Best Linux Media Server Software

In addition, you should pay attention to smaller aspects, such as the type of devices you want to use, your user preferences, the type of file formats you want to use, an intuitive web interface, transcoding capabilities, metadata scraping capabilities, media recording capabilities, etc.

When transitioning from Windows or Mac to Linux, one of the best Linux Media Server Software to do their everyday activities. Even though there is certainly a Linux version of the application you used to use on your prior OS, it is frequently good to look into some Linux alternatives that are better optimized and most likely even free. Multimedia has evolved throughout time, moving from hard drives to remote, always-accessible virtual storage. Users can connect securely to data sets in virtual storage that have multimedia in them. These data collections are protected by numerous firewalls.

You also have access to a lot of important program if you decide to utilize Linux as your main operating system for work. This article has gone into great length about these tools. This time, it will be little different. This program, which frequently requires specialized gear, essentially allows you to watch your existing local or cloud media through an easy-to-use interface instead of talking about the generation of new digital content. Even better, you may use a media server to transmit your content to other networked devices. Below we have mentioned some of the best Linux media server software.

Best Linux Media Server Software


Subsonic began as a server focused on music, but it has recently expanded to accommodate video formats. Nevertheless, if you take a quick look at its feature list, you’ll see that it is best suited for music streaming services because of elements like Sonos integration and a specialized transcoding engine for streaming a variety of lossy and lossless formats. The media server now supports a wide range of media file types, including MP3, OOG, AAC, FLAC, WMA, and APE files. Overall, this is one of the best Linux media server software that you can download.

Speaking of compatibility, Subsonic works with over mobile apps, and you can use any of them to stream media from your Subsonic server. While some of these applications are free and only offer the most basic functions, the majority of them demand that you subscribe to Subsonic’s premium plan for $1/month in order to access all the amazing features.

Universal Media Server

Another best Linux media server software on the list is Universal Media Server. Your media material may be streamed to a variety of devices using DLNA, UPnP, and HTTP/S thanks to the power of FFmpeg, MediaInfo, OpenSubtitles, Crowdin, and many other program. In contrast to other entries, which concentrate on offering a plethora of options to entice users, Universal Media Server concentrates on nailing the fundamental requirements.

In particular, stability, performance, and usability are prioritized. The program consistently streams any music or videos you have stored, even those with unusual formats, as suggested by its name, and supports a broad variety of media types. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


Specifically created for home entertainment, Kodi is a free, open-source program that has been around for about 20 years. Xbox Media Center was the name given by Microsoft when the software for the first Xbox was first created (XBMC). After Microsoft gave up on it, the program developed and spread well beyond the Xbox platform. The non-Microsoft team that created Kodi has grown its own developer and user base. Kodi is run by the charitable XBMC Foundation, unlike other streaming software vendors like Android TVs or Plex.

Numerous program developers from all around the world are regularly updating and changing the software. Kodi can now be modified for free by adding add-ons or builds. One of the top media center program available is Kodi, which has been around for a while. This is one of the best Linux media server software.


A web-based media library and media streamer with jukebox features is called Madsonic. Based on Java technology, Madsonic is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows 11, MacBook, Linux, OS X, and Unix versions. You can select a maximum bitrate for the music streams if your bandwidth is constrained. The song will then be automatically converted by Madsonic to an appropriate bitrate. Overall, this is one of the best Linux media server software that you can download.

Madsonic excels as a local jukebox in addition to being a streaming media server. The user-friendly online interface, search, and indexing features are designed for quick navigation through extensive media libraries. Clients can connect with numerous other clients that support the Madsonic/Subsonic REST API or using the built-in website. Madsonic is GPL-licensed open source software.


Users may view the newest episodes and movies on Stremio for the best Linux media server software. Users have far more complete control over the many videos in the library. This program is open-source, free to use, and includes excellent features that improve the whole experience.

This application divides a list of information into different genres so that users may find the movie they want to watch.  uses a variety of filters to focus on movies that meet the criteria. Find the newest and most popular channels, program, and series.


Software for Emby media servers is available for several well-known Linux variants. Linux offers a wide variety of media management options. Try Plex, which is a potent remedy. You’ll discover that it largely satisfies your needs. Plex isn’t the only available option, of course. There are several options available to you, and Emby is a great choice. Anyone may stream movies, TV episodes, music player, and photos to a variety of devices with this open-source media streaming software. This is the best Linux media server software.


LinHES can be your icing on the cake if you’re looking for a particular distro for a media server. LinHES is the moniker given to this Linux distribution since it functions as a home entertainment system. The majority of the time, users use it to establish and maintain home theatre PCs. You won’t require any particular program to play back media files, including music and video files, when using this distribution. For now, this is one of the best Linux media server software.

A robust music player and many file types are included with LinHES. There is also a video player here with four built-in video encoders. Indeed, it supports practically all audio and video formats and allows you to watch, record, and stop live television. Additionally, there are games and periodicals to read here.


A new jellyfin client option called Jellyfin Media Player was created to offer a more user-friendly interface. It combines the broad codec support of MPV with the user interface of jellyfin-web, including the playback interface. With the help of the free software media system Jellyfin, you may manage and stream your media at will. When media is delivered from a dedicated server to end devices via a variety of apps, it is an alternative to the closed-source Emby and Plex systems.

In order to provide complete cross-platform support, Jellyfin was migrated to the.NET Core Framework from Emby’s 3.5.2 release. There are no conditions, premium licenses or features, or hidden goals present; simply a group of people working together to improve things. This is one of the best Linux media server software.


You can access the music, photographs, and videos stored on a computer from any other computer or compatible mobile device using Plex Media Server, a digital media player and management tool. Any other Internet-connected device that supports the Plex app can play content that has been installed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer or a network-attached storage device that is compatible with Plex Media Server. Watch movies, play music, and browse photos stored on a computer running Plex Media Server using any compatible device. Overall, this is one of the best Linux media server software that you can download.

Utilize the Internet to access media files kept on your Plex Media Server machine. Give your loved ones online access to your videos, music, and photos. Full-featured premium service Plex Pass is available as a monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership. Additionally, subscribers have earlier access to new Plex features than non-subscribers do. The ability to sync and access media files on mobile devices for offline usage, the option to connect an antenna and tuner to watch live TV, and improved user control, including parental restrictions, are some of Plex Pass’s key features.


A media server can stream content across your local network thanks to this straightforward implementation. It has transcoding capabilities, so it can convert material to a format that is compatible with your device. This is one of the best Linux media server software.

This is a renamed version of MediaTomb, if you’ve been following the many media server alternatives for a very long time. Even though it’s not a common option among Linux users, you can still use it if other options don’t work or if you want a straightforward media server.


Additionally, you should look at minor aspects like the kinds of devices you want to utilize, your user preferences, the kinds of file formats you want to use, an intuitive web interface, transcoding capabilities, metadata scraping capabilities, media recording capabilities, etc. You may choose and obtain the best Linux media server software with the help of all those factors. Plex and Kodi are excellent choices if you’re a beginner because they offer a wealth of features and tools for a home media server.

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