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If you’re looking to turn your big screen PC or TV into a cheap home theater or theater, then there are the best free media center apps for you. Home Theater and Media Center software enables people to store, stream, manage, and enjoy photos, music, and videos with family and friends on the big screen. As the costs of streaming services and television broadcasting rise, there has never been a better time to link your PC to your home theater system. In the past, this required a dedicated system connected directly to your TV via an HDMI cable.

Today, there are many options available so that you can connect any PC to your home theater system wirelessly. With the right media player, you can create a simple yet comprehensive network that allows you to watch media from any device while enjoying superior video and sound from your home theater. If you need a program to organize all your multimedia files that can turn a PC into a multimedia center and connect to a home theater setup.

The best multimedia software for home theater


Kodi is open source software and you can install it by clicking on the operating system you have on this page. Currently, it supports many operating systems, including Windows 10, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV OS, and Raspberry Pi. It also supports all major video and audio file formats for playback and enables users to stream content from different online media streaming services.

Kodi is a great media center app that supports playing music, videos, games, and more. Its interface is suitable for all types of televisions and users can play digital media files from local or online storage devices.

Kodi plays all major movie and music formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. and allows you to take full control of your media collection. You can also watch live TV and pictures and do a lot more with its community-created plugins.


Plex Media Server is a back-end application for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers that is ideal for streaming media files over your home network. It is a unique media center software that has a client-server model. Because of this, the Plex Media Server software is required. In addition to its own front-end software, Plex Media Player, the back-end server application is compatible with many other front-ends such as Kodi.

Another great feature of the Plex is that you can pick up the video file from where you left off on any device. For example, you can start watching a TV show with your HTPC in the living room and then continue watching it on your iPad elsewhere.

Plex has a built-in live TV and DVR server, so you can record and watch live TV with it too. Plex Media Server has the ability to transcode your TV recordings, depending on your device and network. In this way, TV shows will be played smoothly on your mobile phone or iPad over a wireless network.


Emby is another great alternative to centrally manage all your media files and then view them using the front-end app. Emby organizes your media files so it never takes more than a few clicks to find the latest movie or TV show. Emby presents your media in a beautiful way that makes your videos look exceptionally good. You can cast multimedia content and live TV to Chromecast, the easy way.

Emby also offers parental controls (free unlike Plex) that help you limit media access for your children. Additionally, you can set up custom views of your library for each member of your family with the ability to pause and resume from different devices. Emby has a built-in Live TV server, so you can also record and watch live TV with it.

Emby also has a plugin for Kodi that gives you a super easy way to view your content. Another media center that offers a centralized database is Emby. Like Plex, it has its own server and can accommodate multiple clients. It also has applications for various operating systems and devices.

Media portal

MediaPortal is an all-in-one multimedia solution for your PC that connects directly to your TV and displays your favorite soap operas, music, videos and movies, etc. The app also allows you to record and schedule live TV and even supports playing Blu-ray discs for watching movies. It is an open source application like Kodi, but the key advantage of this software is that it can turn your PC into a PVR (Personal Video Recorder).

Another good media center with TV tuner support is Media Portal. Media Portal turns your computer into a highly advanced multimedia center. Compared to Kodi, MediaPortal leads the way in media control and allows you to access your favorite movies and watch them in a personalized way. Its plugins can be easily configured within the app and you can enable / disable them whenever you want.


MythTV is an open source digital video recorder and media player that allows you to view and record HDTV compatible digital media. The player allows easy rewind, pause and skip options that allow seamless playback of any multimedia content.

MythTV is the PVR of the Linux media center. You can record your shows and play them back at any time. It used to be a great alternative to TiVo. It supports automatic business detection and allows you to bypass all those ads (magically) and even manually using its advanced cut-list editor.

With MythTV, you can schedule the recording and even set parental controls to allow limited access for your children. This is for advanced users who want to configure their home theater computer to connect to their television. Once linked, you will be able to record live TV shows and store them on your PC.


NextPVR is probably the best alternative to Windows Media Center for watching and recording live TV. It’s easy to set up and supports advanced features like series recording.

You can use NextPVR as a front-end application, but the user interface is not as elegant as WMC or Kodi, but it is clean and simple. You can also use NextPVR as a back-end and integrate it with Kodi using a PVR plugin.

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