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There is almost no one who is not familiar with comics. Most of us have grown old reading these books. They have helped us spend our free time with joy and pleasure. We assure beginners that they will easily spend their daily time if they start reading comics. So folks, a comic is actually a book containing pictures and cartoons arranged one after another, depicting a beautiful story whose conversations are depicted in speech bubbles.

The images make the booklet more fun, and through them you can see the representation of their reactions when they speak. In this article, we will focus on the Linux platform and make a list of the best comic book viewers for Linux. We hope it will be helpful and useful for Linux users. The reason is that these comics have a special file format that is not suitable for all browsers. So if you want to read them at your leisure on Linux, you’ll need some apps.

Well, Linux is not just a platform for hard work. It is also a great platform for entertainment if you have a good idea of ​​its areas. So, stop talking, let’s have a quick discussion about the best Linux comic viewers.

The best comic book software for Linux


Foliate is a modern GTK eBook viewer that offers quite a few important features. If you own an Amazon Kindle or other eBook reader, you’re probably missing out on this kind of desktop reading experience. Foliate addresses those complaints. Foliate shows an estimate of the reading time and the remaining pages of the book. You can add bookmarks, highlight text and add notes. You can export this data or just sync it.

You can also look up words in Wiktionary and Wikipedia. You can switch between a two-page view and a scroll view. There are also different themes to suit your reading preferences. And the best part is that it is actively maintained and developed.


MComix is ​​an easy to use and customizable image viewer. Although it is designed specifically for comics (both western comics and manga) and supports a variety of file formats such as CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA, and PDF. MComix is ​​a fork of the Comix project with the goal of providing bug fixes and stability improvements for Comix.

Some of the main features are: In addition to the most common image formats used for Comix, it also reads PDF, ZIP, RAR, 7Z and LHA files directly, multiple viewing modes: full screen mode, double page mode, adjustment of image to window width, height or both. Smart scrolling for easy reading (just hit the space bar a few times and see how it works), manga mode for right-to-left comics, bookmarking and adding books to the library, and much more.

look closely

There are many ways to read comics, and one of them that has become increasingly popular in recent years is reading them on your computer. Peruse was designed to make that as easy and enjoyable as possible, allowing you to read your comics easily. You could say that it allows you to read your comics at your leisure, but that would be a silly paraphrase, so read your comics at your leisure!

There are several comic readers for Linux, but today we are introducing Peruse, an open source comic reader developed by the KDE team to make reading comics on the KDE desktop easier and more enjoyable. Peruse has a simple and intuitive user interface.

YAC Reader

YAC Reader is a cross-platform comic reader that supports multiple comic archives (CBZ, CBR, ZIP, TAR, RAR, and ARJ) and image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP). The interface allows them to focus solely on reading and not be distracted by other things, while offering a number of very interesting features. This reader provides us with a library that allows us to browse comic collections with three different animated transition effects.

YAC Reader can apply the basic functions of the utility by right-clicking on the viewing or comic history, or by selecting the desired button from the toolbar. You can open files by dragging them into the utility window or by using the access buttons on the toolbar.


Gomics is a free and open source GTK3 comic and image file viewer. It is written in the Go programming language and has a simple and clean user interface. Smart scrolling, bookmarks, random page ordering, navigation through CG scenes based on image similarity, flip animations, manga and comic display modes and other features are available in Gomics.


Caliber is a complete solution for electronic libraries. Includes library management, format conversion, conversion of news sources to eBooks, eBook viewer and editor, and eBook reader synchronization features. Caliber is primarily a program for cataloging electronic books. Manage your eBook collection for you. It is based on the concept of a logical book, that is, a single entry in the database that can correspond to electronic books in different formats. It also supports conversion to and from a dozen different eBook formats.

Caliber supports almost all e-readers (eg Kindle, Kobo, Nook) and becomes compatible with more devices with each update. Caliber can transfer your eBooks from one device to another in seconds, wirelessly or with a cable. It sends the best file format for your device and automatically converts it if necessary. Caliber can automatically retrieve messages from various websites/RSS feeds, format the messages into an e-book, and upload them to a connected device. Caliber also has a built-in eBook viewer that can display all major eBook formats.

ACBF viewer

ACBF Viewer is a viewer application that can read ACBF, CBZ/CBR and ACV comic file formats. It is written in the Python programming language. Currently there are versions for Linux and Windows. It is distributed under version 3 of the GNU GPL. ACBF Viewer can display comics in 3 view modes (single page, zoom to page width, and zoom to a specific comic box/panel), display various comic metadata and table of contents, and can easily switch between different text layers (translations).

Text layers are automatically drawn to fit defined text areas (bubbles), different fonts can be defined for semantic tags used in text layers. The comics library can be populated with comics, which can then be sorted and filtered by different types of metadata, and different charts can be displayed based on this data.


Lector is a Qt-based open source customizable e-book that you probably haven’t heard of yet as it saw its first official release about 11 days ago. It is not an e-book manager like the famous Calibre, but it has one of the best user interfaces and data management methods among its peers; and you can use it to read all popular e-book formats, including PDFs, Amazon Kindle books, and comics.

For starters, it has a library viewer, which is typical of an eBook reader, except it’s a feast for the eyes. You can adjust the font and size, page color, zoom controls, and letter spacing. You can also right-click books to edit their metadata, such as author, title, genre, and year of publication. Library features allow you to sort your book collection by title, author, year, author, and even last read, among others.

Library mouse

Bookworm is a simple ebook reader with a very sleek and modern user interface. Supports all kinds of modern file formats like pdf, epub, mobi, etc. However, it was originally developed for Elementary OS and is available for Ubuntu and other derivatives through PPAs. This program allows us to change the size and color of the letters of the electronic books, the activation of a night mode to facilitate the reading or the search of contents. With this last aspect we can improve the load of the books.

The program has two views: the first is the typical grid view, in which the book covers are arranged side by side. The other view is a list of all the books in your library. This list shows the most important characteristics of the book, such as the title and the author. On the other hand, we can enter a score for each book and some labels to classify them. It will also tell us when was the last time we opened the book. We can point to the pages of our favorite book to read it later.


Comix is ​​a lightweight, open source comic viewer that runs on Linux, BSD, and virtually any other UNIX-like operating system. At its core, it’s an image viewer with support for comic book libraries and can read ZIP and Tar files natively. Comix is ​​one of the top and best Linux comic viewers.

Unlike most other apps, it can read zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, etc. It has a simple user interface and is written in Python. It is a highly recommended comic book viewer for Linux. Comix also supports zooming and scrolling.

Final words: Best Comics Software for Linux

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