Best Free Accounting Software

To find the best free accounting software, we looked at a number of factors including features and benefits. After weighting each feature, we narrowed down the choices and ranked the companies based on these considerations.

The best free accounting software enables businesses to automate and streamline their financial management procedures, resulting in more accurate records and improved operational effectiveness for routine tasks like reconciliation and invoicing. The functionality and complexity of accounting products vary, and many of the solutions are tailored for use by businesses of a particular size. Accounting software can have features for handling payroll, billing, reconciling accounts, managing bills and expenses, and financial reporting, depending on the size of the product. Additionally, some accounting solutions come with features that are specific to the industry, like project accounting for businesses that provide professional services or fund accounting for nonprofits.

Business ERP systems may include accounting as a module or be integrated with them. Integration with accounting point solutions, such as AP automation, forecasting, and cash management, is also crucial. Finally, accounting software communicates with banking or payment systems to exchange data. If you’re a freelancer, contract worker, or owner of a small business, accounting software is a great way to manage your finances. These solutions frequently have elements like expense tracking, invoicing, and financial reports. Below we have mentioned some of the best free accounting software.

7 Best Free Accounting Software

Zoho Invoice

Best Free Accounting Software

It’s not what Zoho Invoice sounds like. This best free accounting software is capable of much more than just sending invoices. Due to its integrated time tracking, estimate-to-invoice conversion, and client portal for straightforward collaboration, Zoho Invoice is the best choice for independent contractors who frequently collaborate with clients.

If you want more advanced accounting features, Zoho Books offers a free plan for businesses with less than $50,000 USD in annual revenue. We strongly advise including Zoho Books in your Zoho Invoice plan if that applies to your business.


Best Free Accounting Software

The Wave accounting software is highly regarded by many small business owners. Wave provides a number of features without cost! It is perfect for basic bookkeeping, such as tracking all revenues and outgoing costs for multiple businesses, as well as for keeping track of bills that are paid online. Additionally, an unlimited number of users from one business may use it. This is one of the best free accounting software.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Best Free Accounting Software

QuickBooks enables you to centrally organise your company’s finances so that you can finish routine tasks faster. Simple to set up, understand, and use You don’t need to know anything about accounting, and you can quickly import your data from a spreadsheet.

Simple invoicing and expense management. Additionally, QuickBooks guarantees you’ll have accurate records for tax season. Have inquiries? You can learn how to create invoices, track expenses, and more by following step-by-step tutorials. 60 day money-back guarantee is also included. This is the best free accounting software.


Best Free Accounting Software

Sunrise is a good option if you’re looking for free accounting software with reliable P&L statements. You can process payments, manage income, send invoices, manage expenses, and send quotes in addition to generating P&L statements. It offers a single paid plan for $19.99 per month that comes with features like automatic expense categorization, cash flow insights, and payment integrations. This is one of the best free accounting software.


Best Free Accounting Software

Try GnuCash if all you need is basic bookkeeping the ability to monitor income and expenses, produce reports, and quickly locate clients and suppliers. GnuCash cannot be used to send invoices, collect payments, or upload receipts, in contrast to the best free accounting software on our list. As an alternative, it works like a free spreadsheet template with pre-filled formulas that give you a competitive advantage in bookkeeping.

GnuCash is open-source accounting software, which means that anyone who wants to use and improve it can easily access the software’s code online. The code of GnuCash can be modified by you and your programmers to fit the app to your particular industry, such as building or marketing. It also means that GnuCash is a community project, so there is no customer support. However, there is a comprehensive wiki that is packed with advice that you can both read and add to. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


Best Free Accounting Software

Since SlickPie’s only pricing option is free, there is no need to upgrade or get a different plan in order to access additional features. It allows you to manage all of your bills and invoices, is usable by multiple users, and is appropriate for use in a variety of businesses.

Users who are looking for a solution that offers more features than Excel functions but have little to no experience with any bookkeeping software will find SlickPie to be the perfect fit. Currently, this is the best free accounting software you can check now.

TrulySmall Invoices

Best Free Accounting Software

You might not require every feature that comes with more feature-rich best free accounting software if you’re a freelancer. For those who only require the essentials, TrulySmall Invoicing is a good choice. It features data storage, tracking of invoice status, automated payment reminders, and expert templates.

You can generate reports, track sales and sales tax, send invoices, track income, accept payments, and track expenses with a TrulySmall accounting plan. When billed annually, this costs $20 per month or $18 per month.


We examined a range of elements, such as features and value, to find the best free accounting software. After giving weighted scores to each feature, we narrowed down our options, and the companies were ranked as a result of those considerations. We gave priority to functions like invoicing, time tracking, and expense tracking because they are crucial for small businesses. In order to find out what users are saying about the software, we also looked at customer reviews.

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