Best HR Software in India 2024: to Empower Your Business

Improve people management in India with cutting-edge HR software, optimize processes and foster a thriving workplace culture effortlessly.

The need for effective and complete HR solutions has grown in the ever-changing field of human resource management. This makes finding the best HR Software in India an absolute must for businesses. In this digital age, there has been a big change in how businesses manage their employees. Having the right HR software can make all the difference in improving productivity and streamlining processes. The best HR Software in India is a great example of how far technology has come.

It has a bunch of tools that make different HR tasks easier. These new solutions meet the needs of businesses in a wide range of fields, from hiring and onboarding to managing performance and processing payroll. The best HR software has features like automated workflows, data analytics, and employee self-service portals that help companies create a productive and collaborative work environment. Below, we have mentioned the best HR Software in India.

Importance of HR Software in India

In India, HR software is very important because it makes managing employees easier. It makes payroll, keeping track of attendance, and judging performance more efficient. The software makes sure that labour laws are followed and makes hiring easier by using applicant tracking systems. In a country like India, where the work environment is diverse and always changing, HR software makes communication easier, encourages employee engagement, and helps with making strategic decisions. Overall, it makes a big difference in how well organisations work and how happy their employees are in India.

Best HR Software in India Comparison Table

Businesses in India prioritise efficient workforce management, so HR software has grown. PeopleStrong, Zoho People, and Darwinbox simplify payroll, performance evaluation, and recruitment. These platforms help HR professionals boost productivity and comply with local laws, changing the country’s human resource management landscape.

FeatureKeka HRPeopleStrongBambooHRHumiKredily
Target UsersMid-sized businesses with diverse HR needsEnterprises, large businessesSmall and mid-sized businessesSmall and mid-sized businessesSmall and medium-sized businesses
Core FeaturesCore HR, payroll, time and attendance, talent managementTalent management, recruitment, core HR, learning and developmentCore HR, payroll, benefits, onboardingCore HR, payroll, benefits, performance managementCore HR, time and attendance, leaves, payroll
StrengthsAffordable, user-friendly, diverse featuresScalable, comprehensive suite, strong talent managementSimple, easy to use, good for small businessesUser-friendly, great for startups, mobile appAffordable, good for growing businesses, time and attendance
WeaknessesLimited customization options, may not be suitable for large companiesExpensive, complex for smaller businessesLimited features compared to some competitorsLacks some advanced features, may not be ideal for complex needsLimited customization options

Keka HR

Best HR Software in India


  • User-friendly interface for seamless HR operations
  • Comprehensive payroll management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Customizable workflows for HR processes

Keka HR is a top HR tech solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It lets you manage all of your HR tasks from hiring and onboarding new employees to processing payroll from a single platform. Businesses can manage their HR tasks well with Keka HR and make decisions based on data that make employees more productive. Still, it is one of the best HR Software in India that you can consider.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive employee database
  • Customizable workflows


  • Limited integrations with third-party tools
  • Pricing may be relatively higher for small businesses


Best HR Software in India


  • End-to-end HR solutions for recruitment, onboarding, and performance management
  • Advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making
  • Mobile application for on-the-go HR access
  • Integration with various third-party applications

PeopleStrong is a human resources (HR) solution provider that offers a wide range of services to businesses of varying sizes and scales. The company’s mission is to assist businesses in managing their day-to-day management of human resources practices. It is the purpose of these services to assist organizations in managing their human resource practices. Overall, it is one of the best HR Software in India that you can consider.


  • End-to-end HR solutions
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Mobile-friendly platform


  • Steeper learning curve for some features
  • Some users report occasional system glitches


Best HR Software in India


  • Cloud-based HR software for easy accessibility
  • Streamlined applicant tracking and hiring processes
  • Time-off tracking and leave management
  • Employee database with customizable fields

The smart HR management platform BambooHR makes it easy to run a modern workforce. This HR software helps small and medium-sized business owners handle all parts of an employee’s lifecycle. BambooHR makes it easy to do all HR tasks, like hiring people, keeping track of their hours, processing payroll, managing benefits, and more. This is the best HR Software in India that you can consider.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Robust employee self-service features
  • Strong performance management tools


  • Integration options may be limited
  • Advanced customization options may be lacking for some users


Best HR Software in India


  • All-in-one HR platform covering payroll, benefits, and talent management
  • Employee engagement tools, including surveys and feedback mechanisms
  • Compliance management for HR regulations
  • Integration capabilities with other business software

Humi gives you access to a top-notch HR solution that not only stores important data efficiently but also handles complicated tasks like processing payroll and managing benefits, all without you having to do them by hand, which takes a lot of time. Their platform has everything you need in one place, making it easy to find and organise important information. Overall, this is one of the best HR Software in India.


  • All-in-one HR platform
  • Streamlined onboarding processes
  • Focus on employee engagement


  • Some users report occasional system slowdowns
  • Advanced features may require additional fees


Best HR Software in India


  • Simplified payroll processing and tax calculations
  • Employee self-service for leave requests and document submissions
  • Compliance management for statutory requirements
  • Customizable reports and analytics for HR insights

Kredily can handle all of your HR and Payroll needs. This powerful software lets you automate all of your HR and payroll tasks, track employee performance, and keep them interested in their work. One thing that makes Kredily stand out is that it automates HRM and payroll tasks for free for businesses seeking to streamline their processes. Currently, this is one of the best HR Software in India.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good payroll management features


  • Limited advanced HR analytics
  • Integration options may be limited compared to other platforms

Benefits of Using HR Software for Businesses in India

Using HR software can help businesses in India in many ways, just like it can help businesses all over the world. Here are a few specific benefits:

Streamlined HR Processes: HR software automates many tasks that used to be done by hand, like processing payroll, managing leaves, keeping track of attendance, and doing performance reviews. This makes HR processes more efficient, which means that administrative tasks can be handled with less time and effort.

Following the local rules: The rules and laws about work in India can be hard to understand and are often changed. A lot of the time, HR software has features that make sure businesses follow local rules about payroll, taxes, and required reporting. This keeps them out of trouble with the law and away from fines.

Effective Payroll Management: Processing payroll can be hard, especially when you have to deal with things like tax calculations, statutory deductions, and different allowances. HR software can automatically do payroll calculations, making sure they are correct and done on time. It can also make payslips and tax forms, which are required by Indian law.

Better engagement from employees: A lot of HR software has self-service portals where workers can get to their information, request time off, see their paystubs, and change their personal information. By giving employees more control over their HR tasks, this gives them more power and makes them more engaged.

Better Recruitment Processes: Hiring people is an important part of HR, and HR software can make the whole process easier, from posting jobs and screening applicants to setting up interviews and bringing new employees on board. ATS (applicant tracking systems) and other features help companies find and hire the best people quickly.

How to Choose the Right HR Software for Your Company

It’s important to pick the right HR software for your business because it can have a big effect on how things run, how happy your employees are, and how productive your business is overall. To help you choose the best HR software, here are some steps:

Look at what you need: First, you should figure out what your HR department’s specific needs and pain points are. This could include managing payroll, hiring new employees, evaluating their work, keeping track of their hours, managing their benefits, or making sure they follow the rules.

Set a Budget: Choose how much HR software you are willing to spend. Don’t just think about the initial cost; also think about any ongoing fees or extra costs for support and implementation.

Think about scalability: pick a solution that can grow with your company. Think about things like how many employees you have now and how much you expect your business to grow in the future.

Check Out the Features: It’s important to find HR software that has the features you need. Write down the features that you need and the ones that would be nice to have. Tracking applicants, self-service portals for employees, reporting and analytics tools, and the ability to connect to other systems are some of the features that most of them share.

User-Friendly Interface: Choose software that is simple and quick to understand how to use. The system should be easy for your HR team and employees to use without a lot of training.


Which software is used in HR?

Overall, ADP Workforce Now is best HR software. The best large-company HR software is SAP SuccessFactors HXM. Rippling is the best midsize HR software. BambooHR is the best small-business HR software.

Is ERP and HRMS same?

ERP software has many business process functions, including HR functions. Instead, an HR system is designed for HR tasks like data management and performance management.

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