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Documentation doesn’t have to be on paper to be legally binding, but if you want to make those documents a bit more enforceable, there are a few extra steps involved. Using a dedicated eSignature app to add a digital signature is the best way. Whether you’re looking for a way to electronically sign a document you just received, or you want to send documents for contractors and other business partners to digitally sign. Any sales rep trying to close a deal knows that signing documents online without an eSignature app can be time consuming. He must open your digital document, reformat it, print it, sign it, scan it back into his computer, and reformat it before sending it to the recipient.

Then your client has to go through the same time-consuming process. The only businesses that thrive today are those that use their resources wisely and make every transaction simple. Creating and managing legal agreements is one of the most cumbersome business processes. Try a digital signature service if you want to save resources on drafting contracts without sacrificing efficiency. These applications offer the same benefits as a regular paper contract with the added benefit of convenience, affordability, and security.

Here is the list of the best free digital signature software


DocuSign is one of the most popular electronic signature apps available, and for good reason. It’s great to use and has all the features most people need in an eSignature app. Getting started with DocuSign is pretty easy: sign up for a free trial and almost instantly you’ll be prompted to upload a document, prepare it for signatures, and send it to recipients.

DocuSign is set up to make it easy to track many different documents at different stages of the signing process. The Manage panel has a sidebar with an inbox for any documents or “envelopes” you’ve received, a Sent box for those you’ve sent, and a Drafts tab for those you’re recently working on. There are also quick view options so you can quickly see all the documents you need to do something about, the ones you’re waiting for that are about to expire, or the recipient didn’t sign, and so on in your entire documentation.

ever sign

In addition to free electronic signature management, eversign provides a robust document management solution. Sending documents for signature is a simple process with the tool. Other notable features include secure document storage, a document editor, the ability to manage documents for multiple companies, and custom templates.

The contact management feature is particularly useful for organizations that are not yet planning to implement a full CRM solution, but want to manage contact records for document signers.


It’s one of the easiest eSignature apps to use, has a great free plan, and offers unlimited signature requests per month for its initial paid plan. Once you sign in, you’ll be presented with two options: send or sign something, or create a template (if you’re on a paid plan).

Things you want to do aren’t hidden in deep submenus. However, the simplicity of the interface hides some pretty powerful features. Of all the apps we tested, HelloSign has the best integration with cloud storage platforms. While you’d expect it to work fine with Dropbox, it also works fine with Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive.

Many eSignature apps limit the number of documents you can send per month without subscribing to one of the more expensive plans. It’s quite impractical when your electronic signature needs vary throughout the year, for example because you’re hiring temporary workers or your projects don’t follow a predictable pattern. Either you can’t send all the documents you need when you want to, or you end up overpaying most months. with its unique PAYG option bucks this trend completely.

Once you sign up for a free account, recommends sending yourself a sample contract so you can see how the service works. (The same demo is also built into the site’s home page, which is pretty impressive.) After that, it’s up to you, although the onboarding wizard will guide you helpfully.


PandaDoc is a fairly feature-rich electronic signature platform that goes beyond registering for more advanced administrative tasks. Holistic document workflow and customer relationship management (CRM) features. As such, it’s best suited for larger businesses, but the fact that it offers a free version and is cloud-hosted makes it worth exploring if you’re a small business.

With the free version, you can upload documents, send them for electronic signature, and even collect payments. Even better, you can do this with unlimited documents and for unlimited users. That’s why this free eSignature software option is #1 in our opinion, though it’s not as easy to use and the paid tiers are a bit more expensive. Additional features you’re missing out on if you don’t pay include templates, a drag-and-drop document editor, CRM integrations, and premium integrations.


Not all companies have to send or sign dozens of contracts each month. If that’s the case, SignWell (formerly known as Docsketch), with its free plan for three documents per month, could be the perfect solution. Once you’ve logged in, you can start submitting contracts. Just click New Document on the dashboard.

You can upload a document to sign or create a template (although you only get one on the free plan). Regardless of which option you choose, you use SignWell’s modern and, frankly, really easy-to-use web app for adding signature information and fields. If you turn on Suggest Fields, you can even place things on empty lines or spaces in the document. Click submit and you’re on your way to signing.


No login, no password, no problem. Smallpdf’s eSign feature is an online electronic signature platform that allows you to drag and drop your documents onto the page and sign them. This PDF signature app allows you to add your initials, an additional text box, check boxes, and more. When you’re ready, you can invite others to sign your document. You and your signers are protected with eIDAS-compliant timestamps and a document timeline that tracks activity.


PandaDoc makes it very easy to make it a part of your contract signing workflow, even on the free plan. You can set things up so that someone who signs the documents you send enters your credit card information and gets charged. Sending contracts to people for a specific service or job is a great way to tie it all together. You will receive your legally binding contract and first installment in one lump sum.

It integrates with a few different payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal. To set up payments, you need an account with the gateway you want to use, then go to settings > integrations > payment gateways and activate it. Getting started is certainly a bit more complicated than some other apps, but the startup wizard will walk you through it all.

digital signer

With DigiSigner, the free online digital signature software, you can upload digital documents, sign them, and invite other contractors to sign them. DigiSigner eliminates the need to download, print and forward documents and speeds up the signing process. You can use it to create a signature link that can be embedded on your website or shared directly with the recipient.

You can select a document and upload it to our server through a secure connection. Sign your document with the mouse. It offers quick and easy registration with just two clicks. You can create handwritten signatures with the mouse.

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