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Data entry is the process of transferring information into another medium by entering it into a computer program. People can transcribe data, including handwritten documents, spreadsheets, number sequences, computer codes, and even names and addresses.

The best Data Entry Software collects information from a single source and enters it in the appropriate database or piece of software after being changed. Data entry software, for instance, can automatically extract information from incoming invoices and update Salesforce records for paid payments. By automating the most tiresome aspect of any task, copying or scraping data from one interface to another, data entry software makes life simpler. It not only makes it possible for you to extract data, but also makes it possible for you to quickly generate interactive dashboards, charts, and insights.

Even still, it may be said that using spreadsheets for data entry is optimal because manually entering each piece of data can be quite time-consuming and error-prone. Each spreadsheet is also password-protected on the computer, making it impossible for many personnel from around the company to access it. In some ways, feeding data into spreadsheets makes more sense than keeping it in a hard-bound pad. Below we have mentioned Best Data Entry Software.

8 Best Data Entry Software


By employing several boards inside your workspace and customising each one, Infinity enables you to build flexible procedures and frameworks that let you effortlessly manage your data flow. That’s not all, though. By classifying all of your objects into folders, subfolders, and tabs and adding more than 20 properties, like checkboxes, text, labels, attachments, formulae, dates, and others, you can take things to the next level. By selecting one of the many views available, such as Columns, Table, Gantt, Calendar, List, or Form, you may even examine all of your data in the manner that suits you best.

Infinity can be combined with a variety of applications like Trello, Clockify, or Zapier, which is another really cool feature. Zapier enables you to take advantage of the features of more than 2000 different apps. You may quickly import all of Trello’s data via the interface with Trello. Additionally, Clockify enables you to keep track of the time you spend working on projects, so you always know who is doing what and whether deadlines will be met. To view your data in the way that makes the most sense to you, you can personalise these viewing settings. Overall, this is one of the Best Data Entry Software you can suggest your friends.

FoxTrot RPA

Foxtrot RPA enhances intelligent automation by tracking keystrokes or mouse movements to automate manual activities. For non-technical users, the data entry system can also make data gathering, data structuring, and data export simpler. Additionally, Foxtrot RPA makes it simple to acquire your excel data without any missing fields. Currently, this is one of the Best Data Entry Software.

This application not only has an intuitive user interface but also makes it easier to scrape data from the internet and organise it in a way that is understandable to consumers. Foxtrot RPA also makes it simple to input your excel data without any missing fields. Furthermore, the product can be used by any size business and offers a free trial so that you may test it out. You must pay a monthly charge to use the product after your free trial has ended.

Zoho Forms

You can easily manage your data with Zoho Forms, a programme for data entry. By allowing you to send email notifications, construct web forms, or use built-in apps to manage your data, it simplifies every step. It includes a tonne of amazing features, like the ability to design forms that can be customised with different colours, themes, and logos. Overall, this is one of the Best Data Entry Software.

Additionally, you can embed those forms on web pages and send them via email and social media to the rest of the team. Additionally, it enables you to integrate your forms with Desk, CRM, and advertising software. The app’s ability to keep you up to speed with data, such as making reports, exporting data, or the overall number of closed deals, is its strongest feature. You can get this Tool from its Official Website.


Another data entry automation with a tonne of features, Typeform has been immensely popular over time for putting a strong emphasis on enhancing the user experience. The programme may be used by companies of any size and seamlessly connects with well-known programmes like SalesForce, MailChimp, and Google Sheets. Typeform gives you the freedom to design custom fields that meet your business needs in addition to the automation options that users can use for data processing operations. You can choose between a functionally constrained free plan and a monthly payment plan if you want to use all of the software’s features. For now, this is the Best Data Entry Software.


This data entry tool is best suited for use by businesses in the healthcare sector. The Entrypoint package automates data transfer, verification, abbreviation detection, form validation, and image capturing to improve data processing processes.

In addition, this programme allows you to export data in PDF, CSV, and XML formats. There are three pricing tiers from which to choose: Enterprise, Advanced, and Essentials. The rates for the Essentials and Advanced plans are listed, but for the Enterprise plan, you must get a quote. This is the Best Data Entry Software that you can consider.

Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA is an RPA technology designed to automate manual tasks like data input, as its name suggests. Enterprises can use Nintex RPA’s well-trained bots to automate rote, everyday chores. These robots can perform tasks much like humans, but they are more accurate and can operate continuously.

Nintex RPA is the ideal tool for non-technical users because it has a no-code, simple drag-and-drop interface. Its ability to extract data from both structured and unstructured documents, like many other data input programmes, makes it a formidable contender, especially for non-technical users. Overall, this is one of the Best Data Entry Software you can install now.


The category of data entry tools includes ProntoForms, a cloud-based application. Being able to gather and manage forms and documents from any location is one of this software’s top advantages. The form library has a variety of predefined templates that users can select from, ranging from delivery requests to event registrations. They are able to design their own templates.

Time stamps, barcodes, signatures, and photographs are just a few examples of the many types of data that can be included in the form to provide information to anyone who needs to access any kind of document. Field agents can deliver incomplete forms to large groups or specific people using this technique, which enables administrators to manage users. Overall, this is one of the Best Data Entry Software.


In order to provide its users with a centralised system, Docparser is a reliable document management solution that includes cloud-based enterprise storage. Data from different documents, including barcodes, can be extracted using OCR technology and built-in text recognition. You can download the data output in Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML formats.

Users may easily extract data from photographs using Docparser’s auto-cropping, auto-resizing, and auto-rotation image pre-processing features. The programme is a good option to replace manual data entry because it can be coupled with third-party apps through APIs. This is the Best Data Entry Software that you can consider.


Invoice processing, labor-intensive operations, and the creation of sales orders are all made easier by data entry software. But that’s not where the narrative ends; you must employ software that meets your needs and can categorise, gather, and validate data quickly. No matter how much data you enter, modern technologies can organise it for you, making it simple to utilise. Organizations can easily track, manage, and exploit specific pieces of data when they are classified.

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