Best FaceApp Alternatives 2024: for stunning photo transformations

Discover FaceApp alternatives for fun and creative photo editing experiences on your mobile device. Try something new!

People who edit photos are always looking for the best FaceApp alternatives because they want flexible tools that can improve and change their portraits. If you want to change your age, gender, or add fun filters, there are a number of apps that can do it without putting your privacy or safety at risk. Another good option is Snapseed, which was made by Google and has a lot of editing tools like filters, brushes, and selective adjustments.

Snapseed is a popular choice among photographers because it is easy to use and lets you edit photos without destroying them. Adobe Photoshop Express is another great option. It lets you make powerful changes in a format that works well on mobile devices. Photoshop Express can be used for a lot of different editing tasks, from simple tweaks to advanced retouching. Below, we have mentioned the best FaceApp alternatives.

What is FaceApp ?

Facial features can be changed in photos with FaceApp, a mobile app that uses AI to do this. It became popular because it let users add different filters to photos of themselves, like making them look older, changing their faces, or switching their genders. The app uses neural networks to change photos in a way that looks natural, making changes that are hard to believe.

FaceApp has been praised for being fun, but it has also raised privacy concerns about user data and image rights, which has led privacy advocates and regulators to look closely at the app.

Best FaceApp Alternatives Comparison Table

FaceApp alternatives exist due to privacy concerns and diverse feature needs. Snapchat, PicsArt, and Photoshop Express allow facial editing. FaceTune allows detailed retouching, while produces artistic transformations. Users can consider their privacy and preferences when considering these options.

Primary FunctionFace swappingPhoto manipulationAging photosPhoto editing with filtersPhoto editing with beauty tools
Unique FeaturesSwaps faces in videos and images with AILarge collection of filters and effectsTurns photos into realistic paintings of different agesLive filters and beauty effectsExtensive beauty tools and skin editing features
PlatformsiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Ease of UseModerateEasyEasyEasyEasy


Best FaceApp Alternatives


  • AI-powered face swap app.
  • Allows users to replace faces in GIFs and videos with their own.
  • Offers a wide range of face swap templates and effects.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for creating entertaining content.

The app known as Reface is considered to be one of the most popular face apps, and it is used by more than ten million users all over the world. It is possible to quickly and easily replace your face with that of a famous person or a pop star by using this best alternative to FaceApp that is free. The purpose of this application is to add the face of another person to another picture. Still, it is one of the best FaceApp alternatives that you can consider.

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  • Advanced face-swapping technology for creating entertaining videos.
  • Wide range of face filters and effects for customization.
  • User-friendly interface with easy sharing options.


  • Limited functionality beyond face-swapping.
  • Some users may experience occasional glitches or performance issues.


Best FaceApp Alternatives


  • Online photo editing tool with hundreds of effects and templates.
  • Allows users to add their photos to various scenes and templates.
  • Offers effects for different occasions and themes.
  • Easy-to-use interface for creating customized photos and collages.

PhotoFunia is a cloud-based app for editing and sharing photos that lets people make creative pictures. It has editing tools and special effects that you can use to make your photos look better. It helps you add text and pictures to your pictures. People can share edited photos with others through the app. They can keep pictures on their phones or tablets. Overall, it is one of the best FaceApp alternatives that you can consider.


  • Offers a vast collection of fun photo effects and filters.
  • Simple interface with easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Allows for quick and creative photo editing and manipulation.


  • Some effects may be repetitive or outdated.
  • Limited customization options compared to more advanced photo editing software.


Best FaceApp Alternatives


  • Face aging app that simulates the aging process in photos.
  • Allows users to add wrinkles, grey hair, and other aging effects to their photos.
  • Offers various customization options for adjusting the level of aging.
  • Fun and entertaining way to see how users might look in the future.

Oldify is a fun app like FaceApp that makes you look two times older than you really are. It’s fascinating to look at our older selves and guess what we will look like in the future. This app for your phone is great because you can share it with your friends. The effects get better and more interesting as you use it more. This is the best FaceApp alternatives that you can consider.


  • Unique app for aging photos to create humorous or nostalgic effects.
  • User-friendly interface with simple controls.
  • Allows for customization of age effects and facial features.


  • Limited functionality beyond aging effects.
  • May not appeal to all users due to its specific purpose.


Best FaceApp Alternatives


  • Camera app with various filters and effects for selfies and photos.
  • Offers real-time filters and effects for capturing unique photos.
  • Includes features such as collage making and GIF creation.
  • Easy sharing options to social media platforms.

The mobile application for editing photographs known as Retrica has gained a lot of popularity among younger users. It offers a variety of features that allow users to adjust and modify the photos or images they have taken. The application provides you with more than 190 different photo filters from which you can select one to apply to your photographs. Overall, this is one of the best FaceApp alternatives.


  • Offers a wide range of real-time filters and effects for photos and videos.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive editing tools.
  • Allows for easy sharing of edited photos on social media platforms.


  • Some users may find the app overwhelming due to the number of filters available.
  • Advanced features may require a premium subscription.


Best FaceApp Alternatives


  • Photo editing app with a wide range of filters and effects.
  • Offers advanced editing tools for retouching photos.
  • Includes beauty filters and effects for enhancing selfies.
  • Creative features such as stickers, frames, and backgrounds for customization.

Meitu is a free app like FaceApp that has more than 1 million users in China. Many people think this is one of the best FaceApp web alternatives because it is free and lets you edit your face. This is also thought to be the best FaceApp for PC app for users. This is one of the face filter apps that also has an image editor and a cool UI/UX design. Currently, this is one of the best FaceApp alternatives.


  • Powerful photo editing app with a variety of advanced tools and filters.
  • Offers beautification features for enhancing selfies and portraits.
  • Allows for creative photo manipulation and editing.


  • Some features may be considered overly stylized for certain users.
  • May require a learning curve for mastering advanced editing tools.

Tips for Enhancing Photos with FaceApp Alternatives

Using FaceApp alternatives to improve photos is possible with a number of apps and programs that do the same thing. Here are some tips on how to improve photos with apps like FaceApp:

Choose a Reliable Alternative: If you don’t want to use FaceApp, pick an alternative that has been loved by many people. When looking for apps or software, make sure that they get regular updates, have good privacy and security records, and have been praised by users.

Try Out Different Filters and Effects: Look into the different editing, filters, and effects that the other app or software offers. To improve the look of your photos as a whole, try changing things like brightness, contrast, saturation, and color balance.

Focus on Natural Enhancements: Don’t make too many changes to your photos that don’t make sense. Instead, you should focus on natural enhancements that make the subject look better while still keeping their natural look. Making small changes can often lead to better results than making big ones.

Retouching and Smoothing Skin: A lot of apps that are similar to FaceApp have tools for smoothing and retouching skin. Don’t use these tools too much; they will get rid of flaws, wrinkles, and other skin problems without changing the skin’s natural texture or look.

Change Parts of Your Face: Some apps and programs let you change parts of your face like your eyes, nose, mouth, and jawline. Be smart about how you use these features to improve balance and symmetry while keeping a natural look.

Choosing the Best FaceApp Alternative for You

FaceApp became popular because it could change selfies with different filters, effects, and age-progressing tools. But if you want to find an alternative because you care about privacy, want a different feature, or something else, here’s how to pick the best one for you:

Privacy and Data Security: Choose alternatives that are clear about their privacy policies, handle data safely, and ideally don’t keep user data on their servers. Make sure the app you pick doesn’t invade your privacy and doesn’t use your information in a bad way.

Variety and Quality of Filters: Look for FaceApp alternatives that have a lot of filters, effects, and editing tools. Check the filters and effects’ quality to make sure they live up to your hopes.

AI-Powered Features: If you liked FaceApp’s AI-powered features like changing your age, gender, or face shape, look for other apps that do the same things accurately and reliably.

User Interface and Ease of Use: Pick an alternative that has an interface that is easy to understand and use. The app should have simple controls for adding filters and editing photos that make it easy to get around.

Platform Compatibility: Make sure the alternative works on the platform you want, whether that’s iOS, Android, or the web. To avoid problems, make sure that it works with the version of the operating system on your device.


Is there a way to get FaceApp free?

Your friends can use FaceApp PRO for free for 7 days with your Referral Link, starting an extended trial program available only through personal recommendations.

Is Fotor app free?

Our online photo editor has everything you need to edit photos easily. Simple online photo editing is free!

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