a UPI app that lets you redeem your points in a number of different ways, such as through direct bank transfers, UPI transfers, gift vouchers, or discounts on future purchases. Choose apps that make it easy to redeem and use your cashback rewards.

User Experience and Interface: Choose a UPI app that has an easy-to-use interface and navigation. With this app, it should be easy to look at cashback deals, keep track of your earnings, and get your rewards. To improve the user experience, look for things like personalised suggestions and summaries of your transaction history.


Can we use two UPI apps?

Yes, one can link UPI accounts from any bank and use multiple UPI apps on the same phone.

Is Apple pay free?

Apple Pay is free in stores, online, and apps. Apple Pay Later has no interest or fees.

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