Best Outdoor Apps 2024: for an unforgettable adventure

Outdoor apps that are equipped with map features can provide users with detailed trail maps, topography and even real-time weather conditions.

It is much simpler and more enjoyable to plan outdoor adventures when you have access to the best outdoor apps. Utilising these applications can make a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking through rough terrain, camping under the stars, or cycling along scenic routes, more enjoyable. The best outdoor apps stand out from the crowd because they pack a lot of features and are simple to operate, despite the fact that there are a lot of options.

The features of these apps include GPS navigation, trail mapping, weather forecasting, and survival tips. Anytime someone searches for best Outdoor Apps, they can find a huge collection of apps that will help them improve their adventures. Below, we have mentioned the best outdoor apps.

What is Outdoor App?

An outdoor app is a mobile app designed for adventurers and people who love the outdoors. It has features that make outdoor activities better. Most of the time, these apps have features like GPS navigation for hiking trails, maps of national parks and wilderness areas, weather forecasts, survival guides, camping tips, and reviews of gear.

Outdoor apps might also let you keep track of activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and climbing, and they might let you share routes and experiences with other users on a platform run by the community.

Best Outdoor Apps Comparison Table

Outdoor apps enhance adventures with trail maps, weather forecasts, and safety tips. To help navigate, they identify nearby landmarks and attractions. These apps give hikers, campers, and adventurers confidence to explore nature while promoting environmental awareness and conservation with GPS tracking and offline maps.

FeatureAllTrailsiNaturalistOpenSummitiOverlanderWeather Underground
Trail MapsYesNoYesNoNo
Species TrackingNoYesNoNoNo
Summit InfoNoNoYesNoNo
Weather InfoBasicBasicBasicBasicDetailed


Best Outdoor Apps


  • Trail discovery and hiking app.
  • Provides detailed trail maps and reviews.
  • Offers filters for finding trails based on location, difficulty, and length.
  • Allows users to track their hikes and share experiences.

AllTrails is the best app for people who love the outdoors because it has a huge database of hiking, biking, and running trails all over the world. With features like trail reviews, photos, and difficulty ratings that are easy for anyone to use, it makes exploring nature a breeze. GPS tracking makes sure that you can find your way accurately, and filters let you get personalised trail suggestions. Still, it is one of the best outdoor apps that you can consider.



  • Offers a vast database of hiking, biking, and running trails worldwide.
  • Provides detailed trail maps, reviews, and photos from the community.
  • Offers features like offline maps and GPS tracking for outdoor adventures.


  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.
  • Trail information and conditions may not always be up to date or accurate.


Best Outdoor Apps


  • Citizen science app for identifying and recording wildlife observations.
  • Users can upload photos and observations of plants and animals.
  • Provides AI-powered species identification assistance.
  • Contributes to scientific research and conservation efforts.

iNaturalist has quickly become the most important app for hikers, campers, and anyone else who sees a bug or plant and wants to learn more about it. Because it was made by the National Geographic Society and the California Academy of Sciences, iNaturalist has a lot of credibility and is a good place to get good information about nature. Currently, this is one of the best outdoor apps.



  • Facilitates citizen science by allowing users to record and share observations of plants and animals.
  • Provides species identification assistance using AI and community input.
  • Contributes to scientific research and conservation efforts through user-generated data.


  • Species identification may not always be accurate, especially for complex or uncommon organisms.
  • Some users may find the interface and features overwhelming or complex.


Best Outdoor Apps


  • Weather forecasting app for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Provides hyper-local weather forecasts for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Offers detailed weather information for specific peaks and trails.
  • Helps users plan outdoor adventures with accurate weather data.

Mountain weather forecasts are provided on an hourly basis by OpenSummit, which can assist you in organising your next outdoor excursion. Information about the weather that is available on an hourly basis includes the probability of precipitation, the potential for lightning, the temperature, the wind speed, the wind direction, and cloud cover. Overall, this is one of the best outdoor apps.



  • Provides real-time weather forecasts specifically tailored for outdoor enthusiasts and mountain activities.
  • Offers detailed weather data for specific peaks and trails.
  • Helps users plan outdoor adventures based on weather conditions and safety considerations.


  • Availability may be limited to certain regions or mountain ranges.
  • Some users may prefer more general-purpose weather apps with broader coverage.


Best Outdoor Apps


  • Database of places for travelers and overlanders.
  • Provides information about campsites, wild camping spots, and services.
  • Offers reviews and ratings from fellow travelers.
  • Helps users find accommodations and amenities while traveling off the beaten path.

The iOverlander app is a must-have for travellers because it has a huge database of campgrounds, hostels, and other services all over the world. It helps travellers find off-grid gems and safe places to stay by using user-generated reviews and GPS navigation. Its focus on the community encourages real-time updates, making sure that other explorers can get the most up-to-date information for trips they’ll never forget. This is the best outdoor apps that you can consider.



  • Offers a comprehensive database of free and paid camping locations, as well as other services for travelers.
  • Provides user reviews, photos, and important details for each location.
  • Offers offline access to maps and information for remote areas.


  • Relies on user-generated content, which may not always be accurate or up to date.
  • Coverage and availability of camping locations may vary depending on the region.

Weather Underground

Best Outdoor Apps


  • Weather forecasting and reporting app.
  • Provides hyper-local weather forecasts and radar maps.
  • Offers crowd-sourced weather reports and observations.
  • Includes features such as severe weather alerts and historical weather data.

The Weather Underground app gives users accurate information about the weather where they are by providing detailed weather forecasts, real-time updates, and radar images. It has an easy-to-use interface that gives hourly and daily forecasts, alerts for severe weather, and reports from the public. With accurate data and features that can be changed, it’s the tool that weather-conscious people all over the world use. Overall, it is one of the best outdoor apps that you can consider.



  • Provides hyper-local weather forecasts and real-time weather data from personal weather stations.
  • Offers interactive radar maps, severe weather alerts, and storm tracking features.
  • Offers customizable weather widgets and notifications for personalized weather updates.


  • Some advanced features may require a subscription.
  • Interface and user experience may vary across different platforms and devices.

Benefits of Using Outdoor Apps

Outdoor apps, which are made to improve time spent in nature and doing activities outside, are useful for adventurers, nature lovers, and anyone else who likes being outside. Here are some of the good things about it:

Navigation and Mapping: Many outdoor apps have GPS navigation and mapping features that make it easier for users to freely explore trails, parks, and wilderness areas. Users can get access to detailed maps, trail routes, elevation profiles, and waypoint markers that help them plan and get around on their outdoor adventures.

Safety and Being Ready for an Emergency: Outdoor apps offer important safety features and emergency planning tools to help users stay safe while exploring remote or unfamiliar areas. Users can get in touch with family, friends, and emergency personnel in case of emergencies or other sudden events thanks to features like offline maps, location sharing, emergency contacts, and SOS alerts.

Tracking your activity and measuring your performance: A lot of outdoor apps let you track your activity and measure your performance for activities like hiking, biking, running, skiing, and climbing. To keep track of their progress, set goals, and get fitter and better at being outside, users can look at metrics like distance travelled, speed, elevation gain, calories burned, and route history.

Nature ID and Education: Many outdoor apps have tools for identifying plants, animals, birds, and other wild animals that you might see while you’re out in the great outdoors. People can use databases, field guides, and multimedia tools to find out more about local plants and animals, their habitats, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. This helps them understand and appreciate nature more.

Weather Predictions and Conditions: Outdoor apps give users the most up-to-date weather predictions, conditions, and alerts to help them plan and get ready for activities outside. Users can look at weather forecasts for temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and other factors. This lets them choose the right gear, clothing, and route for a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

How to choose the right Outdoor Apps

Picking the best outdoor apps depends on what you like to do outside, your preferences, and your goals. To help you choose the best outdoor apps, here are some things to think about:

Figure Out What You Like to Do: Write down the things you like to do outside, like hiking, camping, backpacking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, skiing, and so on. There are apps that are good for different things and have features that are made to fit your needs.

Research and Reviews: Look into the outdoor apps that are available for your iOS or Android phone and read reviews and ratings from other users. Look for apps that have gotten good reviews for their accuracy, functionality, and ease of use.

Features and Functions: Think about what features you’ll need for your outdoor activities. Some of the most common features are GPS navigation, trail maps, route tracking, real-time weather updates, elevation profiles, offline maps, emergency alerts, and geocaching tools.

Offline Accessibility: If you often go to places with weak or no cell service, you should choose apps that can be used without an internet connection. When you’re not connected to the internet, offline maps and navigation tools let you get to important data.

Accuracy and Dependability: Pick outdoor apps that give you correct information, like GPS coordinates, trail maps, weather forecasts, and safety alerts. For planning and carrying out outdoor activities safely, you need data that you can trust.


What is outdoor GPS?

Technology company OutDoors GPS develops map-based services and products.

Does outdoor active use GPS?

Outdooractive provides downloadable route guides, outdoor maps, and powerful GPS navigation. Our app works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones, tablets, and watches.

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