Best Food Bloggers in India 2024: top culinary influencers

Exploring the vibrant world of food bloggers in India's diverse gastronomic landscape.

You will have the opportunity to embark on a journey through the vibrant floral tapestry of Indian flavors with the assistance of the best Food Bloggers in India. These culinary experts are revolutionizing the way in which people discover new foods by combining traditional and contemporary flavors in a way that is both delicious and a step forward in the culinary world.

These food bloggers pay tribute to the wide variety of Indian cuisine by composing a symphony of flavors that encompasses the entire spectrum of Indian cuisine. Come into the virtual kitchens of these well-known food critics as they share delicious recipes, insightful reviews, and interesting stories that bring Indian food art to life.

Their blogs let readers into the world of spices, smells, and cooking stories, giving them a way to get to the heart of India’s food culture. Below, we have mentioned the best Food Bloggers in India.

What is food blogging?

Food blogging is when you write and share content about food on a computer screen, usually a blog or social media. Blogs about food share recipes, cooking tips, reviews of restaurants, and pictures of meals they make or enjoy. They often build a group of followers who are all interested in food. Personal stories, cultural influences, and details about the blogger’s food experiences can also be found on these blogs. Blogging about food has become a popular way for people to share their love of food and meet other food lovers.

Best Food Bloggers in India

Food bloggers in India are influential tastemakers who capture the country’s diverse cuisine. These bloggers influence food trends and build a vibrant online food community by sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, and culinary adventures with vibrant visuals and narratives.

Archana Doshi

Best Food Bloggers in India

Archana Doshi started her blog in 2007 with the goal of giving people the tools they needed to make cooking easy. She encourages people to eat well because she thinks health starts at the dinner table. ‘Archana’s Kitchen,’ her blog, has easy-to-follow recipes that people can cook themselves. “Archana’s Kitchen” has a collection of recipes, articles, contests, and meal plans and lunchbox ideas.

Aarthi Satheesh

Best Food Bloggers in India

Aarthi Satheesh began by making meals for her coworkers. She thought of starting a blog when people asked her for her recipes. So, Aarti quit her job as a researcher to follow her heart. She now writes blogs, makes YouTube videos with recipes, and takes pictures. She has also been on Season 1 of MasterChef Tamil and was given an award by Sonu Sood for being the best businesswoman in Tamil Nadu.

Tarla Dalal

Best Food Bloggers in India

Shree Padma Tarla Dalal was a famous Indian food writer, host of cooking shows, and chef. In 1974, Tarla wrote her first book, The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking. It became a huge hit right away. More than 1.5 million copies of the book have been sold. From then on, she wrote more than 150 cooking books and became India’s best-known cookbook author.

Deeba Rajpal

Best Food Bloggers in India

She travels and styles food. Her name is Deeba Rajpal. She has an amazing food blog called Passionate About Baking that is known all over the world. As you might guess from the name of her blog, she loves baking and has a sweet tooth. She loves coming up with new fruit recipes and cooking them, mostly for desserts.

Anubhav Sapra

Best Food Bloggers in India

Anubhav Sapra began writing the well-known blog “Delhi Food Walks” in 2011. At first, it was just a place to look at all of Delhi’s different kinds of street food. Over time, it grew to include less well-known recipes and foods from all over the country. Even though North Indian food is still his specialty, his blog has recipes from other places that will please everyone.

Tips for Aspiring Food Bloggers in India

Starting a food blog in India can be fun because the country has a lot of different kinds of food and a lively food culture. Here are some tips for Indian people who want to become food bloggers:

Find Your Area of Expertise: Find a specific niche in the field of food blogging. This could be Indian food from a certain region, healthy recipes, street food adventures, or anything else that makes Indian food special.

Good photography: Spend some time learning the basics of how to take pictures of food. To get people to read your writing, you need high-quality, appealing images. It makes a big difference to have good lighting, composition, and presentation.

Interesting Content: Bring your love of food and interesting stories together. Tell personal stories, cultural facts, or historical facts about the dishes you’re writing about. In order to connect with your audience, this is helpful.

Focus on the area and the season: Use seasonal and local ingredients. Your blog will seem more real and relatable if you write about local specialties and seasonal foods.

Creating a recipe: Try different ways of making your recipes. Putting your own thoughts on your blog makes it more interesting and different from others. Include clear, detailed steps for your readers to follow.


Who is the youngest successful YouTuber in India?

Varchasvi Sharma is India’s youngest YouTuber.

What is the income of CarryMinati?

CarryMinati’s annual revenue is estimated at 4 crore rupees.

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