Best Apps for Frequent Fliers 2024: elevate your travel experience

Discover essential apps for frequent flyers that offer flight monitoring, travel planning, rewards management and much more.

Today’s fast-paced world means that frequent flyers depend on technology to make their trips easier. The best Apps for Frequent Fliers have a lot of features that make their trip better in every way, from booking flights to getting around airports and staying organized while they’re on the go.

These apps meet the specific needs of frequent travellers by giving them real-time flight information, making it easy to manage their schedules, and making it easy to get to airport amenities. Your trip will go much more smoothly and stress-free if you have the right apps with you. This is true whether you’re travelling for business and going from meeting to meeting or for fun and seeing new places. Below, we have mentioned the best apps for frequent flyers.

What is Frequent Fliers?

“Frequent fliers” are people who fly a lot, usually for work, personal reasons, or just because they like it. Because they travel by air so often, these people get a lot of miles or points in airline loyalty programmes. Frequent flyers often get upgrades, early boarding, access to airport lounges, and the chance to exchange miles or points they’ve earned for free flights, hotel stays, or other travel-related perks.

Best Apps for Frequent Fliers Comparison Table

Flight tracking, itinerary management, and airport navigation are simplified by frequent flyer apps. Flight statuses, gate changes, and security wait times are updated live. These apps optimise travel rewards and streamline frequent traveller experiences with mileage tracking and loyalty programme management.

Flight BookingYesNoNoYesNo
Trip PlanningYesYesYesNoYes
Packing ListNoNoYesNoNo
Flight AlertsYesYesNoYesNo
Price TrackingYesNoNoYesNo
Time AdjustmentNoNoNoNoYes


Best Apps for Frequent Fliers


  • Predicts and analyzes flight prices for future bookings.
  • Provides recommendations on when to buy tickets.
  • Sends notifications when flight prices drop.
  • Offers booking options directly within the app.

The mobile app Hopper is changing the way people plan trips. It looks at a huge amount of data and uses predictive algorithms to predict flight and hotel prices and tell users when the best times are to book. With its easy-to-use interface and cost-saving tips, Hopper gives travellers the power to easily make smart choices and find the best deals. Still, it is one of the best apps for frequent flyers that you can consider.



  • Predicts future flight prices and recommends whether to buy or wait.
  • User-friendly interface for booking flights and hotels.
  • Offers personalized recommendations based on travel preferences.


  • Limited to flight and hotel bookings; lacks features for other aspects of travel planning.
  • Some users may find the flight prediction accuracy variable.


Best Apps for Frequent Fliers


  • Organizes travel plans and itineraries in one place.
  • Automatically imports travel details from emails.
  • Provides real-time flight alerts and updates.
  • Syncs with calendars for easy access to plans.

Many useful features can be used by business travellers with TripIt. Because TripIt is mostly a free app, we would suggest that travel managers buy the extended version of TripIt pro for their teams if they can. TripIt lets travellers know when they need to go to the airport and gives them an idea of how long they will have to wait at security after they upload their information. Currently, this is one of the best apps for frequent flyers.



  • Automatically organizes travel plans by scanning confirmation emails.
  • Syncs with calendars and provides real-time updates on flights, accommodations, and activities.
  • Offers a comprehensive itinerary that can be easily shared with others.


  • Some advanced features require a subscription to TripIt Pro.
  • Limited functionality for spontaneous travelers who don’t plan trips in advance.


Best Apps for Frequent Fliers


  • Generates packing lists based on destination, weather, and activities.
  • Customizable packing lists for individual preferences.
  • Integrates with TripIt for seamless travel planning.
  • Provides suggestions for essential items to pack.

PackPoint is an app for planning trips that is meant to make packing easier. It makes personalised packing lists based on your trip’s destination, length, weather, and activities you plan to do. Users can enter information about their trips and personal preferences. Then, they will get detailed packing suggestions that will make sure they don’t forget anything important for their trips. Overall, this is one of the best apps for frequent flyers.



  • Generates personalized packing lists based on destination, travel dates, and activities.
  • Allows customization of packing lists and saves preferences for future trips.
  • Integrates weather forecasts to help users pack appropriately.


  • Requires manual input of trip details; lacks automatic itinerary import.
  • Some users may find the free version limited in features compared to premium packing apps.


Best Apps for Frequent Fliers


  • Compares prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Flexible search options with the ability to explore multiple destinations.
  • Provides insights into the cheapest times to travel.
  • Offers direct booking options with trusted partners.

Skyscanner’s easy-to-use app makes searching for flights, hotels, and rental cars much faster and easier. It compares prices across many platforms to find the best deals for users and has a huge database of options. It’s easy to use, gets updates in real time, and has flexible search filters that make planning trips simple and easy for people with a wide range of travel preferences. This is the best apps for frequent flyers that you can consider.



  • Compares prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals across multiple providers.
  • Offers flexible search options, including whole month and everywhere search features.
  • Provides price alerts for specific routes and destinations.


  • May display prices that are not always accurate due to dynamic pricing.
  • Booking process may redirect users to third-party websites, resulting in varying user experiences.


Best Apps for Frequent Fliers


  • Personalized jet lag plans based on sleep patterns and travel itinerary.
  • Provides recommendations for sleep, light exposure, and caffeine intake.
  • Tailored plans for frequent travelers and shift workers.
  • Scientifically proven strategies to minimize jet lag effects.

Fans of frequent flyers have been waiting for this app for a long time! Timeshifter helps travellers reset their circadian rhythms and lessen the effects of jet lag by using cognitive algorithms created for astronauts and the newest neuroscience research. The app will make a plan of simple advice with easy-to-follow notifications after travellers enter their itinerary details in just two minutes. Overall, it is one of the best apps for frequent flyers that you can consider.



  • Helps travelers overcome jet lag by providing personalized sleep and light exposure schedules.
  • Developed with input from sleep experts and based on scientific research.
  • Offers customizable plans for travelers of all types, including business and leisure.


  • Requires a subscription for full access to personalized jet lag plans.
  • Effectiveness may vary depending on individual sleep patterns and travel habits.

Benefits of Using Frequent Fliers Apps

Frequent flier apps, which are also called airline loyalty programmes or travel rewards programmes, give travellers who fly with certain airlines a lot of benefits. Here are some of the good things about it:

Reward Points or Airmiles: For every flight a frequent flier takes, they can earn reward points or airmiles through their app. You can use these points to get free flights, upgrades to business or first class, hotel stays, car rentals, and other costs related to travel. Getting more points can help you save a lot of money on future travel costs.

Priority Check-in and Boarding: People who are members of frequent flyer programmes often get to skip the long lines at the airport and get on the plane faster by getting priority check-in and boarding. Having this perk saves time and makes travelling better overall, especially during busy travel times.

Access to Airport Lounges: Many frequent flyer programmes give members access to airport lounges, where they can relax in comfortable seating areas, enjoy free snacks and drinks, connect to Wi-Fi, and use business facilities like workstations and conference rooms. Having access to a lounge makes layovers and delays more comfortable and productive.

Baggage Allowance: As a member of a frequent flyer programme, you may get more free checked bags or a higher baggage allowance, depending on your membership level or status. This benefit cuts down on the cost and trouble of checking bags, so travellers can bring more things on their trips.

Offers and discounts: Apps for frequent flyers often let members know about special deals, discounts, and offers on flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. Travellers can save money and get more value from these special offers, which makes it easier for them to visit new places or improve their existing trips.

How to choose the right Apps for Frequent Fliers

Picking the right apps for frequent flyers can make travelling a lot more fun and help you keep track of different parts of your trips. When choosing apps for frequent travellers, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Flight Booking and Management: Look for apps that make it easy to book flights, compare ticket prices, and keep track of your flights. Apps like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak give you a lot of ways to search for and book flights.

Airport Navigation: Choose apps that make it easy to get around airports by giving you maps, information about the terminals, and real-time updates on flights and gate changes. Apps like TripIt and GateGuru, which are general travel apps or apps that are specific to major airports, can help you find your way around terminals.

Travel Accommodation: Pick apps that make it easy to book a hotel or other place to stay, with features like comparing prices, reading reviews, and making reservations while you’re on the go., Airbnb, and are just a few of the apps that let you find places to stay all over the world.

Language and Translation: If you’re going on a trip abroad, you might want to look into apps that can translate languages and work when you’re not online. People often use Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, which can translate text, voice, and even pictures.

Currency Conversion and Money Management: Choose apps that offer exchange rates, budget tracking, expense management, and the ability to work with more than one currency. XE Currency, Trail Wallet, and Expensify can help you keep track of your money while you’re travelling.


Does frequent flyer expire?

Qantas frequent flyer points don’t expire if there’s activity every 18 months.

Can two people use the same frequent flyer number?

Members’ frequent flyer numbers are unique and can only be used by them when booking or checking in.

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