Best Document Workflow Software 2024: expert recommendations

Document workflow management generates, tracks, revises, approves, captures, retrieves, retains, and destroys business process-related documents.

Businesses need to be good at managing their files these days so they can stay organised and get work done. To make things run more smoothly, different types of document workflow software have been created. When it comes to managing documents, the best document workflow software stands out because it can handle all of them, from when they are created to when they are stored to when they are got back.

Almost all teams need to keep track of documents as part of their work. Documents need to be made, stored, and sent out. Without the right software, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done with them. Below, we have mentioned the best document workflow software.

What is Document Workflow Software?

Document workflow software is a digital tool that helps organisations make the flow of documents more efficient. It automates tasks like making documents, reviewing them, getting approval for them, and sending them out. Version control, document tracking, electronic signatures, and the ability to connect to other business systems are some of the features that these platforms usually come with.

Management of the lifecycle of documents, from creation to archiving, is made easier with document workflow software. This cuts down on mistakes made by hand and boosts productivity.

Best Document Workflow Software Comparison Table

Document Workflow Software automates document creation and distribution. It allows organisational collaboration, version control, and document progress tracking. This software reduces manual tasks, ensures compliance, and centralises document management across diverse teams and projects, improving efficiency.

Form CreationYesLimitedLimitedNoNo
Document EditingNoYesYesNoYes


Best Document Workflow Software


  • Easy form building.
  • Customizable form templates.
  • Seamless data collection.
  • Integration with various apps and platforms.

Jotform Enterprise is a software as a service (SaaS) product that focuses on managing the workflows regarding your documents. We believe that it is especially helpful for larger organisations that have a lot of moving parts and need to keep track of a lot of documents. Although it is designed for businesses of all sizes, we believe that it is especially useful for larger organizations. Currently, this is one of the best document workflow software.

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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Versatile form customization options.
  • Integration with various third-party apps.


  • Limited advanced features in the free version.
  • Some users may find the pricing plans expensive for advanced functionalities.


Best Document Workflow Software


  • Legal document automation.
  • Templates for legal documents.
  • Collaboration tools for legal teams.
  • Document version control.

Avokaado is the best tool for managing and automating legal business documents and workflows. It can be used at all stages of the document lifecycle, from writing the document to getting approvals, carrying out contracts, and even signing it digitally. Plus, people inside and outside your company can work together here. Overall, this is one of the best document workflow software.


  • Simplifies legal document creation and management.
  • Collaboration features enhance team productivity.
  • Templates and automation streamline workflows.


  • Pricing may be prohibitive for small businesses.
  • Advanced customization options could be expanded.


Best Document Workflow Software


  • Create, send, and eSign documents.
  • Document templates for various purposes.
  • Real-time document tracking.
  • Integration with CRM and other business tools.

Panda Doc provides a comprehensive solution that makes it simple to create, manage, and sign documents. As a result, it is an excellent choice for teams that are constantly on the move and dealing with sales. Additionally, it enables the creation of documents, as well as their editing and verification. Suffice it to say that it makes it easier for you to close deals and generate more money more quickly. This is the best document workflow software that you can consider.


  • Easy document creation and e-signature functionality.
  • Integration with CRM and productivity tools.
  • Tracking features provide insights into document engagement.


  • Advanced features are only available in higher-priced plans.
  • Learning curve for some users due to feature richness.


Best Document Workflow Software


  • Visual project management with boards.
  • Flexible card-based system for tasks.
  • Collaborative features for team projects.
  • Integration with third-party apps and services.

Trello is a workflow tool that can be easily customised to help teams working in different places keep track of documents, tasks, projects, and to-do lists in a way that is simple, visual, and easy to understand. You can make flexible boards that show different files, projects, or goals, and then add lists and cards to them so that they can be moved around as tasks are finished or priorities shift. Overall, it is one of the best document workflow software that you can consider.


  • Intuitive and visual task management interface.
  • Flexible customization options for different workflows.
  • Integration with various apps and services.


  • Lack of built-in time tracking features.
  • Limited functionality for complex project management needs.


Best Document Workflow Software


  • Mobile document management and workflow automation.
  • Form filling and digital signatures.
  • Annotate and mark up PDF documents.
  • Cloud storage integration for document management.

Fluix is a platform for managing documents and automating work processes. Most of the time, this solution is used to collect data and process forms. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface lets you make different kinds of documents and get information from partners or customers. With the modules, you can sign the papers and add pictures or notes to them as you work. Still, it is one of the best document workflow software that you can consider.


  • Simplifies document workflow management.
  • Mobile-friendly platform with offline functionality.
  • Integration with cloud storage and business apps.


  • Limited advanced features compared to some competitors.
  • Pricing may be a concern for smaller teams or businesses.

Tips for Optimizing Document Workflow Processes

Optimising document workflow processes can make an organisation much more productive, cut down on mistakes, and make it easier for people to work together. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your document workflow:

Find Workflow Bottlenecks: Look at how you currently handle the flow of documents to find inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and ways to make things better. Look for tasks that need to be done over and over, data entry that needs to be done by hand, and communication gaps that slow down the workflow.

Standardise Templates and Document Formats: To make sure everyone in your organisation is using the same files and names, standardise templates, document formats, and naming conventions. To speed up the creation process and cut down on mistakes, use templates that are already set up for common document types.

Install Document Management Software: Spend money on document management software that stores documents centrally and keeps track of versions and access rights. Pick a solution that works with the ones you already have and has features like indexing documents, search tools, and automated workflows.

Automate Repetitive Tasks: To cut down on errors and manual work, automate tasks that you do over and over again, like data entry, document routing, and approval processes. You can make custom workflows that do things based on conditions you set by using workflow automation tools.

Enable Collaboration Tools: Set up collaboration tools that let everyone on the team edit, comment, and see what changes have been made right away. Cloud-based platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or SharePoint make it easy for people to work together from anywhere and on any device.

How to Choose the Best Document Workflow Software for Your Needs

A lot of things need to be carefully thought through in order to find the best document workflow software for your needs. When looking at document workflow software, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Figure Out What You Need: Figure out what your specific document management needs and workflow processes are. Think about things like the number of documents you handle, the need for collaboration, the need to follow the rules, the ease of integration with other systems, and the complexity of your workflows.

Keeping documents safe and organised: Look for software that can safely store and organise your documents. To make sure that documents are easily found and managed, the software should make it easy to tag, organise, search, and keep track of different versions of documents.

Workflow Automation: Pick software with workflow automation features to make it easier to send documents, get approvals, and assign tasks. Workflow automation can help cut down on mistakes made by hand, boost productivity, and make sure that established procedures are followed.

Integration with Existing Systems: Check to see if the software works well with the systems and programmes you already have, like email clients, cloud storage services, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Integration tools can help your organisation be more productive and make sure that all of its data is consistent.

Collaboration and Sharing: Think about the software’s collaboration tools, like co-authoring in real time, leaving comments, and sharing files. The software should make it easier for team members to work together, both inside and outside the company, while still protecting data and controlling who can see it.


Does Google have a workflow tool?

You can manage workflows using the Google Cloud console or CLI. Google Cloud console supports Workflows syntax editing visualisation.

Can AI create workflow?

To boost productivity, many companies are using AI workflows for manual, human-dependent processes.

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