Best Food Delivery Apps in India 2024: to satisfy your cravings

Discover the diverse world of food delivery apps in India for quick and tasty delicacies!

In India, where food is very popular, the need for quick and easy food delivery services has led to the creation of many original apps. The phrase best Food Delivery Apps In India brings to mind a wide range of choices that will please all tastes. Zomato is leading the way because it has a huge list of restaurants and an easy-to-use interface. Because it delivers food so quickly and works with so many restaurants, Swiggy stands out as a fierce competitor.

With its easy-to-use platform, Uber Eats, which is now part of Zomato, continues to leave a lasting impression. Besides these big names, local favourites like Dunzo and Foodpanda have found their place by providing customised menus and fast delivery services. Each app tries to make the experience better for users by offering things like real-time tracking, tempting discounts, and a variety of ways to pay. Below, we have mentioned the best Food Delivery Apps In India.

What is Food Delivery Apps?

Food delivery apps are mobile programmes that let people order food from nearby restaurants and have it brought right to their door. These platforms usually have an easy-to-use interface for looking at menus, choosing dishes, and safely paying online. Users can see the status of their orders at any time and often get alerts about it. Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates are all well-known examples of services that connect customers with a wide range of food options for quick and easy delivery.

Best Food Delivery Apps in India

Food delivery apps have transformed India’s cuisine, making it convenient for its diverse palate. Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats pair customers with restaurants for fast, contactless deliveries. This trend has improved dining and boosted the gig economy, creating many delivery partner jobs. The fierce competition among these apps has led to innovative features, discounts, and a seamless ordering process, improving the country’s dining ecosystem.

FeatureZomatoFood PandaSwiggyMagic PinDeliveroo
Delivery TimeVariesVariesVariesVariesVaries
RestaurantsWide VarietyWide VarietyWide VarietyPartneredWide Variety
Payment OptionsMultipleMultipleMultipleMultipleMultiple
User InterfaceUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendly
Loyalty ProgramYesYesYesYesVaries
Ratings & ReviewsYesYesYesLimitedYes


Best Food Delivery Apps In India


  • Offers a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants.
  • Provides user reviews and ratings for restaurants.
  • Allows real-time tracking of food delivery.
  • Offers subscription-based programs for additional benefits.

Zomato is a website that helps people find and order food from the best restaurants and cuisines in their area. The app’s detailed restaurant information, which includes menus, pictures, and user ratings, makes it easy to find the right place to eat. Its delivery service is quick and reliable, so users can save time and effort by having their favourite meal brought right to their door. Currently, this is one of the best Food Delivery Apps In India.



  • Wide variety of restaurants and cuisines.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive app.
  • Offers additional features like reviews and ratings.


  • Delivery times may vary.
  • Service fees and delivery charges can add up.

Food Panda

Best Food Delivery Apps In India


  • Operates in multiple countries across the globe.
  • Regularly provides discounts and promotions.
  • User-friendly app and website for seamless ordering.
  • Focuses on efficient and timely food delivery services.

Food Panda was started by Ralf Wenzel and Benjamin Bauer from Germany in 2012 as a one-time meal delivery service. The website in South America, Africa, and the Middle East is where Food Panda does business. Its name is Hellofood. FoodPanda has a lot of restaurants that serve food from Asia, Europe, and Mexico. Overall, this is one of the best Food Delivery Apps In India.



  • Extensive restaurant options.
  • Regular discounts and promotions.
  • Efficient customer support.


  • Delivery may sometimes take longer.
  • Limited in some regions compared to competitors.


Best Food Delivery Apps In India


  • Emphasizes quick and efficient delivery.
  • Allows users to track their orders in real-time.
  • Partners with a wide range of restaurants.
  • Offers the option to schedule food deliveries.

Swiggy is a well-known Indian app for ordering food online. It connects users with popular restaurants and Cloud Kitchens. There are a lot of food options on the app, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, so it’s easy to find something that suits your taste. Swiggy’s delivery service is quick and reliable, so it’s easy to get tasty food brought right to your door. This is the best Food Delivery Apps In India that you can consider.



  • Fast delivery services.
  • Live order tracking feature.
  • In-app chat support for quick problem resolution.


  • Delivery charges may be relatively high.
  • Some users report occasional order errors.


Best Food Delivery Apps In India


  • Provides cashback and rewards for every transaction.
  • Recommends nearby restaurants and deals.
  • Allows users to share and discover new places with friends.
  • Earns loyalty points for frequent orders and check-ins.

Magicpin gives users cashback, discounts, and rewards at participating restaurants. Users can save money on everyday purchases, discover new restaurants and shops, and earn rewards with Magicpin. Magicpin helps you save money and maximise your budget when shopping, dining, or having fun. Overall, it is one of the best Food Delivery Apps In India that you can consider.



  • Offers cashback and discounts at partner restaurants.
  • Loyalty points for frequent users.
  • Integrates restaurant discovery and deals.


  • Availability may be limited to certain cities.
  • The app focuses more on discounts and deals than delivery.


Best Food Delivery Apps In India


  • Partners with premium restaurants and eateries.
  • Offers fast and reliable food delivery services.
  • Provides tailored food suggestions.
  • Ensures food quality standards are maintained.

Deliveroo is a start-up company that was established in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It is based in London. More than two hundred cities across the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and other countries have become part of this on-demand food delivery app’s expanding boundaries. Still, it is one of the best Food Delivery Apps In India that you can consider.



  • High-quality restaurant partnerships.
  • Quick and reliable delivery.
  • Well-designed app interface.


  • Limited availability in certain regions.
  • Delivery fees can be comparatively higher.

Benefits of Using Food Delivery Apps

Apps that deliver food have many benefits for both customers and restaurants, which is one reason why they are so popular and widely used. Here are a few important pros:

Convenience: One of the best things about them is how convenient they are. People can order food from their favourite restaurants on their phones with just a few taps, so they don’t have to go to the restaurant, wait in queue or call.

Saves time: Both customers and restaurants can use food delivery apps to save time. Customers don’t have to spend time making meals or going out to eat, and restaurants can speed up the ordering and delivery processes.

Wide Range of Options: Food delivery apps give users access to a wide range of restaurants and cuisines, so they can try new foods from different places in their area.

Customisation and Special Requests: A lot of food delivery apps let users change the way their orders are made to fit their tastes and dietary needs. Customers can make special requests or give specific instructions, which makes it easier to get meals that are just right for them.

Real-Time Tracking: Most apps that deliver food let you see where your orders are at all times. Users can check on the status of their delivery, find out when it’s ready to be delivered, and get a rough idea of when it will arrive, which makes things clearer and less uncertain.

Choosing the Best Food Delivery App in India

There are a few things you should think about when picking the best food delivery app in India to make sure it meets your needs and preferences. To help you make an informed choice, here are some important things to think about:

Area of Coverage: Check to see if the food delivery app works where you are. Some apps might not work as well in some cities or areas.

Partnerships with restaurants: Check out the different types and levels of quality of restaurants on the platform. A good food delivery app should let you choose from many restaurants, including your favourite ones in your area.

The user interface and the experience: Check out the app’s user interface and how easy it is to use in general. An app that is well-thought-out and easy to use will make the ordering process fun and easy.

Reviews and Scores: Check out what other users have said and rated. If you do this, you can learn about how reliable, fast, and helpful the food delivery service is.

Time of Delivery: Take a look at the app’s estimated delivery time. You might be able to get faster delivery or see where the package is at all times with some apps.


Which is best Swiggy or Zomato?

While Zomato excels in restaurant discovery and reviews, Swiggy excels in delivery speed and interface.

Is Delhivery app safe?

Delhivery is full of fraudsters. A more untrustworthy and relaxed courier service.

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