Best Excel AI Tools 2024: for advanced data analysis

Optimize your data analysis and increase your productivity with these exceptional AI-driven Excel tools for improved spreadsheet performance.

Excel can quickly calculate and analyse data from marketing data platforms and other sources. It is a powerful computational tool that can solve complex problems, despite its reputation as a spreadsheet programme. Realising its full potential often requires mastering many complex formulas, which can intimidate many users. To overcome these challenges and unlock Excel’s true potential, use the best Excel AI Tools to streamline tasks and boost efficiency.

Excel has been used for a long time by many people around the world because it is very useful. It’s easy to use and can do many things. But Excel gets better as technology does. Before AI came along, people thought Excel could not do certain things. We’ll talk about the Excel AI Tools below.

What are Excel AI Rools?

Excel has tools that use AI to make data analysis and work more efficient. Machine learning is used in features like Excel Ideas to find patterns and insights in data. The “Insert Data from Picture” option turns pictures of tables into Excel data that can be changed. Power Query and Power Pivot in Excel also use AI to let you do more advanced data analysis and manipulation. With these tools, users can use their data to make better decisions.

The Benefits of Using AI Tools for Excel

Adding or using AI tools with Microsoft Excel can help with many things, like making work easier, better analysis, and better decisions. Here are some good reasons to use AI tools for Excel:

Data analysis that is done automatically: AI tools can make it possible to analyse large datasets automatically. They can find patterns, trends, and outliers, which gives you useful information without having to do it by hand.

Predictive Analytics: You can use AI algorithms to make models in Excel that can predict the future. This lets users make smart choices based on predictions and trends about the future, which helps people and businesses make better plans.

Cleaning and Preparing Data: AI can help clean and prepare data for analysis. It can find errors and fix them, deal with missing values, and make sure that data is in a format that can be analysed. This saves time and makes results more accurate.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): When NLP features are added to Excel, users can use natural language queries to interact with data. This makes it easier for people who aren’t very good at technology to get useful information from their data.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks: AI tools can automate tasks that are done over and over again in Excel, like entering data, formatting, and making reports. This saves time and lowers the chance of making mistakes that come with doing things by hand.

Best Excel AI Tools Comparison Table

Excel AI tools improve data analysis and productivity. Excel Ideas uses machine learning to suggest insights from datasets, while Smart Lookup provides context. These apps automate tasks, streamline workflows, and give users data-driven decision-making power.

Feature/CriteriaSheet+Excel Formula BotExcelly-AIMiroCogniflow
Collaboration FeaturesReal-time collaboration, commentsCollaboration through chatCollaboration through chatReal-time collaboration, commentsCollaboration features
Formula AssistanceAdvanced assistanceAdvanced assistanceBasic assistanceLimitedAdvanced assistance
Visualization ToolsCharts, Graphs, DashboardsLimitedLimitedDiagrams, Boards, WidgetsWorkflow visualization
Platform CompatibilityWeb, DesktopWeb, DesktopWeb, DesktopWeb, DesktopWeb, Desktop
Learning CurveModerateModerateEasyModerateModerate
Automation FeaturesMacros, ScriptingScriptingLimited automationLimitedWorkflow automation


Best Excel AI Tools


  • Collaborative Spreadsheets
  • Enables real-time collaboration on spreadsheets.
  • Supports simultaneous editing by multiple users.
  • Integrates with popular cloud storage for seamless file sharing.
  • Provides version history and comments for efficient communication.

Sheet+ is an AI tool for Excel that makes the formulas you need very quickly. Sheet+ can help you become an expert in spreadsheets whether you’re new to Excel/Google Sheets and want to learn how to use it or you’re an experienced user who wants to brush up on your skills. This tool turns text into Google Sheets and Excel Formulas. Overall, it is one of the best Excel AI Tools that you can consider.

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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Robust collaboration features.
  • Advanced formula capabilities.


  • Limited offline functionality.
  • May have a learning curve for beginners.

Excel Formula Bot

Best Excel AI Tools


  • Simplifies Formula Creation
  • Generates Excel formulas based on natural language queries.
  • Assists users in building complex calculations effortlessly.
  • Enhances productivity by reducing formula-writing time.

Excel Formula Bot is a tool that, with the assistance of artificial intelligence, enables users to convert their text instructions into formulas that can be used in Excel and Google Sheets in a matter of seconds. Users are provided with an easy way to automate laborious tasks and increase their productivity through the utilization of this tool, which is user-friendly and is intuitive. This is the best Excel AI Tools that you can consider.


  • Can generate complex Excel formulas
  • Saves time and effort
  • Can be used by people with limited Excel knowledge


  • Not always accurate
  • Can be difficult to understand the generated formulas


Best Excel AI Tools


  • intelligent Data Analysis
  • Utilizes AI for advanced data analysis in Excel.
  • Automates insights extraction from large datasets.
  • Offers predictive modeling and trend identification features.

The text-to-Excel tool Excelly-AI makes it easy for people to create powerful Excel formulas in their browser or Slack. It can figure out complicated formulas with GPT-3.5-turbo technology. Anyone can make any formula and get an explanation for it. Excelly-AI works with both Excel and Google Sheets, and it can also be connected to Slack to help teams share information and get work done. Currently, this is one of the best Excel AI Tools.


  • AI-powered automation for data analysis.
  • Integration with popular data sources.
  • Enhanced predictive modeling features.


  • Dependency on reliable internet connection.
  • Pricing may be a concern for small businesses.


Best Excel AI Tools


  • Visual Collaboration Platform
  • Facilitates collaborative brainstorming and ideation.
  • Supports real-time visual collaboration with remote teams.
  • Integrates with various tools for seamless workflow.

Miro, which used to be Realtime Board and AWW app, helps your team stay on the same page. Miro is a virtual whiteboard and remote collaboration tool that helps teams from different departments work together better to make great things. The platform lets teams come up with ideas, see how they might look, and share them without any limits. Overall, this is one of the best Excel AI Tools.


  • Versatile online collaboration platform.
  • Intuitive visual interface for brainstorming.
  • Extensive template library for various use cases.


  • Steeper learning curve for advanced features.
  • Limited offline functionality.


Best Excel AI Tools


  • Workflow Automation
  • Automates repetitive tasks and processes in business workflows.
  • Integrates with popular business applications and tools.
  • Provides customizable workflow templates for different industries.

Sort customer interactions into groups, get information from text or pictures, find and count things in pictures or videos, or even transcribe audio. In just a few easy steps, you can train your own AI model or use one of ours that has already been trained and is ready to go. If your service is API-ready, you can connect any app or programme to your AI models. Still, it is one of the best Excel AI Tools that you can consider.


  • Workflow automation and process optimization.
  • Seamless integration with various apps and tools.
  • Customizable dashboards for real-time insights.


  • Initial setup may be time-consuming.
  • Advanced features may require coding knowledge.

Choosing the Right Excel AI Tool for Your Needs

Your needs and tasks determine which Excel AI tool to use. Consider these factors when choosing an Excel AI tool:

Task necessities: Set clear AI automation or enhancement goals. Some AI tools specialize in data analysis, forecasting, natural language processing, and other tasks.

Excel integration: Make sure the AI tool works with Excel. Integration is essential for smooth workflow and tool efficiency in Excel.

Usability: Choose an AI tool that’s simple to use. Look for tools with a simple interface, clear instructions, and possibly tutorials or documentation to get started.

Compatibility: See if the AI tool works with your Excel version. Some tools require specific versions or updates to work.

Learning Curve: Consider the AI tool’s learning curve. Some tools are easy to use, while others require extensive training. Assess your Excel proficiency and learning time to determine if the tool fits.


Can you build AI in Excel?

If Excel doesn’t have real artificial intelligence (AI) built in, it does have features that use machine learning algorithms to do some tasks automatically.

Can ChatGPT read Excel files?

ChatGPT can’t talk to an Excel spreadsheet directly yet, but I found that it could do a lot of things to help me with Excel, which was especially helpful for harder tasks.

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