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One of the best things about being a street art lover is that wherever you go in Europe, you can be sure to look for one! And as street and urban art becomes more and more accepted, only grog will follow. Although most street artists are widespread with their art (it is quite typical that most street artists also travel the world, painting and pasting everywhere), it is not uncommon for artists from certain regions or continents to inspire where you go. And with each city and country comes its own special style; from explosions of color and vibrant patterns in Brazil to devastating political games in Athens, Greece.

Here is the list of the best street art places in Europe

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona is another great destination in Europe that is all about street art and graffiti. Many of the famous graffiti artists have contributed their beautiful creations to the city. Forex – Known as the best graffiti artist in the world, El Pez has painted many of his ‘Happy Style’ creations throughout the city. Other famous street artists such as El Xupet Negre have painted their Chupete Negro logo all over the city.

Konair is known for their fun animated pink ice cream cone. Akore for her afro graffiti, Btoy portrays her excellent stencil work that shows the brave and beautiful side of women and much more. Street art in Barcelona has the best European street art scenes represented in the creative paintings. Some of the famous places that show the magical art of the city are the Poblenou neighborhood, where you can find the exclusive graffiti.


London has some of the most vibrant and exciting street art in Europe, if not the world. With an ever-changing repertoire of city artists reclaiming their slice of London, you can see some fantastic and detailed examples of street art graphics in many different areas in and around the city. The neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Brick Lane are the best places to see London’s open-air street gallery, but keep an eye out across the city and you’ll see colorful dots on some of the more unexpected objects.

Walking tours will take you through the most popular pieces, from Amazonian tribes to originals by Banksy, the godfather of street art. Meander through the Brick Lane area, starting at the Stolen Space Gallery on Osbourn Street, then head towards the markets.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their creativity and appreciation of art, and Rotterdam is no exception. Like the great Amsterdam, this small Dutch city is home to some amazing street art. In 2009, Rotterdam hosted the RUA festival, leaving a legacy of great murals that can still be seen today.

Waterford, Ireland

Waterford may not be the first city name on everyone’s lips when it comes to street art in Europe, but I suggest it’s time to sit up and pay attention. The Waterford Walls Festival is an annual event in August that invites the best of Ireland and the world to come and paint the city’s walls. The Waterford Walls committee, led by Edel, has done an amazing job attracting so much talent. Being a small town, the result is that a colorful wall is never far from you.

Which means it’s great to walk around and see what you can find. Of course you can do my tour street by street. The art starts from the grassroots level thanks to local workshops, to Waterford’s own Coilfhionn Hanton, who paints annually. Some of the most vibrant murals are the result of Dan Leo, Curtis Hylton, Monkey Bird, and Dan Kitchner, who brought their distinctive work to the city. All artists are encouraged to paint as they please, but many chose to draw inspiration from Waterford’s history and wildlife.


Berlin is known for its epic graffiti scene and the whole place is covered in it. The best example in the city is without a doubt the East Side Gallery.

This surviving piece of the Berlin Wall now functions as a monument to freedom, where artists and activists have used paints to express themselves in bold and creative ways. The works of art are quite incredible and worth a visit to appreciate the historical importance of the site as well.


Located in the north of England, Manchester is home to some of the best street art in the UK. Manchester has been my home for years, and if there’s one thing we’ve always loved, it’s culture and the importance of music and the arts. It is a lively city. People are friendly and like to go out. Street art in Manchester is a beautiful representation of Mancunian culture. It doesn’t just tell you a story; tells you the history of Manchester! Manchester played a vital role during the Industrial Revolution.

Some neighborhoods, like Barrio Norte, still have this industrial background. If you go there you will find many old warehouses. In recent years, they have become hot spots for street performers. As you walk through Manchester’s Northern Quarter, you’ll come across many murals, including ones from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones! Stevenson Square is especially famous because we see a new painting very often. We have Arya from Game of Thrones, David Bowie and more.


Copenhagen is full of colour. Nearly every public wall in Christiania (a well-known area) is filled with amazing art, so head here to really find the best the city has to offer.

Christiania is where people gather to appreciate street art and is quite famous for it. It’s on walls, corners, recycling center, skate park, stores and restaurants (even houses).


Warsaw may not come to mind when you think of European street art cities, but the Polish capital will not disappoint. As a city of which 80% was destroyed during World War II, Warsaw is making a great effort to preserve its history and heritage while becoming more modern at the same time. While you’ll find a mix of the traditional and the modern on both sides of the Vistula River, it’s on the east side, in the upscale district of Prague, that most of the street art is found.

Surprisingly, only 20% of this area was destroyed during World War II, so you can admire the pre-war buildings along with colorful murals and 21st-century mansions. Many of the city’s murals were created by different artists (both Polish and non-Polish), so each piece has its own style. Some of them are not to be missed, like Sebas Velasco’s ‘Eastern Warsaw’, Ernest Zacharevic’s ‘Playground’, Conor Harrington’s ‘Warsaw Fight Club’ and my favourite: ‘Ania’.

Bristol, United Kingdom

One of the most popular street art destinations in Europe is Bristol. Thanks to world-renowned artist Banksy, Bristol invites street art lovers to explore the streets and alleys in search of quite famous pieces. This English city has been on the street art map since 2000, when Banksy famously exhibited him at Severnshed.

UpFest is an annual event in Bristol and is Europe’s largest street art festival. But if you miss it, don’t worry. You can visit Bristol Street Art Tours which will take you to all the famous areas.

Paris France

Street art in Paris is dedicated to different types of graffiti, local art, and murals that make the city of lights shine vividly in daylight. Being one of the most romantic destinations in France, the contemporary street arts only add more colorful flavors to it. The best way to discover street art in Paris is to wander through the places and alleys that were walls, gardens, streets, neighborhoods.

And various parts of the city are painted with colorful graffiti. It starts with labels, color works. From fills, shading to wall painting, you’ll find it all. The main attractions of the city are- The route along the Canal de l’Ourcq and Canal St. Denis representing various lively arts, the rampart of Seine-Saint-Denis.

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