Best Music Player for Windows 2024: for Windows Users

Media software, called music players, is specially designed to play audio files. These programs can work with many different music file types, including MP3, WAV and WMA. With these tools you can easily organize your music collection.

My computer is full of different kinds of files, which I find very useful. If I need to get to a Word document, I use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other programmes. Media tools that are made to play the specific format of the video make opening video files very easy. Furthermore, there are specialised music players that not only let you make sets and change tags, but also play all kinds of audio files conveniently.

When you have better supporting elements, the experience can now be enhanced. The music player is incredibly helpful to you. You have access to a variety of Windows music player programmes at your disposal. Some vintage music players, though, are not an option. Groove Music, a more recent audio player for Windows 10, has taken the place of Windows Media Player, a piece of homegrown software from Microsoft. Below, we have mentioned some of the best Music Player for Windows.

8 best Music Player for Windows


Foobar2000 is the finest option to play audio files and music on Windows if you have audio files in different formats. To improve the audio quality, you can increase it and change a few options. Music files’ tags can also be simply edited. You can use the numerous customization options provided by Foobar2000 to get the most out of the music player’s performance. It has a built-in converter, which is an added benefit. From the Microsoft Store, you may download Foobar2000 to your computer. Overall, this is one of the Best Music Player for Windows you can suggest your friends.

Freemake Music Box

You can manage your music library with ease using Freemake Music Box, which is simple to use. It is available for free, and many of people like it for its clever music search features. The programme has a facility for watching videos and a highly clear graphic user interface. The ability to play music both offline and online is Freemake Music Box’s key feature. Get Freemake Music Box from its Official Website.

The software will stream a track from the Web if it can’t find it on your computer. The most common playlist formats supported by Freemake Music Box include M3U, M3U8, ASX, TPL, KPL, WPL, AIMPPL, PLC, PLS, RLC, ZPL, XSPT, and SMI. Currently, this is one of the Best Music Player for Windows.


Hearing about AIMP quickly brings to mind the excellent image-editing programme GIMP. However, this Windows music player is unrelated to GIMP, a product of the GNU Project. In truth, Artem Izmaylov, the man behind AIMP, who launched the initial version in 2006, is the name of the programme. AIMP is a highly regarded music player in that market for individuals who view aesthetic appeal as a deal-breaker. It is capable of much more than just playing tunes from the hard drive. AIMP offers a stylish user interface for managing your music collection, building personalised playlists, ripping CDs, managing meta data, changing player skins, etc.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a PC player with equalisation, AIMP can be a possibility worth taking into account. An 18-band equalisation and a selection of sound effects are included with this Windows music player so you may customise how you listen to the music. The option to change the theme with a single click and the removable playlist area are two features that customers will find helpful. Overall, this is one of the Best Music Player for Windows.


You can simply filter and arrange your music and videos with iTunes, which has a highly attractive user interface. Recently, iCloud was integrated into iTunes. It implies that all of the songs you have in iTunes, whether or not they have been downloaded, will now appear in your music library. The mini player is now more manageable and compact. You may make your media collection more unique by giving each album a different colour background. Additionally, iTunes lets you download and burn CDs of your music, rip audio CDs, compress audio files, make iPhone ringtones, and much more. For now, this is the Best Music Player for Windows.

Vox Universal

Vox Universal is a very recent Windows media player. Additionally, the Windows 10 player is currently in beta, so certain bugs are still being worked out. On the Mac OS and iOS platforms, though, Vox has already enjoyed some success. Although the player can accept MP3, OGG, and APE files, FLAC for HD and lossless sound is its main focus. Vox guarantees that your music listening sessions will have high-resolution audio.

There are free and premium versions of this freemium app. It allows you to save your music files on the cloud as well as share music with pals. Unlimited downloads and cloud storage for your audio files are provided by a paid subscription. The player provides equalisers in addition to crisp, high-res sound. Consequently, you can adjust everything just right for your headphones or speakers. This is the Best Music Player for Windows that you can consider


At first glance, it appears to be WMP with a revamp and far more features. This Microsoft Windows Media Player substitute can do much more than just play different audio formats. In addition to automatically tagging audio files, it can also sync files with devices, stream audio over a network, rip CDs, burn music to DVDs and CDs, convert audio formats, control volume automatically, and much more.

This Windows audio player contains a specialised jukebox that enables users to bring their own music collection to a party while restricting alterations to the library. MediaMonkey is primarily a Windows music app, but it’s also accessible as an Android and iOS app that functions as a wireless remote. MediaMonkey Gold, a premium variation of the free music player, offers an additional set of capabilities. Overall, this is one of the Best Music Player for Windows you can install now.

Clementine Player

The excellent music player Clementine is renowned for its ability to play tunes from Google Drive, Dropbox, Spotify, and Grooveshark. It offers sophisticated music library management and supports all of the most popular audio formats. For now, this is the Best Music Player for Windows.

For individuals who enjoy podcasts and wish to stream music from their cloud accounts, Clementine is a fantastic option. To bring your tracks, just sign in to your account within the software. Additionally, Clementine may add music to your smartphone or player and sync with your USB devices. Additionally, the player provides a remote control Android app.

VLC Media Player

What a VLC media player is capable of when playing videos is already known. Additionally, it has the best ability to play music in many audio formats. A VLC media player can play both audio and video. The VLC media player, one of the top online media players right now, may be downloaded via the Microsoft Store. Even mobile devices running Android can access it. The open-source VLC media player was created as donationware. Currently, this is one of the Best Music Player for Windows.

What is A Music Player

Music players are the files that decipher the instructions and code included in a certain file and play them back as audio on a player. Specific frequency and data symbols that transmit information in decibels are present in the audio files. These music players send the audio format and serve as a compiler for these files.

Advantages of Music Player

They are small, portable digital music players that can play MP3 and other audio files. Additionally, the majority of these devices allow you to receive radio and TV shows, store videos and images, and more (podcasting). The typical output devices used to provide sound to the listener are earphones and external speakers.


Media software called music players is made specifically to play audio files. These programmes can work with many different music file types, including MP3, WAV, and WMA. These tools make it simple for you to organise your music collection. Some of you are still utilising the built-in music player, despite the fact that the music player is intended to improve your mood when you listen to music.

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