Best free Software for Photo-Editing for Windows

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Check Best free Software for Photo-Editing for Windows

Photo editing is a process of changing images, be it conservative photochemical photos, illustrations, or digital photos. There are many Windows photo editors that offer professionally designed templates to increase your workflow. Many of these tools come with a customizable user interface and help you retouch digital photos taken with the camera.

The best free photo editing software is surprisingly impressive these days. While it wouldn’t match Photoshop’s full-fledged capabilities, you might not actually need all of those high-end features. Whether you make a living taking photos or just do it for fun, the software you use to retouch, edit, and enhance images can have a bigger impact on the look of your photos than your camera.

While some programs offer users a host of high-quality editing tools, the product may lack sufficient organizational features. On the other hand, a freeware may present a clean and streamlined interface, but it limits your ability to use advanced features like object removal, AI-powered sky replacement, and other professional-grade tools without a hefty subscription fee.

The best free photo editing software for Windows


BeFunky offers easy-to-use photo editing tools that allow users of all skill levels to achieve professional results. Its interface is uncluttered and easy to use, making it easy to find the right tools and see the effects on the image in real time. All edits can be seen in the image history and users can undo or redo the changes if necessary.

The photo editor’s capabilities include a wide range of tools, from basic editing such as exposure and contrast, to portrait retouching capabilities, artistic effects, creative overlays, and textures. Each of these sections offers free and premium features that users can try beforehand.

BeFunky organizes its tools in three different tabs: Essentials, Blur and smooth and Miscellaneous, with the most used editing tools in the “Essentials” menu. Upgrading to BeFunky’s premium subscription will unlock features like cropping tools, background replacement, color replacement, and other high-impact editing features.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a photo retouching and image editing application. It can be used by designers, graphic artists, photographers, web developers, and creative professionals. This tool offers the possibility to create, enhance, edit works of art, images and illustrations. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor has a motion blur gallery that includes two effects, spin blur and path blur.

For a long time, people tried to find a free version of Photoshop, preferably online. Until one day, Adobe finally heard their prayers and released Adobe Photoshop Express, a reduced online and mobile version of the industry-leading software. Unlike its paid counterpart, Adobe Photoshop Express is not aimed at professional photographers and media creators, but rather at beginners or those looking for high-quality software for quick edits. This can be easily noticed in the features offered and their accessibility.

With Adobe Photoshop Express, you can access basic image editing actions such as contrast, perspective, saturation, exposure, and blemish removal, as well as select preset dynamic effects. While there are not as many tools as in the professional version, they are polished to perfection and offer a great user experience. The Express version of Adobe’s photo editing software also includes a “decorate” category, which allows users to easily add text and create fully customizable collages.

Pixlr E

These days, more and more software is available in the browser. Many people find this more convenient as there is nothing to download, you don’t have to worry about your computer’s processing power, and you can access the application on any device with an internet connection. If this is something you are interested in, we recommend checking out Pixlr E. This browser-based app is an offshoot of Pixlr X, which has long been one of our favorite online photo editors. Pixlr E builds on the most basic Pixlr X toolset to offer a broader range of features that seasoned professionals will appreciate.

Then there are the more advanced possibilities offered by the Marquee, Lasso, Wand, Clipping / Mask, Clone, Liquify, Blur, and Dodge tools. You can do non-destructive edits on your images, the app integrates very well with Dropbox, and there’s a good library of effects too. The program’s interface is remarkably similar to Adobe’s editor, which has led people to consider Pixlr E as the best online version of Photoshop, yes, even better than Photoshop Express itself.

The long list of professional features included in the program is unmatched by most other free photo editors on the market. These include exposure, levels, auto enhancement tools, sophisticated color pickers, customizable brushes, layers, and masks. Additionally, Pixlr E allows users to browse and edit hundreds of royalty-free stock images.


Fotor is a tool that allows you to edit photos online. This application can be used without knowledge. It allows you to drag and drop images. Fotor also includes collage and layout sections. In these segments, users can choose from various pre-made templates to build their creations. These templates are categorized by usage, such as general collages, social media posts, marketing resources, documentation, and announcements.

This enables novice users to easily create high-quality content for all their needs, without having to worry about anything other than visual appearance.

Fotor offers a long list of basic tools and features, ranging from simple edits like brightness and saturation to more complex concepts like wrinkle remover and teeth whitening. Fotor also has a large selection of effects, frames, stickers, and text options aimed primarily at sharing on social media.

GIMP photo editor

GIMP is a free and open source photo editing tool. The full form of GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is used to edit, retouch and convert images to different formats and more specialized works. Navigating the messy editing platform can also be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the full range of available editing features. Additionally, GIMP offers very little help for its users outside of community discussion boards.

GIMP resembles Photoshop in terms of its interface and functionality, with a ton of different tools for different needs. It’s packed with tools for simple editing, like transforming and cropping, as well as tools for more complex jobs: layers, masks, blending modes, color management tools, retouch tools, blur and sharpen tools, and more. However, GIMP does not support the CMYK color profile, so it may not be the best option for printing. That said, while you can access the platform’s wide range of tools, GIMP falls short in one important area: user optimization.

The loaded interface often feels overwhelming, while beginner and intermediate editors may have a hard time finding solutions for complicated editing techniques. While the base software comes well-equipped with flexible features like layer editing, masking, and effects functions, you can also download free plug-ins created by other GIMP users. Furthermore, the software’s customizable design and continuous developments ensure that it keeps up with rival platforms such as Photoshop.

Photos Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a powerful tool that combines a simple and friendly interface with high functionality. The application is packed with all kinds of tools for comprehensive photo editing with any level of experience. In Photo Pos Pro, you can enhance your photos using a wide selection of retouch and color management tools, including curves, HSL adjustments, color enhancement, red-eye reduction, sharpening, clone brush, blur, and noise reduction.

You can also play around with dozens of built-in filters and effects. Photo Pos Pro comes with support for layers and masks, giving you precise control over the editing process. Photo Pos Pro also comes with some nice collage templates and a good selection of filters and effects.

If you want to upgrade, the paid version includes more templates and sophisticated tools, such as the ability to group objects and AI-driven selection. It offers all the standard features you’d expect to see in photo editing software, including filters, layers, masks, curves, dashes, effects, and brushes. It also supports a variety of file types, including RAW, GIF, and PSD.


Photolemur is an application that automatically enhances photos through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. It allows you to enhance more than one photo at a time. You can use this tool to smooth your skin, enhance your eyes, and remove blemishes.

The app also automatically enhances portraits by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, enlarging eyes, and whitening teeth. One of the most useful features of Photolemur is batch processing, which allows you to import and apply corrections to multiple photos at once. Photolemur is another fully automatic photo editing application. It’s great for hobbyists, beginners, and those who don’t have time to edit.

Photolemur analyzes photos using artificial intelligence algorithms and applies complex adjustments in the blink of an eye. With one click, you’ll enhance the colors in your photos, correct exposure, remove haze, adjust color temperature, restore details, correct lens errors, and more.

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