Best Money-Saving Apps 2024: for smart financial management

Discover the best money-saving apps for budgeting, cashback, vouchers, investments and smooth financial management - anytime, anywhere.

Personal finance experts say that using the best money-saving apps can make all the difference for people who want to improve their spending habits and save more. These new tools are meant to make managing a budget easier, keeping track of spending, and finding ways to make money grow. With so many smartphones and digital platforms out there, it’s never been easier or more convenient to get to these apps that save you money.

The phrase best Money-Saving Apps refers to a wide range of apps that can help people with their money issues. These apps offer unmatched opportunities to maximise money and reach financial goals with features like automatic savings and cashback reward programmes. Cutting-edge technology and simple interfaces empower users to make smart spending and saving decisions with these apps.

What is Money-Saving App?

An app that helps people save money is a digital tool that helps people better manage their money. Most of the time, these apps let you keep track of your budget, organise your expenses, set savings goals, and get bill reminders. They might also give you information about how you spend your money and tips on how to save or invest it. Some apps for saving money even use technology like round-up features or cashback rewards to help people save or make money on the things they buy every day.

Best Money-Saving Apps Comparison Table

Money-saving apps simplify and streamline personal finance. These apps help users budget, track expenses, and invest wisely. They improve financial management with cashback rewards, coupon scanners, and investment automation. Technology-based money-saving apps promote financial literacy and help people reach their financial goals.

PurposeLoan providerInvestmentSavings goalsExpenseBudgeting
Key FunctionLoan servicesInvestmentSavings toolsExpenseBudgeting
Main BenefitAccess to loansAutomated investmentsGoal-oriented savingsExpense trackingBudget planning
Mobile AppYesYesYesYesYes


Best Money-Saving Apps


  • Financial inclusion through microloans.
  • Customized loan options.
  • No credit history required.
  • Fast and easy application process.

The Oportun app automatically saves money for you by tracking what comes in and out of your bank account. Then, every so often, it moves money from checking to savings in amounts that its algorithms think are safe to keep. Oportun is a good choice for people who like to make decisions for others but don’t like to save money. Currently, this is one of the best Money-Saving Apps.



  • Offers affordable loans to underserved communities.
  • Provides financial education and resources to its users.
  • Streamlined loan application process.


  • Limited availability in certain regions.
  • Interest rates may be relatively high for some borrowers.


Best Money-Saving Apps


  • Automated investment in diversified portfolios.
  • Round-up spare change for investment.
  • Portfolio management and rebalancing.
  • Educational content on investing.

If you have emergency savings and want to risk, invest. Popular investment app Acorns invests spare change. After you link a debit or credit card to the fintech app, Acorns will round up your purchases to the next dollar and invest the change in a diversified portfolio based on your goals. In Acorns, you can schedule recurring transfers. Overall, this is one of the best Money-Saving Apps.



  • Easy way to start investing with spare change.
  • Offers automatic round-up feature for effortless saving and investing.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and educational content.


  • Monthly fees for using investment services.
  • Limited investment options compared to full-service brokerage accounts.


Best Money-Saving Apps


  • Automated savings based on personalized goals.
  • Round-up purchases to save spare change.
  • Customizable savings rules and challenges.
  • Insights and tracking of spending habits.

Qapital helps you save small amounts of money easily, but with a twist: Users can set savings rules. You could make takeaway a guilty pleasure so the app saves money. Qapital can round up purchase changes and save them, like some investment apps. The app transfers 50 cents from your checking to your savings when you buy a $4.50 latte with a debit card. This is the best Money-Saving Apps that you can consider.



  • Helps users save money through customizable rules and goals.
  • Offers a variety of savings strategies and automation features.
  • Provides a visually appealing and intuitive interface.


  • Charges monthly fees for premium features.
  • Some users may find the savings rules complex to set up initially.


Best Money-Saving Apps


  • Simplifies splitting bills and expenses among friends.
  • Keeps track of shared expenses in real-time.
  • Group expense management and IOUs.
  • Generates clear reports and settlement options.

A group of people can easily divide the expense of an outing among themselves with the help of an application called Splitwise, which makes the task much easier. Specifically, it accomplishes this by completely automating the process. College students and people who share a flat are the ideal candidates for this device because of their shared living arrangements. Overall, it is one of the best Money-Saving Apps that you can consider.



  • Simplifies splitting bills and expenses among friends and groups.
  • Offers a clear overview of shared expenses and balances.
  • Supports multiple currencies and payment options.


  • Does not handle actual payments; users must settle balances independently.
  • Limited features beyond expense splitting and tracking.


Best Money-Saving Apps


  • Personalized budgeting and expense tracking.
  • Goal-based savings and investment recommendations.
  • Insights into spending patterns and financial health.
  • Secure data encryption and privacy features.

Millions of Indians use this app every month to keep track of their money and earn rewards. You can easily set up savings plans with Wizely and save any amount of money at any time for emergencies or other goals in your life. Save money with as little as Rs 10! Also, it gives you personalised suggestions on how to improve your financial health by making better use of your monthly budget and saving more. Still, it is one of the best Money-Saving Apps that you can consider.



  • Helps users track and manage their expenses effectively.
  • Provides insights and analytics to improve financial habits.
  • Offers personalized recommendations based on spending patterns.


  • Limited availability of advanced features compared to other personal finance apps.
  • May require manual input for some transactions, limiting automation.

Benefits of Money-Saving Apps

Users can get a lot out of money-saving apps, which help them better manage their money and reach their savings goals. Here are some of the best reasons to use apps that save you money:

Recording Expenses: Apps that help you save money often have features that let you record expenses as they happen. Users can sort their spending into groups, see where their money is going, and figure out where they can spend less or save more.

Budgeting Tools: A lot of apps that help you save money have budgeting tools that let you set limits on how much you can spend on things like groceries, eating out, entertainment, and more. These tools help people stick to their budgets and not spend more than they can afford.

Automated Savings: Many apps that help people save money have tools that help people save money without having to think about it. These apps can round up purchases to the nearest dollar and put the extra money into a savings account. They can also set up regular transfers of a certain amount of money from checking to savings.

Discounts and Coupons: Some apps that help you save money give you access to special deals, discounts, and coupons for many stores and services. By taking advantage of these deals and offers, users can save money on their purchases.

Investment Opportunities: Some apps that help people save money have investment features that let users put their savings into stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other types of investments. A wider range of people can invest thanks to these apps, which may offer low-cost or automated ways to do so.

Choosing the Right Money-Saving App for You

Which money-saving app you choose will depend on your spending habits, financial goals, and personal tastes. When choosing a money-saving app, here are some things to think about:

Features for making a budget: Look for apps with powerful budgeting tools that make it easy to keep track of your income and expenses. Some apps automatically put spending into categories, while others need you to do it yourself.

Goal-Setting: Think about whether you need an app that helps you set savings goals and keeps track of your progress. This feature can keep you motivated and on track with your financial goals.

Automatic Savings: Apps that round up your purchases and put the extra money into a savings account can help you save without even thinking about it to save.

Tracking your expenses: Pick an app that gives you a lot of information about how you spend your money. Being able to track where your money goes can help you find ways to save more and spend less.

Security: Make sure that the app you pick has strong security features to keep your financial data safe. To keep your information safe, look for apps that encrypt it and use two-factor authentication.


Can I withdraw money from Plum?

Type ‘withdraw’ or tap ‘Home’ and then ‘Withdraw’ on the Account card to withdraw from Plum. There are no withdrawal limits or fees.

Where can I invest money?

Indian stocks, fixed deposits, mutual funds, older citizen savings schemes, public provident funds, national pension schemes (NPS), real estate, gold bonds, REITS, and government bonds are the top 10 investments.

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