Best Mobile Games 2024: games to play on your phone

The best Mobile games have also steadily gotten better, and the difference in performance between them and consoles like the Nintendo Switch has been getting smaller.

I’ve seen that the mobile gaming industry is growing all the time, and I’ve seen this growth firsthand as many new games come out every year. A lot of these games are made to work perfectly on smartphones and tablets, giving mobile gamers a unique gaming experience. On top of that, I’ve seen that some games are adaptations of current games that have been made to work best on mobile devices.

However, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox are all still in operation. Contrary to common belief, there has never been a bigger market for mobile gaming, with millions of people using their phones to play a wide range of titles, including portable editions of the most well-known multiplayer games in the world, including Call of Duty, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and PUBG. But none of those games are included in this list. Instead, we made an effort to choose games that are simple to pick up and play, as well as ones that can be played competently without the use of a controller. Below, we have mentioned the best mobile games.

Best Mobile Games

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal continues the Diablo franchise’s tradition of being a reliable source of epicness. On a smaller screen, it functions much like a typical Diablo adventure. Before starting a top-down expedition to battle some demons, you can choose from a variety of classes. Due to the fact that Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play title, microtransactions are present. Overall, this is one of the best mobile games that you can download.

In Diablo Immortal, you can treat yourself to in-game money, gems, and other stuff by exchanging real money for them, but doing so is optional. For your time and commitment to playing the game, you can obtain these goodies for nothing. Despite its use of pay-to-win strategies, this MMO RPG is a good choice if you ever need to vent your frustration on a swarm of demons.

Among Us

Since Among Us is social deception in space, it is simple to grasp, but it doesn’t mean it’s simple to trick your pals. Each innocent player has chores to complete once the round begins, whereas impostors have no responsibilities but must pretend to be innocent. Each impostor is devising a scheme to murder their fellow crew members covertly throughout this time. Everyone gathers to decide who should be thrown through an airlock when a body is found.

One of biggest successes was Among Us, which was helped by a global virus that kept us apart. The game was so well-liked that congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed it on Twitch, and Epic used it as inspiration for the recently launched “Impostors” mode in Fortnite. This is the best mobile games.

Mech Arena

Mech Arena is a game that does exactly what it says on the box from the studio that created Raid: Shadow Legends. There is a tonne of mech customisation accessible, and you can grind to acquire items. You and other players operate mech suits and battle it out in arenas. For now, this is one of the best mobile games.

By no means is the idea difficult, and the game is really simple to pick up whenever you want some cheap thrills. The game’s controls are precise, and the fighting is varied and fun. You can fight in a variety of settings, including Japanese cities, lunar bases, and desert encampments.

Butter Royale

What if we told you there was a cartoonish version of the genre with an entire culinary theme? Battle royale games aren’t for everyone, primarily due to a high skill ceiling. Butter Royale is a terrific food-focused battle royale that you can play right now through Apple Arcade, so perhaps that premise is enough to get you excited.

In essence, Butter Royale is a ridiculous food war in which all of your weapons are made of food. This game follows the typical battle royale format with a closing zone and the goal of being the last player standing, but the funny characters and silly weapons make it a cheerful and enjoyable mobile game that’s simple to get into. Currently, this is the best mobile games you can check now.

Apex Legends Mobile

It was just a matter of time before Electronics Arts released an Apex Legends mobile edition given that nearly everyone else has or is bringing their AAA shooter to mobile devices. There is no cross-play with the console and PC versions of this game because it was completely rebuilt for mobile. There is still some cross-compatibility, though, because you can play versus buddies on iOS.

But what’s really bizarre is how much the game feels and plays like the actual thing. However, as this mobile edition stands alone, you can anticipate particular characters and situations that won’t appear in the regular game. The game’s fair monetization means that you can only buy cosmetic items; this is undoubtedly welcomed. This is one of the best mobile games you can install now.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors undoubtedly provides unlimited waves of creatures to quench that craving if the swarms of adversaries in Diablo Immortal weren’t enough. You can get a good impression of what Vampire Survivors has to offer if you can picture being surrounded by ravenous vampires dressed in a retro pixel art style with some roguelite components. Overall, this is the best mobile games you can consider.

Vampire Survivors is an addicting and seductively entertaining game that is free of the pay-to-win strategies that plague so many smartphone games today. Therefore, Vampire Survivors would be a perfect pick if you’re looking for a new mobile game that you won’t be tempted to spend money on.

The Go games

Characters from publisher Square Enix’s Western roster are shrunk down to the size of board game miniatures in the Go series of mobile games. The core elements of each series are translated to the world of a turn-based puzzle game in these captivating smartphone games, which put our characters in manageable levels. Agent 47, for instance, has cash available to him, just like in his PC and console adventures, which he may use to frighten off guards. Still, it is one of the best mobile games you can consider you can consider.

But in Hitman Go, this manoeuvre must be executed with pinpoint accuracy to prevent the guard from returning to his station before you sneak through. The Go games are a great case study in distillation in getting to the essence of an experience and keeping it while adapting it to a different genre. This is one of the best mobile gamesyou can download.

Mafia City

We anticipate that many readers have already heard about Mafia City as a result of the aggressive marketing push that has been behind it. It’s a game we’d like to suggest because it combines strategic gameplay in a distinctive way with a plot about becoming a new mafia leader. This strategy game, which is very awesome, has you managing a crime syndicate in a contemporary metropolis, unlike many others that take place in historical or fantastical settings.

You acquire additional resources and opportunities to train new sorts of units when you choose which structures you wish to erect. Then you decide whether you want to play competitively and take out other players who go in your way, or if you want to play peacefully with pals so that you may both assist each other expand your empires. For now, this is the best mobile games you can download.

Dead Cells

Your mobile device will receive an action game for the ages with Dead Cells. The “Metroidvania” gameplay offers a tonne of depth while still being easily accessible and addictive, which keeps you coming back to it. In the gruellingly twitchy action of Dead Cells, players battle their way through a dungeon, gaining experience and unlocking new skills with each death.

You’ll always want to play through the game again because of how difficult it is because with each new life comes a new dungeon. It’s the Dark Souls of side-scrolling video games, which might not be to everyone’s taste. Try purchasing Tower Fortress as an alternative if you’re searching for something comparable with more of an arcade vibe. For now, this is the best mobile games.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The obvious choice for today’s roundup is Call of Duty. Even though PUBG is still doing well, Call of Duty: Mobile remains undeniably the cool kid in the class. It’s more recent and, well, it’s Call of Duty. There is a battle royale mode that mimics the gameplay of every other battle royale, as well as vintage maps for those who are nostalgic. Overall, this is the best mobile games you can consider.

Although cheating is a problem, monetization is a greedy but mainly cosmetic practice. But which very competitive mobile game doesn’t encounter this issue? Call of Duty: Mobile does a passable job of porting the key elements of the well-known shooter from consoles to mobile, but it still has all the usual problems that affect the bulk of F2P mobile games.


Some of the best games to have touched the mobile platform to date have been released, and the best mobile games have advanced tremendously. We are interested to learn more about the mobile gaming market’s future prospects and how it will develop. Players will have countless hours of pleasure playing these fantastic games, no doubt. With such an unusual filter applied, we’re not searching for undiscovered treasures or even necessarily run-away hits here.

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