Best Cyclists Apps 2024: for performance and enjoyable rides

Cycling apps offer navigation, fitness tracking and community engagement and enrich rides with data, maps and social contacts.

Technology has become an important tool for both amateurs and professionals in the fast-paced world of cycling. There are a lot of cycling apps out there, and each one has its own special features that can help you improve your performance, keep track of your progress, and learn new things. The best cyclist apps stand out because they meet a wide range of needs and preferences and change the way cyclists enjoy their sport.

These best apps for cyclists have a lot of features that are meant to make every part of cycling better. You can find advanced training tools in these apps, and they also have fun routes for casual cyclists who want to try something new. They meet all of the needs of cyclists, from GPS navigation and route planning to real-time performance analytics and social networking. Below, we have mentioned the best cyclist apps.

Importance of Using Cyclists Apps

Cyclist apps are useful tools that can make biking more fun. They have real-time navigation that helps riders find the best routes and stay out of traffic. Fitness tracking tools keep an eye on things like speed, distance, and calories burned to help you set goals and get better.

Safety is a top priority, with features like accident detection and emergency alerts on hand. Social features also let cyclists connect, share their accomplishments, and take part in challenges. This creates a community of supportive and inspiring users who love cycling.

Best Cyclists Apps Comparison Table

Cycling apps improve the ride with route planning, real-time tracking, and fitness metrics. Strava connects cyclists worldwide, making it social. Zwift creates a virtual indoor cycling community, and RideWithGPS maps routes. These apps aid cyclists in navigation, training, and camaraderie.

FeatureCyclemeter GPSMapMyRideKomootTrainerRoadZwift
GPS TrackingYesYesYesNoYes
Route PlanningLimitedYesYesNoLimited
Training PlansNoYesNoYesYes
Virtual RidingNoNoNoNoYes
Social FeaturesLimitedYesYesLimitedYes

Cyclemeter GPS

Best Cyclists Apps


  • Tracks cycling routes with GPS.
  • Monitors speed, distance, and elevation.
  • Provides real-time audio feedback.
  • Supports customizable training plans.

Cyclemeter GPS is a great cycling app that gives riders a lot of tools to help them track and improve their rides. With accurate GPS mapping, it keeps track of distance, speed, height, and other things. Real-time audio cues and customizable data screens make it more fun, and cyclists who want to improve their performance and stay motivated will need this app. Still, it is one of the best cyclist apps that you can consider.



  • Comprehensive GPS tracking for cycling activities.
  • Detailed performance metrics and analytics.
  • Integration with health and fitness data.


  • Interface can be overwhelming for some users.
  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.


Best Cyclists Apps


  • Records and analyzes cycling workouts.
  • Offers route planning and tracking.
  • Syncs with wearable devices.
  • Community features for sharing and motivation.

MapMyRide is like CycleMeter but benefits from its online route-mapping experience. The app tracks rides, nutrition, weight, and more and can get you there. The premium version offers training plans, advanced routing, and live tracking for family and friends. The premium app removes ads from the free version. Overall, it is one of the best cyclist apps that you can consider.



  • User-friendly interface for tracking rides.
  • Community features for sharing routes and achievements.
  • Integration with MyFitnessPal for holistic health tracking.


  • Ad-supported free version may have limitations.
  • Advanced features often locked behind a premium subscription.


Best Cyclists Apps


  • Plans personalized cycling routes.
  • Provides detailed offline maps.
  • Considers terrain and fitness levels.
  • Offers turn-by-turn navigation.

Komoot is a popular cycling app that changes the way people explore the outdoors. It’s made for cyclists, with detailed maps and route planning that let them make their own routes based on their fitness level and preferred terrain. Komoot is a popular platform for cyclists who want to go on adventures, find their way, and connect with others. This is the best cyclist apps that you can consider.



  • Excellent route planning with detailed maps.
  • Adaptive turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Integration with fitness trackers and other apps.


  • Limited free access to certain maps and features.
  • Some users find the interface complex initially.


Best Cyclists Apps


  • Indoor cycling training platform.
  • Structured workout plans.
  • Power-based training approach.
  • Performance analytics and progress tracking.

TrainerRoad is the most serious option here and seems to work if you can motivate yourself to use it. The structured workouts and training plans are tough and the closest many riders will get to a personal coach without paying. Training is tailored to a rider’s goals and condition using customized plans, AI FTP detection, machine learning, and adaptive training plans. Overall, this is one of the best cyclist apps.



  • Structured training plans for cyclists.
  • Power-based workouts for precise training.
  • Integration with various smart trainers and devices.


  • Focuses on indoor training, may not suit all cyclists.
  • Monthly subscription required for full access.


Best Cyclists Apps


  • Virtual cycling platform.
  • Offers immersive, gamified workouts.
  • Multiplayer online races and rides.
  • Integrates with smart trainers and devices.

Zwift’s immersive virtual world changes the way people ride bikes inside and connects cyclists all over the world. With its realistic landscapes and interactive training programmes, this app turns boring indoor workouts into fun activities. Cyclists train with structured workouts, race in a virtual peloton, and compete in races. Currently, this is one of the best cyclist apps.



  • Immersive virtual cycling experience.
  • Multiplayer functionality for social rides.
  • Gamification elements for added motivation.


  • Requires additional equipment like a smart trainer.
  • Monthly subscription cost may deter some users.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Cyclists Apps

Getting the most out of cycling apps can improve your performance, make your experience better, and help you get fitter overall. Here are some ideas:

Pick the Right App: There are many cycling apps, and each one has its own features. Choose an app that helps you reach your goals, whether they are to track your rides, give you training plans, or connect you with other people.

Make Sure It Works: Make sure the app works with your smartphone and cycling gadgets like smartwatches, bike computers, and more. This makes sure that the integration goes smoothly, which makes tracking better.

Set Clear Goals: Write down your cycling goals, whether they are to go farther, go faster, or get in better shape. A lot of cycling apps let you set clear goals, which can help you stay motivated and on track.

Use GPS Tracking: Use the features of GPS tracking to keep an eye on your routes, speed, and elevation. By looking at your performance, finding new routes, and setting personal goals, this information can be very helpful.

Connect to Wearable Tech: If you have fitness wearable tech, connect your cycling app to it so you can get extra information like heart rate, cadence, and calories burned. This gives you a fuller picture of how you’re doing.

Choosing the Right Cyclists App for Your Needs

Which cycling app is best for you depends on your needs, preferences, and goals. To help you make the right choice, follow these steps:

Set Goals: Think about what you want the app to help you do. Want to keep track of your rides, get in better shape, find new routes, or meet other cyclists? By writing down your goals, you can narrow down your choices.

Think About the App’s Features: Look for features that help you reach your goals. Cycling apps usually have GPS tracking, route planning, performance metrics (like speed, distance, and elevation), training plans, social features (like letting friends share rides and compete with you), and the ability to connect to wearable tech.

Ease of Use: Rate how easy each app is to use and how well it works with other apps. A well-thought-out interface can make your experience better and make it easier to get to the features you need while you’re riding.

Compatibility: It’s important to make sure that the app works with your device and operating system. Check to see if it works with your smartphone (iOS or Android) and any bikes or wearable tech you use, like heart rate monitors or bike computers.

Community and Social Features: If you want to meet other cyclists, look for apps with social features like community forums, group rides, or daily challenges. Being a part of a cycling community can give you motivation, support, and chances to meet new people.


Is Komoot better than Strava?

Komoot lets you plan routes with the free app, while Strava requires a subscription.

Is Strava free for cycling?

Yes, Strava lets you record and share activities for free. Explore a Strava subscription and our extra features to maximise Strava.

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