Best File Transfer Software for Mac 2024: effortless file transfers

Simplify file sharing on your Mac with efficient and secure file transfer software for a seamless workflow.

When it comes to Mac users who want to be efficient and save time, seamless file transfer is essential in today’s constantly changing digital world. Finding the best File Transfer Software for Mac is essential for easily managing files on different devices. Although these apps focus on having easy-to-use interfaces, they also make sure that transfers are quick and safe, which makes them essential for many tasks.

The name of these great programmes, best File Transfer Software for Mac, covers it all. The software solutions listed here have many great features, including fast data transfers, easy-to-use interfaces, and strong security protocols. Users can say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to a simplified environment where moving files is easily achievable. Below, we have mentioned the best file transfer software for Mac.

What is File Transfer Software?

File transfer software makes it easier to move files from one device, network, or server to another. It lets people safely share, upload, and download files. This kind of software usually has features like encryption, compression, and file organisation that make sure data transfer is quick and safe. These tools make it easier to share files, reduce mistakes, and speed up data transfers across multiple platforms and networks. They are commonly used in business, personal, or server-to-server situations.

Best File Transfer Software for Mac Comparison Table

Mac file transfer apps like FileZilla and Cyberduck simplify data transfer. These apps support multiple protocols for server compatibility. They streamline file management and secure file transfer across local or remote networks with user-friendly interfaces and powerful features.

File TransferYesYesLimitedYesYes
IntegrationLimitedExtensiveLimitedWide RangeLimited
Team CommunicationNoYesNoYesNo
Project ManagementNoLimitedNoYesNo
Storage OptionsCloud OnlyIntegrations with CloudsCloud OnlyCloud and On-PremisesCloud Only


Best File Transfer Software for Mac


  • File-sharing platform.
  • Allows transfer of large files.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Secure end-to-end encryption.

The Send Anywhere file sharing app lets people quickly and easily send digital files to anyone in the world from any device. Your files can be sent over the internet or your home network. Real-time file transfer, sharing files with links, and managing files and folders are just a few of the features that make it easy for businesses to share and work together on projects in real time. Currently, this is one of the best file transfer software for Mac.

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  • Simple and fast file-sharing across devices.
  • No registration required for basic functionality.
  • Supports various file types and large file sizes.


  • Limited collaboration features compared to some platforms.
  • May not be suitable for continuous team communication.


Best File Transfer Software for Mac


  • Team communication platform.
  • Real-time messaging and collaboration.
  • Integrations with various apps.
  • Channels for organized discussions.

Slack is flexible file transfer software for Mac that makes working together and communicating easier. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for teams to share documents, photos, and other media, which speeds up work. Its ability to integrate, sync files in real time, and send messages makes it an essential tool for Mac users, improving their productivity and ability to connect with others. Overall, this is one of the best file transfer software for Mac.


  • Robust team communication and collaboration platform.
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party apps.
  • Organized channels for efficient communication.


  • Free version has limited message history storage.
  • Pricing can be relatively high for larger teams.


Best File Transfer Software for Mac


  • Cloud data migration tool.
  • Transfers data between cloud services.
  • Supports various file types and sizes.
  • User-friendly interface.

The cutting-edge file transfer software Cloudsfer was made just for Mac users. It makes moving data between different cloud storage platforms easy and seamless. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Cloudsfer makes sure that transfers are quick and safe. This makes it an essential tool for Mac users and businesses that want to manage their data efficiently. This is the best file transfer software for Mac that you can consider.


  • Cloud-to-cloud data migration solution.
  • Supports various cloud storage providers.
  • User-friendly interface for easy data transfer.


  • Some features may be limited in the free version.
  • Pricing structure may vary based on data volume.


Best File Transfer Software for Mac


  • All-in-one collaboration suite.
  • Project management and communication tools.
  • CRM and social collaboration features.
  • Cloud and on-premise deployment options.

Bitrix24, a business collaboration platform, supports Mac file transfer. It streamlines document sharing, real-time collaboration, and task management with a simple interface. For Mac-based companies looking to boost productivity, Bitrix24 simplifies communication, project tracking, and team coordination. Overall, it is one of the best file transfer software for Mac that you can consider.


  • All-in-one collaboration platform with CRM and project management.
  • Offers free version for small teams.
  • Extensive features, including communication tools.


  • Complexity may require time for users to adapt.
  • Advanced features may be locked behind higher pricing tiers.


Best File Transfer Software for Mac


  • File transfer and sharing.
  • Focus on secure and fast sharing.
  • Supports large file sizes.
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick sharing.

TeraShare is cutting-edge software for Mac users that lets them send and receive files quickly and safely. The process is made easier by its user-friendly interface, which lets you send large files quickly and easily. TeraShare protects the integrity and privacy of your data with strong encryption, which makes it a good choice for Mac users. Still, it is one of the best file transfer software for Mac that you can consider.


  • Secure and private file sharing.
  • No file size limitations for transfers.
  • User-friendly interface with a focus on simplicity.


  • May not offer as many features as some competitors.
  • Relatively less known compared to more established platforms.

Tips for Efficient and Fast File Transfers on Mac

For productivity and ease of use, file transfers on a Mac need to be quick and easy. Here are some ways to make the process of sending files better:

Connect at High Speed: If you can, use a stable, high-speed network connection to send files. Most of the time, Ethernet and other wired connections are faster than Wi-Fi. When you use Wi-Fi, make sure you’re connected to a fast and stable network.

Use Thunderbolt or USB 3.0/3.1: If you need to send large files or a lot of data, you might want to use Thunderbolt or USB 3.0/3.1 ports. These technologies let you send and receive data faster than older USB versions.

Optimise Network Settings: Make changes to your network settings to get the best performance. For instance, when you’re using Wi-Fi, pick the 5GHz band over the 2.4GHz band because it usually has faster speeds. Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date Wi-Fi standards that your devices can handle.

Archive or Compress Files: You might want to archive or compress the files into a single archive (zip) file before you send them. It can speed up the process, especially if there are a lot of small files, because fewer files will be sent at once.

Update macOS and Apps: Make sure that both macOS and the file transfer apps you use are up to date. Performance improvements and bug fixes that can speed up file transfers are often part of updates.

How to Select the Best File Transfer Software for Your Mac

When choosing the best file transfer software for your Mac, you should think about things like cost, features, security, ease of use, and compatibility. Here’s some information to help you decide:

Find Out What You Need: Figure out exactly what you need to do to transfer files. Are you working with other people, transferring large files, or sync’ing folders? The right software will be easy to find if you know what you need.

Consider File Transfer Methods: Think about the different ways you can send files. Different file transfer software supports different ways, like FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS), sharing files between peers (P2P) or directly over a local network, cloud storage integration, and so on. Select software that works with the method(s) of transfer you want to use.

Security Features: It is very important to have security when sending files, especially private or sensitive data. When looking for file transfer software, make sure it has encryption (like SSL/TLS or SSH), safe ways to prove who you are, and follows the rules for keeping data safe.

Interface and Ease of Use: The software should have an easy-to-understand interface that makes it simple to send files. Features like drag-and-drop, folder synchronisation, and queue management can make things easier to use.

Compatible with Mac: Make sure that the software you want to use to transfer files works well on your Mac and is compatible with macOS. Check to see if it works with the version of macOS you have and if there are any hardware requirements.


How fast is AirDrop?

People like AirDrop because it lets you send files quickly. It can do up to 1GB per second.

Why is AirDrop slow on macbook?

When your Mac and iPhone are in different rooms, walls, doors, and other solid objects can slow down the Wi-Fi network. Bring the devices closer.

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