Best Opera Extensions 2024: to boost your browsing experience

Extensions are applications that can be added to your Opera browser.

Finding the best Opera extensions can make your browsing experience much better by adding new features and letting you change things about your browser to fit your needs. Opera is known for being quick and efficient, and it has a lot of add-ons that can help you be more productive, keep your data safe, and have fun. Opera’s library of extensions has a lot of different types, such as ad blockers, VPNs, productivity tools, and social media add-ons.

The best Opera extensions can help you reach your goals, whether they’re to speed up your work, keep your information safe, or just enjoy a smoother browsing experience. One great thing about Opera is that it cares about its users’ privacy and safety, and many of the best extensions reflect this. With features like built-in malware protection, HTTPS encryption, and ad blockers, Opera makes sure that everything you do online is safe and secure. Below, we have mentioned the best Opera extensions.

What is Opera Extension?

Extensions for the Opera web browser are essentially small pieces of software that improve the functionality of the browser. Opera extensions, much like add-ons for Chrome or Firefox, have the ability to modify or upgrade the functionality of the browser.

To give just a few examples, they are able to block advertisements, monitor passwords, assist with work, and more. It is possible for users to browse through and install extensions from either the Opera Add-ons website or the extension store of the Opera browser. This provides users with additional features that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Best Opera Extensions

Opera extensions improve browsing with many features. LastPass secures passwords, while AdBlocker blocks intrusive ads. Real-time grammar and spelling checker Grammarly. The Dark Reader extension darkens websites. Online shopping with Honey automatically applies coupons. These extensions increase Opera’s flexibility for different users.


Best Opera Extensions

The EditThisCookie extension is very helpful for website developers who need to control cookies. This extension lets you see and change the names, values, expiration dates, and other properties of cookies that are stored on your browser. This is especially helpful when testing or debugging web apps that use cookies to authenticate users or make features more personal. Still, it is one of the best Opera extensions that you can consider.


Best Opera Extensions

Instapaper is a simple add-on for Opera that lets you save web pages to read later on any device. You can use it instead of a bookmarklet to save links to web pages or articles to your Instapaper queue. Users must first log in or sign up to access Instapaper. After that, you’ll be taken back to the original page, but the page you just worked on will still be in the queue. Overall, it is one of the best Opera extensions that you can consider.


Best Opera Extensions

Octotree is an extension that all developers who work with GitHub repositories need to have. The extension shows the repository’s file structure as a tree, which makes it easier to move around and look at the code. It’s possible to open or close folders, look for files, and even see previews of code snippets without having to open them in a new tab. This is the best Opera extensions that you can consider.


Best Opera Extensions

Pocket is a useful add-on for developers who want to know about the newest tools, news, and trends in their field. You can save web pages, videos, and other content with this extension and then access them later on any device. It lets you watch videos when you’re not online and works with more than 1500 other apps, like Evernote, Twitter, and Slack. Overall, this is one of the best Opera extensions.


Best Opera Extensions

TweakPass is a strong password manager for your Opera browser that lets you store all of your login information. It makes it easy to automatically log in to websites, fill out forms, and make strong passwords for important websites. You can keep all of your private information in one place with TweakPass and use it on any device, anywhere. Currently, this is one of the best Opera extensions.

Tips for Optimizing Opera Extensions for Performance

Improving the performance of your Opera extensions can make your browsing experience a lot better. If you want to get better results when you use Opera extensions, here are some tips:

Limit the Number of Extensions: If you have too many extensions installed, Opera may run more slowly. Look over your current extensions and get rid of any that you don’t use very often or aren’t necessary for your browsing.

Choose Extensions That Are Lightweight: When choosing extensions, choose ones that are light and don’t use a lot of system resources. Look for extensions that have been well-tested and are made to use memory and CPU efficiently.

Update Extensions Often: Make sure you’re using the most recent versions of your Opera extensions, which have better performance and fewer bugs. By default, Opera updates extensions for you, but you can also use the Extensions menu to check for updates by hand.

Review Permissions: Be careful when letting extensions have permissions. Some extensions might ask for permissions that aren’t needed, which could slow down your computer or put your privacy and security at risk. Look over the permissions that each extension asks for and only give the ones that are needed for it to work.

Turn off or limit background processes: Some extensions may run processes in the background or watch what you’re doing online all the time, which can use up system resources and slow things down. If you don’t need some extensions to run in the background all the time, you can turn them off or limit their activity to certain tabs or sites.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Opera Extensions

Opera extensions make the browser more useful, but they can sometimes have problems. Here are some ways to fix common issues with Opera extensions:

Update Opera and Add-ons: Make sure that both Opera and your add-ons are up to date. Outdated software or add-ons can make things less compatible and slow down your computer. There is an Opera menu that says “Check for updates.” This is how you update Opera. Go to the Opera menu, select Extensions, then the Extensions manager, and if “Update” is shown, click it.

Turn off Extensions That Conflict: Extensions that conflict can cause problems. Turn off all extensions for now and then turn them back on one by one to find the one that’s giving you trouble. To turn off extensions, go to the Opera menu and select Extensions > Extensions manager. Then, turn off the ones you don’t want to use.

Clear Extension Cache: If you clear the extension cache, you may be able to fix some problems with corrupted or conflicting extension data. Launch Opera and select “More tools.” Next, click “Clear browsing data.” Pick the time range for “Hosted app data” and “Cached images and files.” Simply click “Clear data” to get rid of the cache.

Reset Opera Settings: If your Opera settings or preferences are corrupted, resetting them can help fix the problem. You can find the Opera menu by going to Settings > Advanced > Browser. “Restore settings to their original defaults” should be clicked under “Reset settings,” and the action should be confirmed.

Check Opera’s Extension Permissions: If you don’t give some extensions the right permissions, they might not work right. Make sure that the extension has the rights it needs to work properly. In Opera, go to the menu and select Extensions > Extensions manager. Then, find the extension and check the permissions it needs.


Can Opera GX get Chrome extensions?

If Opera doesn’t have your extension, Chrome should. Since Opera browsers are Chromium-based, they support Chrome extensions.

Who is Opera owned by?

The Oslo-based company was founded in 1995. Opera is a Kunlun Tech subsidiary.

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