Best Clothes Irons 2024: five recommended high-quality irons

Achieve wrinkle-free perfection with these high-quality ironers

When it comes to quickly getting your clothes ready for work or a party, steam irons are the go-to solution. With a strong ironing board, they can easily get rid of wrinkles and give the clothes a clean look. Even though clothes steamers can also get rid of wrinkles, steam irons have the added benefit of giving a hard press, which gives clothes sharp lines and a clean look. The best clothes irons up quickly and have ergonomic grips that make them easy to use. These irons have steam that doesn’t leak and are made to be easy to use by having clear, detachable water tanks and retractable wires.

At our testing center, we put every item, even steam irons, through a series of tough, standardized tests to see how well they work. The irons are judged on how well they remove wrinkles from different types of fabric, how quickly they hit their highest temperature, and how much steam they make. Our tests for ease of use look at things like each model’s weight, how easy it is to move around, and how detailed the user instructions is. Our team of cleaning experts chooses the best steam irons on the market by taking into account the scores from these detailed in-lab tests as well as online customer reviews. Below we have mentioned the best clothes irons.

Best Clothes Irons Comparison Table

Iron ModelReliable Velocity 270IROliso M2 Mini ProjectRowenta Perfect ProSunbeam Corded/CordlessRowenta DW3261 Smart Temp
Steam OutputHighMediumHighHighMedium
Soleplate MaterialStainless SteelCeramicStainless SteelCeramicStainless Steel
Power Consumption1800 Watts1000 Watts1800 Watts1500 Watts1700 Watts
Cord Length8 Feet6 Feet10 Feet10 Feet7 Feet
Cordless OperationNoNoNoYesNo
Auto Shut-OffYesYesYesYesYes
Water Tank Capacity10.8 oz7 oz12 oz8 oz11 oz
Vertical SteamYesYesYesYesYes
Precision TipYesYesYesNoYes
Steam Burst FeatureYesYesYesYesYes
Weight3.9 lbs2.5 lbs5.5 lbs3.2 lbs3.6 lbs
Warranty1 year2 years1 year1 year1 year

Reliable Velocity 270IR Steam Iron

Best Clothes Irons
ModelReliable Velocity 270IR
Power1800 watts
Steam Output55 grams per minute
Water Tank300 ml capacity
Soleplate MaterialCeramic
Weight2.5 lbs
Cord Length8 feet
Auto Shut-offYes

Reliable continues to make improvements to its Velocity line of steam irons. We haven’t tested this model in the Lab yet, but we tested an older version, the 200IR, which has many (though fewer) of the features of this new model. We found it comfortable to hold and like that had very powerful steam production. This model uses touch sensor technology to release steam as soon as you grasp the handle, and it has a helpful chart on the base of the iron that tells you what each number on the settings dial means. The 270IR takes the guesswork out of ironing, making it a great option for all skill levels.

With an 8-foot-long cord, eight fabric settings and an auto shut-off bypass, you can steam through big batches of clothing easily. Keep the auto shut-off option on for safety it takes just eight minutes to kick in. It’s pricier than other irons on this list but uses 1,800 watts, making it a bit more powerful than the others. Currently, this is one of the best Clothes Irons that you can buy right now.

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  • Powerful steam output for efficient ironing.
  • Large water tank capacity reduces the need for frequent refills


  • Slightly heavier compared to other steam irons.
  • May take a bit longer to heat up compared to some other models.

oliso M2 Mini Project Steam Iron with Solemate

Best Clothes Irons
ModelOliso M2 Mini Project
Power1000 watts
Steam Output35 grams per minute
Water Tank180 ml capacity
Soleplate MaterialAluminum with non-stick coating
Weight1.9 lbs
Cord Length10 feet
Auto Shut-offYes

Oliso’s small but powerful steam iron is a good choice for people who don’t iron very often. It’s great for traveling or sewing small things like collars and hemlines. In the Cleaning Lab, we were surprised by how well the M2 Mini got the wrinkles out of a heavily wrinkled button-down shirt and a pillowcase that had been balled up in the bottom of a laundry basket for weeks. Some people might find the body a little too small to hold easily, but we found that even after using the iron at the highest temperature setting, the handle was still cool to the touch.

The M2 can be used on fabrics as delicate as silk and as strong as cotton because it has three temperature sets and a steam burst button on each side. Note that the burst of steam only lasts about one second. This iron is light and easy to move, even when the water tank is full. It’s great for hobbies, sewing, and quilting. When you’re done with your job, just attach the Solemate silicone rest that came with it to the iron and hang it up by the loop. Overall, this is one of the best Clothes Irons that you can buy right now.

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  • Non-stick soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics.
  • Extra-long cord provides convenience and flexibility.
  • Auto shut-off feature ensures safety and peace of mind.
  • Quick heating time for fast ironing sessions.


  • Lower steam output compared to larger steam irons.
  • Smaller water tank capacity may require more frequent refills.

Rowenta Perfect Pro Station

Best Clothes Irons
ModelRowenta Perfect Pro Station
Power1800 watts
Steam Output120 grams per minute
Water Tank1.1-liter capacity
Soleplate MaterialStainless steel with microsteam holes
Weight5.8 lbs
Cord Length6 feet
Auto Shut-offYes

If you iron a lot of clothes at once or do a lot of sewing or knitting, you might want a steam station. Since it doesn’t turn off by itself and has a big water tank, you can use it all the time. We haven’t tested this exact model, but we did try the similar Rowenta Perfect Steam Station DG8520, which gave strong blasts of steam and smoothed fabrics from silk to heavy cotton.

Before you buy this kind of iron, make sure you have a place to store its big base. Still, the iron is light and has settings that are easy to use. It also makes it easy to move around buttons and folds. Also, it has an eco-mode that lets you cut the amount of energy it uses by up to 20%. For now, this is one of the best Clothes Irons that you can buy right now.

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  • High steam output for efficient and effective ironing.
  • Large water tank capacity reduces the need for frequent refills.


  • Relatively heavier compared to other steam irons.
  • Shorter cord length may limit flexibility during ironing.

Sunbeam Corded/Cordless Steam Iron

Best Clothes Irons
ModelSunbeam Corded/Cordless
Power1500 watts (corded), 1400 watts (cordless)
Steam Output30 grams per minute (corded), 25 grams per minute (cordless)
Water Tank300 ml capacity
Soleplate MaterialCeramic-coated
Weight2.8 lbs (corded), 2.5 lbs (cordless)
Cord Length10 feet (corded), cordless
Auto Shut-offYes

Use this Sunbeam iron to get rid of those annoying wrinkles without having to deal with a cord. You can also use it with a cord to get more steam and heat without having to put it back on the base. The 1,500-watt steam iron can heat and steam continuously for up to 60 seconds when it is not plugged in. When it is back on its base, it heats up quickly in 25 seconds. In portable mode, an LED light tells you when the iron is losing heat, so you can take it back to its base to heat it up again. In fact, the base is attached to the back of the iron.

Even with the base connected, it’s not too big, and it’s still much lighter than other irons we tried. Also, it’s a good deal, especially for a tool that does two things. In the Lab, the vertical steam feature worked very well, and all of the controls were easy to understand and use. It instantly turns off after 30 minutes, which is a little longer than other ones we’ve tried. Still, this is one of the best Clothes Irons that you can buy right now.

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  • Stainless steel soleplate for smooth gliding
  • Large water tank capacity reduces frequent refilling
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety
  • Vertical steaming capability for versatile use


  • Corded mode limits mobility during ironing
  • Cordless mode may require frequent recharging

Rowenta DW3261 Smart Temp Steam Iron

Best Clothes Irons
Power1800 watts
Soleplate MaterialStainless steel with 400 microholes
Water Tank Capacity300 ml
Steam Output30 g/min
Heating Time30 seconds
Cord Length2.5 meters
Weight1.4 kg
Auto Shut-OffYes
Vertical SteamingYes

The Rowenta Smart Temp Steam Iron has no temperature dials because it is made to iron all materials at the best heat. Even though we haven’t tested this exact model in our Lab yet, we have tried a similar model from Rowenta that has the same smart temperature function. It got the highest average score for getting rid of wrinkles and the second-best score in our Lab tests. To start ironing, fill the water tank, put the iron in, and start pressing. Since the water tank is not clear, it’s not easy to see how much water is inside.

This Rowenta steam iron has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, so we are not the only ones who like it. One reviewer said, “I am most impressed by how much steam this iron makes.” The cherry on top is a stainless steel soleplate and an anti-calc system that will keep your steam iron running and looking like new for years to come. Thus, this is one of the best Clothes Irons that you can buy right now.

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  • Quick heating time for prompt usage
  • Long cord length for convenient maneuverability
  • Auto shut-off feature ensures safety


  • Steam output could be higher for stubborn wrinkles
  • Relatively heavier compared to some other models


How do I choose the right clothes iron?

When picking a clothes iron, you should think about the material of the soleplate, whether it can use steam, how you can control the temperature, and whether it has extra features like an auto-shutoff and anti-drip feature. Also, check user reviews and scores to make sure the product is good and works well.

What types of soleplates are available for clothes irons?

Stainless steel, ceramic, nonstick, and titanium are all common materials for soleplates. Stainless steel lasts a long time and spreads heat evenly. Ceramic slides easily, nonstick is easy to clean, and titanium doesn’t scratch.

How often should I clean my clothes iron?

To keep your iron working well, you need to clean it regularly. Every few months or as needed, clean it. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar to get rid of any mineral buildup. Use the iron on the steam setting and then empty the water tank before putting it away.

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